Bao Ma was in breastfeeding, and did you get pregnant without a "aunt"?

Chen Haomin is a former costume male god. He starred in TV dramas such as "The God of God" and "Tianlong Babu" all the time.Fire, but he and his wife Jiang Lisha’s "four -year hugging" news triggered a lot of arguments. Now that the fourth child was born, when the incident was the hottest, Chen Haomin also responded on the show. He said that it was because he and He and He and He said that because he and He and He and He said because he and he said because he and He and he said that he was because he and He and He said because of the same as He and He and He said becauseMy wife was intimidated during breastfeeding and did not care, so she did not do prevention work, and when Jiang Lisha was not willing to kill, it became this situation.

The chance and cause of pregnancy

Whether it is pregnant during breastfeeding is a question that many people exist. Like the Chen Haomin couple, because the mothers who do not know the breastfeeding mother, even if the menstruation is not yet menstruation, there are still families with the possibility of ovulation.Are the odds of pregnancy high?It should be said that when her mother has giving birth, she has been separated from this state of menopause during pregnancy, so during breastfeeding, women will have the possibility of menstruation at any time, and most of the first ovulation after giving birth is menstruation in menstruation.In the first half of the month, this time is uncontrollably, so even if you are affectionate during breastfeeding, you must take protection measures, because once you are pregnantA big burden.

The difference between the birth and cesarean section of breastfeeding

Mother -in -law is pregnant during breastfeeding. Regardless of whether it is produced or cesarean, it is dangerous. Among them, the cesarean section mothers have a greater danger that the pregnancy is not fully recovered, because there is a great possibility, there is a great possibility.Because the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, the original knife mouth is broken and the mother and the fetus brings life risks. Therefore, if it is a mother with a cesarean section, she will get pregnant soon after delivery., Listening to the doctor’s advice to choose, both responsible for yourself and new life.

Although the mother who has been born is much less dangerous, there are a lot of concerns.The first is that breast milk will gradually stop after pregnancy, so there is a problem with the rations of newborns; in addition, if there is a choice of abortion, then there will be a drug flow that will affect the baby’s breastfeeding or the flow is not clean.Two injuries.

Copy measures in time

Once the mother finds that she has a pregnancy reaction during her breastfeeding, she must buy the pregnancy test stick or go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to confirm whether she is really pregnant. Once you know that you are pregnant, you must ask the doctor’s opinion as soon as possible.make a decision.

Pregnancy during breastfeeding is not only a problem that mothers should care about. Newborn dads should also start with themselves and take the initiative to take protective measures. If the wife is really pregnant, she should take care of her wife’s body and emotions even more.It is also necessary to make good choices on the premise of his wife’s health.

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