Be careful during pregnancy during pregnancy, not your baby "communicate" with you, be careful of your baby’s fetal suffocation

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The old saying said, "October pregnant, once childbirth", the process of women’s pregnancy seems to only look like a short ten months, but in less than a year, it has been "long" throughout the year.,,

During this long pregnancy, the mother’s initial happiness and joy will gradually be replaced by various pregnancy reactions during pregnancy.

For example, at the beginning of pregnancy, drowsiness, dyspnea in the later period, edema, pubic pain, inconvenience of mobility, etc., they will bring a lot of discomfort to pregnant women.

If these physical discomforts can be overcome, the torture on "spirit" is the most annoying Bao Ma, especially the "fetal dream".

Lin Lin has been pregnant for 9 months. Before, Lin Lin has always taken care of herself carefully, and also pays great attention to her baby. Sometimes, the baby can move Lin Lin in the stomach.

But recently, the bigger the month, Linlin has become more and more panicked. She often dreams of dreaming at night. She can always dream of the baby in the stomach, or to have some strange dreams.

On this day, Lin Lin dreamed of the baby in the stomach while sleeping. Unlike the previous situation, Lin Lin also dreamed of talking to the baby in the belly in her dream.

Lin Lin, who woke up, couldn’t help looking for her mother -in -law to say her dreams, and told her mother -in -law that this was the baby "dreamed" with herself, but her mother -in -law took Lin Lin to check on the day.The suffocation had already occurred. Later, after the baby was born, he lived in the insulation box.

Summer Nancheng 817: When I was pregnant with Dabao, I checked the doctor when I was able to distinguish the gender. The baby could not be found without cooperation.During pregnancy, it was found to be a girl.

User 70210324953: When I was pregnant, I had a dream. I dreamed that an adult boy patted me and me next shoulder. I turned around and looked at him. He called my mother and then gave birth to a baby baby.Grapefruit in the past.

There are BC everywhere: I was also a golden dragon in the early days of pregnancy. I went to my stomach. My husband also dreamed of a golden dragon, so his son was born in December 20th.

Ping An Homeland 18595629L: I dreamed that the big snake black and white were entangled under the tree. As a result, the color Doppler ultrasound was twins, and it may be dragon and phoenix.

User 2636584502763: When the first child, I dreamed of walking in the forest. First, I saw a super large white python, lying there, and I continued to leave when I felt wrong. I saw a large black python.Looking at me gentle, I was not afraid of it, I stopped looking at it in front of it. Later, I gave birth to my son in the year of the snake and had a good temper.Now with the second child, I dreamed of a white piglet. It was very cute. The pig baby in the first month of the pig was checked.

1. If the pregnant woman always dreams frequently during pregnancy, this is not the child in the "reporting letter", but the sleep quality of the pregnant woman, you need to pay more attention to rest, don’t be so nervous;

2. If the pregnant woman has some scary baby dreams during pregnancy, and dreams of more horrible pictures, the big reason is that the pregnant woman is frightened and needs to relieve her emotions and not let the spirit too tight;

3. After pregnancy, some pregnant women can hardly accept their identity transformation for a while. Some psychological pressures. If you dream under this pressure, neither of pregnant women and fetuses are not very good to think about some good things.

In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant women should pay more attention to their mental state and physical condition. They should rest frequently and raise their bodies to ensure their safety and health.There must also be a good understanding of fetal dreams. Don’t think that the baby dream is implying what the baby is. You can treat the baby dream as an interesting experience, or adjust the mood and wait until the baby’s coming.

After reading this article, do you think the baby dream can really imply the baby’s gender?What dreams do you have during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message for discussion!


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