Beckham is hungry and prepared for transformation?My husband rarely showed hot discussion, and one detail exposed his true identity

Internet celebrity Beckham is hungry, so netizens must be no stranger to

Beckham is hungry and can be said to be a clear stream in the broadcast industry

Actually, Beckham

Netizens’ doubts have never stopped

Some netizens have questioned others who eat more, the more fat, the fatter

But Xiaobei is hungry not only does not eat fat, but is getting thinner

Some netizens even thought she had a problem with her body

Beckham also explained in the live broadcast for this

It means that the reason why I have no shape

It’s because she only eats one meal every time she lives.

And in order to keep your body still fit often

So the questioning to Xiaobei is much less

However, some netizens have recently found that Beckham is hungry

The recent work is very different from the previous difference

There are some recently in the video of Beckham’s hungry

Similar to the variable show or skin care cheats and the like

I don’t eat very much to drink the sea

Many netizens suspect that Bai Bei is going to transform.

Since Xiaobei became popular

I haven’t revealed my marriage status on the Internet

Everyone thinks that they are college students

I didn’t expect Beckham after 30 years old and a wife

I thought the age of Beckham was enough to be surprising

But I didn’t expect her husband’s identity to be even more shocking

I didn’t expect to be hungry

I am about to transform the face value blogger

I was considered pregnant by netizens

To be honest, Xiaobei is hungry and value is online

Dressing is also very fashionable

Beckham had been 30 years old during the live broadcast

Now I have been married for three years

Still Xiaobei chasing her husband

It’s just that the husband is a circle that outsiders don’t like to show up

So I haven’t told everyone

But even if Xiaobei covers it, no matter how strict

Still aiming by the sharp -eyed netizens

In the end, the husband outside the circle rarely showed up

It can be seen in the video that her husband is dressed in clothes very fashionable

The whole person feels like male stars

It’s no wonder that Beckham is hungry and is about to chase others

Beckham once said that her husband is a major in learning law

Netizens said that the law is probably a lawyer

It is also a very good choice

As the two are getting older and bigger

Beckham said that he might have to prepare for pregnancy next

Ready to give birth to their love crystals

It’s okay to explain to the parents of both parties

Many netizens expressed their understanding

After all, Beckham is not too young

There is also this video taken by Beckham recently

Preparation in the video to use this S yard shark pants

Test the pots and pans of his kitchen

Some netizens commented that Beckham was hungry

This is preparing to be a funny anchor

Of course netizens said that Beckham is going to prepare for pregnancy

It is normal for many things to eat and transform

The news that Xiaobei is hungry is currently preparing for pregnancy.

As for whether Beckham is hungry, has it planned to transform

There is no exact news yet

Anyway, I wish Xiaobei happiness

I also hope that Xiaobei can be in the next day

Can bring us more food videos

What do you think about this

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