Because of a greeting, she wanted to sleep!

Talking about the object, I didn’t expect to develop so fast.

Fortunately, I have n’t slowed down, and I rejected her thought of going to sleep.

Men can be colorful, but they cannot easily lose their bodies.

1. The marriage is really big!

I did n’t learn well in high school, and I did n’t learn well in college, but I was lucky.After graduating, I successfully entered the state -owned enterprise to work. I got rid of the job fairs everywhere, voted for resumes everywhere, looking forward to interviews, anxiety, etc. I have never experienced these.

After taking the graduation photo, got the graduation certificate, and packed the luggage, I went to Jiujiang Petrochemical to report.

Because of the broken love before graduation, I couldn’t let go for a long time, and I was deeply trapped in memories.I have been in love for more than a year, and I have never been in love, and the company and other corporate organizations have never gone.My colleagues who care about me are more anxious than me. My parents urged me to find the objects from get off work. The video of the object is always one after another. I went to work to go to work and give me a plan to find an object.

Even if I was absent -minded, I had to laugh at each other, and I couldn’t let others suspect that I had a problem with my sexual orientation.

My parents were more worried about me for this, because they urged me to be annoying, and I more or less revealed the idea of not wanting to talk about objects in recent years, and I don’t want to get married. They are afraid that I have missed the "gold" time.Da Yue couldn’t find a suitable girl (at that time I was 26 years old, in their eyes, they were already old -fashioned men).To this end, they came to Jiujiang to see me by train!

Saying to see me, I actually want to urge me up close. I am afraid that I will not get married. I am lonely for a lifetime.

In fact, they think about it. I just simply don’t want to talk about the object in the near future. Marrying a wife and having a child is also one of my dreams. Who makes me like children.

After they came to Jiujiang, they inevitably said all kinds of words. Looking at my mother’s long -term heart, I was looking forward to it. I couldn’t bear to worry about them for me every day. After they took turns, after I promised to start working hard to find the objects, they were happy.From the heart, then they took them to swim in Lushan, ate the fish in Poyang Lake, and went back to the train.

2. How to chat with girls is a problem!

When my mother came to Jiujiang, my colleagues invited us to eat. At the dinner table, my mother did not forget to entrust my colleagues to help me Zhang Luo’s affairs. I really convinced it.

I’m afraid everyone can’t bear to see my mother still worry about my life -long events. Soon, some colleagues helped me introduce a girl.

The girl is a local native of Jiujiang. Her dad and I have a company, but the company where his dad is located belongs to our company’s subsidiaries, just next to our company.Girls work at Xinyu Gas Company.

The introducer is the clerk of our department. He said that the girl is very good and the person is also very good.In order to reassure my mother, I agreed to add WeChat first.

After adding WeChat, I greeted it simply. I don’t know how to chat with strangers. I don’t know how to start chatting.I didn’t take the initiative to take the initiative.I just talked for a while when I added WeChat, so I didn’t contact much.

The girl thought I pretended to be a high -level high, and asked the introducer, why didn’t I ask her to chat, did I not see her?

The introducer gave me the words, and I was stunned. We didn’t talk about it. Not only did I not see her, I didn’t even see the photos. I couldn’t see others.I just can’t chat, embarrassed.

Probably the introducer told the girl that the girl took the initiative to talk to me once, and I remembered that her name was Zuo Danyang before seeing her photos.The looks are really handsome.

There was no connection in the middle.Most of them have come out of the influence of my predecessor, and I am always unwilling to speak to girls.

Everyone thought it was cold, even the introducer said that he would look for the next one.

3, a greeting disaster!

The turn of the matter is because of my greeting.Purely unintentional.

The rest of the day was drizzle.Jiujiang’s May and June will always be drizzle for two or three consecutive months.The most annoying.

Nothing, I turned around in the WeChat circle of friends.Seeing her (Zuo Danyang) posted a circle of friends, it was a photo of a hanging bottle in the hospital.

