Beauty Internet celebrities have a sudden illness, 50 pounds of fatty fat in 3 months!The belly is not pregnant, but it rises into a ball

Under the normal situation of diet and exercise, the weight increased by nearly 50 pounds in just three months, no matter who happened in this thing, it will feel desperate.

Kalista Dwyer, a 22 -year -old American Internet celebrity, has recently encountered such a nightmare accident.

With the weight gain in a short period of time, she has strong abdominal distension and pain every time she eats.

The most torture is that she doesn’t know why this is like this, even the doctor couldn’t give a clear answer.

Six emergency room inspections, two colonoscopy and endoscopic examinations, and a stomach empty study … She saw many doctors and had no results.

In the long anxiety and pain, her weight increases nearly 5 pounds almost every week, and her belly is swollen like a ball …

"Many times in public (and online), I was asked if I was pregnant, and I was really the most hurting person in public."

Caresta endured for more than half a year, and almost tortured by the fatter who couldn’t find the answer every day. She insisted on finding a truth. She just wanted to know why all this was …

Carlista is a small and well -known blogger on the social platform. She will disclose her daily life, show delicate makeup, and so on.

Just like the other twenty youthful and beautiful girls, she will share some cute and funny videos with a messy face,

Will also take some exquisite photos to upload to the Internet.

These videos or photos are presented with a well -sized and thin young girl.

But from November last year, her weight began to increase. In a short period of time, she was fat, regardless of the Internet or reality. Someone asked her if she was pregnant.

The problem is that she did not do anything that would lead to rapid gain. On the contrary, during that time, her diet was healthier and the amount of exercise increased.

At that time, she stayed in Costa Rica for two weeks. "Most people will lose weight there. I eat very clean and fresh. I travel a few miles every day, surf, swimming, etc.". "

Blame is here. With such a large amount of exercise and a healthy diet, after she returned home from Costa Rica, her weight was nearly 10 pounds, "the stomach swelled like a balloon."

Carlista went to the hospital immediately and asked the doctor for help. She failed to get an exact answer from the doctor, but added more doubts.

After that, Carlista started a nearly desperate journey. She watched all the doctors who could see, and she checked.

Thyroid, parasites, gallbladder, polycystic ovary, endometriosis …

Two hospitalizations, entering and exiting the emergency room multiple times, colonoscopy, endoscopic examination, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, blood test …

She became a frequent visitor to the hospital. Many times she could only lie helplessly on the hospital bed, blood drawing, infusion, and seeing different experts. Each consultation was urgent to have a clear answer, but every time from the hospitalLeaving can only be frustrated and lost, leaving only uncomfortable and painful.

"Sometimes it hurts to walk even. Failure is a complete failure."

The only thing she can be determined is the increasing weight every day, and her swollen hands.

There are also comments under the social platform that people are constantly asking "Are you pregnant?"

"She is pregnant, I don’t know."

"Are you pregnant?"

"Bao, are you pregnant?"

"Sorry, but are you pregnant?"

She can only disclose her situation, but she just discloses a mystery that no one knows.

When she went to the emergency room for the sixth time, Carlista went to see a doctor. The doctor basically said that she would have this series of symptoms because she thought too much.

"He told me that this is a heart and body disease."

Mind and body disease refers to physical symptoms caused by mental or emotional disorders.It is believed that psychological factors such as stress and anxiety are particularly easy to worsen some physical diseases.For example, psoriasis, eczema, gastric ulcer, hypertension and other diseases.

The doctor who diagnosed Calista as a "heart and body disease" said, "At this time, all we can do is to treat symptoms."

Therefore, Carlista could only take a lot of medicine to treat various symptoms at that time.

"At that time, I was taking 8 prescription drugs (treating gastric acid reflux, colon movement, etc.), and eating 10 tablets of anti -gastric acid chewing calcium tablets a day, but I couldn’t relieve the pain. I could only cry and frustration.I was defeated, I could only live like this.

