Best pregnancy?Is the leucorrhea blossoming?

Many female friends feel that they are ovulation when they see that they have a transparent brushed leucorrhea. For friends who are pregnant, they will be happy: "Lang Jun please return tonight, and the lady will ovulation."

Lands can best reflect women’s reproductive health. Generally, abnormal leucorrhea indicates that it may suffer from gynecological inflammation.Normally speaking, the leucorrhea will be drawn during ovulation. What about the leucorrhea during ovulation for a few days?

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During the ovulation of women, the physiological phenomenon of "leucorrhea brushes" usually occurs.Generally speaking, the first day of the rittic is the first day of pregnancy, that is to say, if there is the same room from that day, it is very likely to get pregnant.

Generally speaking, the last day of drawing is the real ovulation day, but it is only for most women, and sometimes we are not right.

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There are also many people drawing a brushed ovulation day. One day after drawing the longest day, one day will bring a little white, like a leucorrhea like hand cream, that is the ovulation day.May wish to record it, it is very valuable for yourself.

We can observe ourselves. Generally speaking, the length of the humid period of each cycle is relatively fixed, and it will not be 5 days of the month of the month.A few days.

If the drawing time is 1-2 days, you need to do your homework every day; 3-5 days, you can do your homework the next day.Since those days, the temperature of the body has been recorded, and after 2 days, I know that I have ovulated.

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Reminder: In addition to observing the method of leucorrhea drawing to detect ovulation, there are methods such as basic body temperature, ovulation test strip self -testing, B -ultrasound detection and other methods. Each woman can find a method that suits them to help pregnancy.

It is definitely not no ovulation without drawing.Not everyone will pull up, so you don’t have to be nervous at all.

You can observe when you are close to the ovulation period, wipe a little mucus with a paper towel, and before you go to the toilet!

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If you feel sticky and not at the time, you must feel slippery, you must feel slippery, the paper towels will not stick together, it means the same as drawing.So, tell you: the day of the most secretion, the day that is the most susceptible to conceive.

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