I don’t know what kind of ghosts are so bad, I sent her private message and asked her what happened?By the way, I care about her.

This is the greetings that we care about, we continue the front edge.

She replied that there was no big deal, etiquette greetings and answers did not last too long.She took the initiative to meet me.

Her original words were "WeChat also talked a few times, we wouldn’t have a face, I was at the clinic near your company, and I lost the liquid immediately."

It’s so direct, even I don’t know what to do.Suddenly, the girl’s active appointment was really unexpected.I still agreed, I don’t know how to deal with this occasion. After all, the first offline blind date met, and there were various brain supplements on the way to the appointment.It’s both excited and embarrassed.

Unexpectedly, when I arrived at the agreed restaurant, she had arrived.

The embarrassing thing was that I didn’t recognize her, but she recognized me.

The difference between real people and photos is a bit big. Obviously, she was sent to me after processing the photos, and I sent the original ecological picture. Like the real person, I was very recognizable.

"You ask the girl to be late when you see the first side." The first sentence met the first sentence, and she said that I said for a while.

"Just kidding, don’t feel embarrassed, I am in the clinic next to this restaurant. You are far away from you, and you must be slow." I smiled at me.

I smiled embarrassed."Sorry to keep you waiting."

Different from the blind date on the Internet, she didn’t ask me the car, the room.

For ordering, she took the initiative to explain to me why she took the initiative to ask me to meet.

"Actually, there are more than you who are on a blind date. While introducing you to me, there are others to the introduce. It should be my dad anxious and let others introduce it. The reason why you will ask youI personally message me, none of the other two blind dates sent WeChat to care about me. "

Oh, so, it turned out to be the result of my inadvertent greetings.

The phrase "What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?", I’m afraid it is the most common and simpler greeting in the world.

Is it evil?

4, origin!

It turned out that she was a single parent. She had not graduated from junior high school, and her parents were divorced. She lived with her father. No wonder she would pay attention to the concern of others.

That day, the dishes we ate were simple and the chat was very simple.

From the outside, she is also very simple, wearing loose orange T -shirts, loose gray casual pants, from the face and height of her face, she is also handsome.

It’s not the fat I am afraid.

The meal is usually eaten, and the chat is very common.Like most blind dates, family situations, hobbies, what do you love during rest, etc., and so on.There is no dramatic scene reversal.

It rained outside the window, and pedestrians hurried.Fortunately, I brought an umbrella, and I didn’t expect to send her home when I met. The plot should not be arranged like this.The key is that my umbrella is not large, very ordinary folding umbrella.The first time I was in my third year of high -school cleaning, it was not expected to clean the girl.

She is about the same as that of me, and closer to find that the girl’s 1.7th five -five is higher than the one meter seven or eight for boys.Fortunately, her family was close, and she walked downstairs in about five minutes.

At the moment of pushing away the unit door, she turned her head and smiled at me and said, "I met for the first time, very happy, I will give you breakfast tomorrow morning." Bye. "

I didn’t give me a chance to speak.She flashed into the door and closed the door again.

Suddenly there was a feeling of being lost.For a moment.

The rain in May is thin and soft, without the cold rain in winter, and there is no violent summer rain.The more such hazy, the more the memories of the mortal.The street lights of tungsten filament bulbs are emitted as yellow as the sunset, and the old man’s road is illuminated in the drizzle at night.

That night, I spent in my thoughts and memories, but I was sitting in a train in my dreams, watching the goose feathers outside the window.

5. Not simple breakfast

In the early morning, it was not a dream that woke up with me, but Zuo Danyang’s phone. She really gave me breakfast.If you don’t care about washing, go to the door of the apartment to pick up her.

It was yesterday’s dress, the rain was still 窸窸.At the eight o’clock morning, I haven’t been so fresh for a long time.

