Basic story: Pregnant women dreamed of a one -eyed bride, and they were about to be in the pelvis in two months of pregnancy.

The story took place during the Ming Dynasty. Chenzhou had a girl named Bai Yinhe. She lost her mother as a child and lived with the drunkard’s father.As soon as her father was drunk, she took her out of breath. Later, she sold her into the embroidery workshop because she had no money to buy wine.

Due to the experience, Bai Yinhe often made mistakes and often made mistakes, and she did not scold and scolded it, but she still maintained an optimistic attitude and was not afraid of difficulties.After unremitting efforts, Bai Yinhe and Lao Xiu Niang learned a good skill.Gradually, she became the first embroidered mother in Chenzhou, and the attitude of managering also changed a lot. Not only did she work for her, there were two days of vacation per month.

On this day, when Bai Yinhe was resting, she walked alone on the street.Coincidentally, there was a book stall in the corner of the street, and she picked up a book to watch. I did not expect to touch the son in a Jinyi Hua suit. She was busy compensation.The embroidery mother also loves reading. "

Bai Yinhe was froze and asked him how to know his identity.Son said: "Actually, I have been paying attention to you for a long time." The son claimed that he had nothing to do, and his family was extremely solid.Unlike other rich men, he loved to do embroidery since he was a child. He accidentally learned that there was a famous embroidered mother in the city. He wanted to meet him for a long time. He did not expect to meet here.Immediately after the two traveling together, they talked about embroidery while walking.

Since then, the two meet each other as soon as they have time. After getting along and getting along, they have gradually lived in each other.Later, Wu Zhan took the lead in breaking the window paper, asking for relatives from his heart, and taking 5,000 or two silver to redeem her.After this, Bai Yinhe believed that the man was worthy of life, and agreed to the marriage.

On the eve of the wedding, Bai Yinhe invited Bai Yinhe to visit the house.As soon as he entered the door, Bai Yinhe was attracted by a large cylinder in front of him.The large tank is enough to be black, and the taboo pattern is painted on it.Curiously, Bai Yinhe tapped the big cylinder gently, only listening to the loud noise from the inside.

Ji Wuzhen said coldly: "Don’t move the mouth tank." He knew that he was rude, and then explained that the cylinder was used to gather wealth. There was a home beast in it, so he couldn’t touch it.Bai Yinhe knew he had a disaster and apologized.I did not know this episode, I almost wanted her life.

It didn’t take long for the two to get married, and there was no invitation to invite many guests, but simply worshiped her at home.Bai Yinhe also did not care about the prosperity of the festival.What makes her happy. After marriage, there is no truth to her.

Only one thing made her strange, her husband seemed to want children very much.For this reason, he also deliberately spent heavy money to get the Zi soup, and it is said that he would get pregnant soon after drinking.Bai Yinhe thought, Xu was a special look at his son -in -law, so he drank soup without hesitation, but it didn’t take long for her to have a strange dream.

That night, Bai Yinhe felt tired and fell asleep early.After a while, she started to dream. In a dream, she was in a grand wedding.Immediately after the two, the two were married with the blessings of countless guests.

In the cave room, Ji Wuzhen opened the bride’s hijab with a smile, but in the next second, his complexion was suddenly very embarrassed, and he pulled out and pierced the dagger into the bride’s left eye.What is even more scary is that he cut off one by one, and after a while, the bride was cut off except for his right eye, his ears, nose and mouth were cut off.The bride was so painful to crawl towards the door.

Bai Yinhe screamed "一" and woke up from his dream.On the side, Ji Wuxi rubbed his sleeping eyes: "How? Do you have a nightmare?" When Bai Yinhe thought of the cruel husband in the dream, he felt cold back and did not tell the truth.There is no truth: "I don’t worry, I will go home and take a look at Langzhong tomorrow."

The next day Lang Zhongzhong visited the door, and after Bai Yinhe’s pulse, he laughed: "Congratulations on the two, the wife has been pregnant for a month." Ji Wuwu surprised: "Really? It’s great." On the other hand, Bai YinHe looked sad, and intuitively told her the dream of making the night before.

The facts are indeed as expected. Every night, she will not dream of a woman who is cut only one eye.She struggled to climb up in the darkness, but unfortunately she fell every time, and she kept sobbing in her mouth.At first, Bai Yinhe was afraid of a woman, but later sympathized with her, and she didn’t know what role her husband played.Just when she was deeply confused, things ushered in a turn.

After a month, I looked at my wife who had been pregnant for two months. I was so happy: "I want to go out for two days and set up supplies for our children who are not born.". "Ji Wu really nodded with a smile, but turned his eyes and became particularly cold.

The next day, Bai Yinhe suddenly felt a colic of the stomach, and a large amount of amniotic fluid flowed out immediately.The personal girl scared: "When the wife was pregnant for two months, why was she going to the pelvis?"

After a while, a mother -in -law named Song hurriedly came. When she saw Bai Yinhe’s slightly bulging belly, her complexion suddenly changed: "Madam, this child can’t give birth." Bai Yinhe asked: "This is this isWhy? "Song Laosen said:" Because you are not his mother. "

Immediately afterwards, Song Laosen asked if something special happened recently, and Bai Yinhe said that he dreamed of dreamed of one -eyed bride.Song Laomao said: "If I guess it is good, she is the child’s mother."

According to Song Laosen, the child should be forcibly taken out of the one -eyed bride in two months.Afterwards, the child was unwilling to turn into a ghost, because he couldn’t return to his mother’s body, and he wrapped the people who harmed him.The man was afraid of being injured, and he deliberately found a woman who was almost the same as a one -eyed bride as a dead ghost. Once the woman had a child, she would die immediately.At that time, the child’s grievances will disappear, and that person will be able to do nothing.

When he learned the truth, Bai Yinhe trembled: "In the dream, I saw that the woman was killed by the truth. Could he want to kill me?"I fled before it killed. "

At this time, the large tank in the courtyard made a sound of snoring.It came out.In the next second, a black shadow drilled out of the belly of Bai Yin, falling on the one -eyed bride.Then she turned into a ray of black smoke disappearing.

That night, Bai Yinhe had another dream, and this time in the dream was a woman who was very similar to herself.She claims to be Xiu Fang, and there is no truth about it.I did n’t know that on the day of marriage, he suspected that he had dyed with others.Not only did she have only one eye left, but she also looked for her children who had only two months old.

Afterwards, Ji Wuzhen also sealed Xiufang in the door of the door, and used that one to see him happy.Fortunately, Bai Yinhe helped, let their mother and child reunite, and killed the enemies themselves.

Bai Yinhe sighed: "Well, I really thought that he appreciated my embroidery to get close to me. How could he know that he was deceiving." Xiufang said: "He is dead, everyone’s karma has returned to you.Power is compensation. "Bai Yinhe nodded with a smile.After that, Ji Wuzhen did not go home again, and Bai Yinhe inherited all the property and became a rich woman.

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