Bao Ma successfully became pregnant at a time!The mother -in -law proudly said: The daughter -in -law was 35 -year -old son, so amazing!

In this world, for a woman, the most helplessness is the loss of the right to be a mother.

Ms. Li said: Yes, I am such a woman. I used to think that as long as there is love, everything is not difficult, and love can defeat everything, but I am wrong. There is no child in the marriage as a bond.No supplement.

Ms. Li and her husband were together when they were in college. After graduation, we really did not intend to ask for a child. The husband even discussed this problem with his parents.Parents are older, and they have grandson at this age, so they always advise us to have children early, saying that while they are tough, they can help.

But my husband and I just wanted to have a two -person world together, but they didn’t want to have children. This made the old couple very angry, because of this, his father had been hospitalized because of anger.

After being discharged from the hospital, my husband discussed with me, or we would have a child. Anyway, sooner or later, I felt that he was serious about this time, so he nodded and agreed.

Unexpectedly, since I had a plan to ask for a child, I was more nervous than anyone else. I didn’t care about it at first, but after a few months, I found that I worked very hard and worked very seriously, but there was no effect.I was a little anxious at this moment, thinking, should I go to the hospital for examination?

After going to the hospital, my nightmare began. After the doctor’s examination, I told me very seriously that primary infertility was caused by tubal factors. After reading the test results, the doctor said: "If you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, it is recommended that both husband and wife adopt the husband and wife to take adoptionPrepare pregnancy in IVF. ".

This is the first time that Ms. Li has heard of the test tube. However, after returning home, after communicating, she decided to prepare for pregnancy by IVF.

So I started the test tube to check the body, archives, ovulation promotion, egg retrieval, and transplantation, and each link was conducted in an orderly manner.

Ms. Li said: Maybe I am lucky, I transplanted two blastocysts, and I was pregnant.During pregnancy, my mother -in -law took good care of it. The child was born and was a boy.

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