After having breakfast, we watched movies in the room. It was not suitable for going out in rainy days and wet everywhere.It may be that I have n’t been going out with the girl alone for a long time. I do n’t know where to go, so I use the rain to make a shield.

Most of the new stars I don’t know. She said that I couldn’t follow the trend of the times. It happened to find a topic of chatting for us. She gave me gossip various stars.It is said that the ugly family is unswerving. How do some stars always love some scandals to attract the attention of the people who eat melon.

I didn’t understand the movie. She told me a lot of gossip fun. She was happy to talk about it. I was also happy to be a listener, so I should eat melon.Otherwise, the lonely men and widows are in the same room. What should I do?

According to the normal process, we should get along with a blind date friend for a while, at least a few days, and then determine the relationship between the couple and do it again.

She took a few steps step by step.

I gave takeaway at noon, because I had to go to the night shift to 8 o’clock the next morning.So after lunch early, I had to take a nap. The night shift time was the most.Can’t play with mobile phones, do not doze off, take good rest in advance, nourishment is essential.

After packing the leftovers, I planned to send her back. After all, her family was five minutes away from me.She asked someone to go shopping, so she didn’t let me send it, and she was rejected even when she was sent downstairs.

I should still get up and send it out. At the door, she suddenly kissed my cheeks, as agile as a dragonfly, but the real touch made me get caught off guard. I stunned, stood in front of herLiving by her kiss.

Before I reacted, she said, "Are you not polite?"

I hesitated for a moment, and kissed her face.

"You don’t want to be my boyfriend?" She looked at me with a smile, just like the smile when I met last night.

"No, I’m thinking about my face or kiss?" Actually, I was lying. I was shocked and panicked.

"Then give you another chance?" She was still the action and expression.

Well, I have no retreat anymore.Quickly kissed her lips again.Dragonfly a little water, didn’t taste any taste.

She left with satisfaction, the door she opened.

"Am I disadvantaged?" After she left, my first response.I really didn’t expect this progress. I don’t know if I should be happy, or I should escape.There is no process of understanding, no confession process, no process of holding hands.

Lying on the bed, I was recalling and the development of my ex -girlfriend again.Did I do something wrong?Is it so open for girls?

I had another dream and dreamed that my mother urged me to get married.

6. Really so anxious?

She came back to stay for half a month this vacation, and it took a long time.Although she was also on the other two people before meeting with me, there were more time left.

After the night shift, I had to sleep when I came back. I was tired overnight. Even if the new couple was endless, I couldn’t help it.Wake up in the afternoon.The night shift has not only meals, but also two days of rest.

The rest of the day and a half, except for sending her back at night, she was with me.

I borrowed someone else’s motorcycle and took me a camera that I hadn’t used, and said it took her to take a picture of her in a park.At that time, I got a public account, which will send some records of me to go out to play. With the text of the photo, it is this false so -called interest that makes her look at me.

In fact, my article is not good, and the photos are a mess. Even the basic composition techniques will not be. The camera is just a tool for mine. It does not make me look too lonely when I go out.

Suddenly clear, there are a lot of people in the park. Everyone takes advantage of this opportunity to come out.

Sitting on a motorcycle, she hugged me from behind. I obviously felt that her chest was very large, and she was stuck softly on my back. Even across her bra, the unique temperature was very different.The heartbeat is accelerated, but it is very enjoyable.

In addition, I also felt that her belly was sticking around her waist, and I couldn’t believe how much fat on her stomach.The upper body -like feeling made me have no time to worry.

I couldn’t help but look at the strong chest when taking pictures of her.

Time has spent quickly, and gradually, I seem to forgive myself and no longer recall the past.In the blink of an eye, it’s time to work at night.After lunch, I was going to rest, but she didn’t mean to leave.

"Today is the night shift again, I have to rest, let me send you back?" I asked carefully.

"Don’t want to go back, no one at home, shouldn’t I rest with you?" She still smiled and looked at me.