At that time, my weight had reached more than 160 pounds.Within a year, I went from 110 pounds to 160 pounds (my diet and lifestyle did not change), but no one found out what was wrong with me."

She is really desperate. In the past few months, she has entered and exited the hospital, emergency room, and sometimes even three or four times a week. She tossed countless times and changed so many doctors without results.

It wasn’t until she went to a general doctor that the situation finally changed.

Calista really regarded the other party as the last life -saving straw. She took the doctor and said that her situation was one hour. All her symptoms and experiences include concerns.

After listening, the doctor decided to test her food intolerance and conducted a GI-Map test.

People with food intolerance will be difficult to digest certain foods. This incomplete tolerance is not the same as food allergies. Food allergies are caused by the immune system’s response to specific foods, but food intolerance usually involves digestion digestionSystem, not immune system.

The Gi-Map test is also studying the digestive system. Doctors can find problems in the intestinal flora through this test.

It took a long time for these tests, and Carlista waited for a full month to wait for the results, but it was the result she dreamed of, a certain result!

Her Helicobacter pylori, SIBO (excessive growth of small intestinal bacteria), Candida and intestinal leak detection are positive.

She is positive for rice, potatoes, corn, avocado, almonds, milk, beef, pork, western blue flowers, bread yeast, tomato, and asparagus.

Good guy, her unswerving food covers almost all the things that they will eat in daily diet, which is no wonder that the symptoms will become heavier.

Some professional certified physicians explained the entire process:

"Food intolerance will definitely cause abdominal distension. SIBO is abnormal increase in bacteria in the small intestine. Patients often have chronic diarrhea and poor absorption. At the same time, Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that can be found in the stomach, which can cause ulcers.

There must be a connection between the brain, intestinal function and intestinal bacteria.When this connection is disturbed by SIBO and other diseases, patients may have severe symptoms, such as pain, bloating, changes in bowel habits, nausea and general discomfort."

In simple terms, after the original food enters the digestive tract, it will be converted into energy for the body needs, but when it is impossible, many foods cannot be completely digested, and the body will feel: This thing is harmful, right?As a result, immune response, not digestion, but excluded these "wastes" from the kidneys.

However, these are not those who have taken the kidneys. If you force it forcibly, you ca n’t discharge normally. Staying in the tissue will cause edema and obesity.

Carlista has always had light or heavy tolerance for those foods in daily life, but it has not formed a major problem. Until the problem is getting more and more serious, and after the outbreak, there is no specific cause.According to the symptoms, she has taken a lot of drugs in the past year, but has not been cured.

It wasn’t until the correct diagnosis that I slowly started a rehabilitation journey with the doctor.

"I am taking medicines and many supplements. Since my body has taken too many drugs in the past year, we try to restore the body naturally this time.

I have to completely change my eating habits. It is difficult, but it is worth it. After I do n’t eat those foods completely, I feel completely different."

Carlystar said that after taking the right medicine and adjusting her diet two months, she had lost nearly 20 pounds.

Her life finally returned to normal a little bit. Although the process is not easy, because she almost gives up a lot of foods that have daily habits, but she understands the cause of the cause.Change changes.

Now Carlysta has restored the daily life of a beautiful young girl,

Together with dogs, friends, and boyfriends, they are very happy every day.

Netizens are also happy for her,

"You finally have the answer, I am so happy for you!"

"Yeah!! Applause !!!"

"Oh my god! Mrs. Mrs. is happy for you!" More heart! "

Netizens with "sympathy of the same disease" expressed their concern.

"I have recently been diagnosed with poor absorption of SIBO and fructose. To avoid eating onions, garlic and sugar, I think this is difficult enough, I hope everything is smooth!"

Just as these netizens said, I hope that Calista, who has been tossing for so long, can be recovered quickly, and will always be healthy in the future ~

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