Beautiful bisexual men are pregnant and have children, and dissatisfaction is called "mother", insisting that he is "dad"

Bennett Kaspar-Williams, a 37-year-old man in Los Angeles, USA, was a bisexual. He was pregnant in March last year and produced the next son through a caesarean section in October.He said that the only thing that disturbed himself was that people always called him "mother", and he insisted that he was "dad".

Bente during pregnancy.

According to reports, Bente was raised by his parents as a girl since he was a child, but he began to realize that he was a bisexual in 2011.In 2014, Bente decided to perform a transsexual surgery and became a man.

Bente as a child was always regarded as a girl.

He began to take testicular hormones and cut the breasts in 2015, but the reproductive system was not surgery.

In 2017, he met Malik, and the two got married in 2019.

The two decided to have their own children, so Bente stopped hormonal treatment and naturally became pregnant in March 2020.

Bente, Malik and Newborn Hudson.

In October 2020, Bente gave birth to a beautiful baby boy through caesarean section and named Hudson.

Bente said that the only thing that made himself uneasy about having children was that he was often "misunderstood."

"Even if I have a bearded and peaceful chest, and all my identity proof has the" male ‘gender marker, people can’t help but default to call me’ mother ‘,’ mother ‘or’ lady.’. "Bente said.

The family of three is happy.

Bente said he always knew that his body might be pregnant, but he believed that he should separate the body’s function from the gender concept.

He said that pregnancy does not have any "feminization" for himself. He is a "father" who has had his child.

Bente said that when his son Hudson called him "dad", this was his "happiest moment."

The little boy Hudson can now walk.

Wen/Nandu reporter Chen Lin

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