"It’s not good, after all, we only know six days." I was serious.

"It’s been more than six days, and it has been calculated for more than a month from a smile. Besides, I don’t care, are you unwilling?" She still smiled.

"I mean that we only met for six days."

"That’s how you abandon me." She didn’t smile.

"That’s having to abandon you, just feel too fast."

"As long as you don’t dislike it, it is agreed." She smiled again.

During her speech, she had taken off her shoes and sat in bed.

I was at a loss on the ground.

"I just want to lie with you, what are you afraid of?" She smiled.

It’s too fast to lie together, it’s only six days.I muttered in my heart.I don’t know how to refuse. I was afraid she thought I had abandoned her, and the girls were willing to be. I dare not dare.

The development so fast made me feel unreal.I don’t like to fall in love with the attitude of playing, and I am more likely to use too deeply.So I want to fight steadily, move forward in a small step, and understand in -depth understanding.

Although she said that her body was "very good", she was bumpy and backward. I also wanted to lie with her physiological, but she was not psychologically not a taste, and even felt that she was frivolous.My thoughts are still conservative.

Suddenly hesitated, I still locked the door, took off my shoes, got on the bed …

Her chest is really large, her belly is very large, her buttocks are larger, and her close feel is beyond imagination.

Heaven was originally hot, lonely men and widows, lying a bed together, dry firewood, the temperature rose faster, and the cooling speed of the air conditioner could not meet my needs.

She first said hot, and she took off her top, leaving only one bra.She not only took off her clothes, but also helped me take off my short sleeves.I feel like I am bullied.

I can’t control my hand to walk around her …

Suddenly, she reached out and took off my pants.

She wants to sleep me!

I pulled her hand and sat up from the bed.

"No, I’m afraid I can’t help it. I still give you back. I’m not ready. We still slow down and step by step." My tone was firm.

She sat up and looked at me, smiling.

After half a minute, she wore T -shirts and shoes without letting me send it. I talked about "see tomorrow."

7. Fate

I really couldn’t figure it out, because of a simple greeting, so that we got along for six days, and she wanted to sleep with me.

A few days later, we met every day, but no one reminded the day.

However, it is clear that I have connective in my heart.

I don’t like so fast speed, maybe some people think that I am pretending to be high, but I just can’t accept it.

Fortunately, half a month was also fast, and she went to work at the end of her holiday.

Because of food poisoning, I was forced to stay in the hospital for three days.

It happened that she came back on vacation.

The next day she came to the hospital to see me. In the morning, she came in the morning. At noon, she said that the hospital was boring and wanted to go out to go shopping. She asked a few friends, there were men and women.

I took a bit at the hospital, and she and the male and female friends went shopping.

Probably because of that sleeping, I left a bad impression in my heart. With her operation, I was unwilling to continue.

Active contact gradually gone. After a month, she sent me a message saying that she was pregnant.

Shock down.

"Nothing happened that time!"

"You didn’t go in, but you stunned twice outside."

At that time, she took off her underwear and underwear. My pants were taken off. For the first time, they were naked with the girl.I stopped, and my mind still defeated the desire.

"I didn’t have that at the time, why can you get pregnant?"

"Anyway, you have to be responsible for me!"

This can also be recruited!

"It’s mine, then I’m responsible."

"Why isn’t it yours!"

"Then wait for you to come back, let’s go to the hospital for a check."

"If you are really pregnant, you have to marry me!"

"Waiting for the child to be born, I have to sure that the child is mine!"

"You bastard."

"As long as the child is mine, I am responsible for the end."

… …

Later, she didn’t come back to me, let alone let me take it for inspection.

Later, it was gone.

After that, I lost contact at all, everything seemed to be dreaming, I couldn’t believe it.

The child was definitely not mine. Fortunately, he stopped at the time, otherwise he would not know that there would be more blood in the future.

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