Black tea, when to buy?When to drink?How to drink?

When others are thinking about green tea, one of my colleagues constantly ask me for black tea.

The reason is very simple. That black tea is not expensive. The only disadvantage is that it is popular.

Seeing these two sentences, is anyone thinking in my heart, do I want to sell goods?

Rest assured, let’s not sell it. Today we just discuss black tea, when to buy, when to drink, how to drink.

The strongest concept of buying tea is green tea, because in spring, people still seem crazy, just buy green tea and drink green tea.

But when it comes to black tea, people seem to have so much expectations and time concepts for buying black tea. They often buy it when they think of it.

So when should we start buying black tea?

There are two main time periods for black tea: one is April and the other is October.

Buying black tea in April is because some black tea quality is very good. It is often easy to out of stock at the end of the year, so you need to buy it in advance;

Buying black tea in October is because one is the season of tea drinking, and the other is that the black tea in this period of time will be better after a certain period of time.

When it comes to the season when black tea is suitable for drinking, most people think of winter.

I suggest that the season of drinking is late autumn, winter, and early spring.

Their three seasons have a common characteristic -cold, whether in the late autumn of the autumn wind, or the warm and cold early spring, drinking a cup of warm black tea is a beautiful enjoyment.

Black tea is mild, rich in protein and sugar.Drinking black tea in cold can nourish the body’s yang, enhance the human body’s ability to protect the cold, and also heat up and warm the stomach.

Do you want to take me a look at this question: "Drink with your mouth."

But black tea is like a blind ingredient. In the end, the tea soup is food. How do you want to make it, you determine what flavor of the tea soup will show.


Feel the original mellow fragrance of black tea.

Depending on the equipment used, clear drinks can be divided into cup drinks, pot drinks, and bowls.

Cup drink method -brewing glass and porcelain cups.When making tea, first put the black tea into the cup, and then flush the hot water into the cup. Drink it directly when it is not hot.(Pay attention to the amount of tea should be less)

The pot drinking method -put the black tea into the pot, brew it in boiling water, pour out the tea soup, separate the tea residue from the tea soup with tea, and separate the small tea cups.(Recommended brewing method)

Drink in a bowl -white porcelain cover bowl, add black tea to the cover bowl, inject boiling water into the tea bowl, cover the stuffy and soup, you can drink.(Be careful)

Drinking method

In fact, black tea is very suitable for tuning, and now the black tea can often be seen in the milk tea.

You can add milk, fruit juice, honey, flowers and even wine to the black tea soup. You can prepare a richer flavor and special texture of seasoning black tea.


This method is often used in Chinese ethnic minorities.

Put the black tea into the metal pot, add water to boil, then rush into the tea cups that are pre -put and sugar, or put the tofu and other pots and cook it with tea.

蔎 蔎 said:

Do you usually like to drink black tea?When do you usually buy?When to drink?In which way to drink?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

I am 讲, talk about tea, tea, and love.

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