Title: Men stab me back.

After I was pregnant, the engagement boyfriend suddenly became cold.I have never figured out why this is.Until I found my boyfriend’s trumpet on a social platform.The trumpet was full of photos of my 10 -year -old Sister Ji, and the only beloved gardenia flower in his life in his life.The moment I saw this group of photos, there seemed to be a long -string disconnection in my mind, and my hands and feet were cold.

In addition to this, I also have a sense of relief of the whole body. There is no need to be suspicious for him. I think about whether I do it well every day, and how to ask him.It can be found that this is his privacy account, or because in a photo, the bright light and bright window glass in a certain photo print out the gardenia flower ring on his hand.The owner of the ring is holding with another slender white and tender hand, like a cricket entangled by Yinjing.

And I can have such a deep impression on this ring, or because from the day I know Jiang Dai, he has always worn him on his hand, and the guardian is like the eyes.Don’t let me touch it.I remember once he went to take a bath, took off the ring on the desktop, and I helped him put it in the storage box.But when he took a shower, he touched my ring and moved his liver, and coaxed me for a long time to coax me for a long time.

How did he say to me at the time?Jiang Dai said that that was the only waste left by his grandmother, so he would take it so much.My finger trembling her fingers, I do n’t know what kind of mood it was, and I saw all the photos.I mocked a little sadly.It turned out that in the past 8 years with me, on the birthday of each year, he will excuse the company to work overtime and go to accompany the season to celebrate the season.Continue to flip the page until a text of complaints fell into my eyes.

He is really annoying, so can’t he learn his sister?His sister is a dance teacher and has a high temperament. Why can’t he learn at all?Do you find anything else every day, except around me?Suddenly a few drops of cold water drops dropped on the back of my hand, and then I was surprised that I had already burst into tears.He completely forgot that before getting engaged, I was also the top ballet dancer of a theater. If it was not for pregnancy, how could I easily give up my dream, but after just three years, he forgot his tears on his face.Winding up.However, the next text made me like a cold pond, and the whole person shook coldly.

He has been pregnant for five months, and the whole person is edema and worse. I no longer like the gardenia flower in my heart. I don’t know how to face him.If it wasn’t for witnessing it, it would be difficult for me to believe it. This was the real thoughts of me who asked the warm pillow.My heart was twitching, as if holding my neck with one hand, making me suddenly panting.

Recalling that I would see my eyes on at first glance, and was chasing me.It turns out that he has been with me for eight years, just because I look like my sister Ji, I am just Sister Ji’s substitute, obviously that his mother has been urging my child with him.It can be said straightforward.Thinking of this, I finally couldn’t stand the cry.

The sorrow of the film was banned by me, and even the swollen stomach was also faintly painful. It fell down and fell down, and the eyes were dark, as if the sticky blood water slipped from the legs, and the moment was completely staged.I seemed to see Jiang Dai who had just arrived at home.Waking up again, people are lying in the hospital, and the nasal cavity is full of disinfection water.There was a lower conversation outside the ward. My first reaction was a trembling hand to probe towards the lower abdomen, and then I breathed a sigh of relief.

The child was still turning his head slowly. From the door seam covered by his back, he could clearly see his boyfriend Jiang Dai stretched out one hand and took me to cut off the shoulders of the gardenia.The two faced me back, and the intimate bowed heads communicated softly.They are divided into hazy and ambiguous, and their hearts seem to be constantly eating, full of fine and greasy pain.I swallowed the tears at the bottom of my eyes and did not disturb them.

In this way, from the back, the skin is thin and thin, and the neck and neck are slender white swan.Especially in a cold temperament.Even thirty or five, because of the dancing this year, the posture is still slender and soft.Jiang Daihui likes him for no reason. Moreover, from the pictures he issued by his account, Jiang Dai and the son of Qu Zhi know longer than us.Eight years ago, the son of Qu Zhi was upright and glorious. The people who had seen him all said that he was beautiful. Presumably Bai Yueguang was always unforgettable.Until half an hour later, I will take an excuse to leave.

Take the son to push the door to enter the ward, and then I twisted my head back to the bed quietly, and opened my eyes widely with the white ceiling.After entering the ward, I saw that I was awake. I was slightly surprised in my eyes but immediately returned to the same way. I couldn’t see a trace.Do you still feel uncomfortable when you wake up?The doctor said that it was fortunate to send it in time, and he might go forward a few minutes later to help me raise the pillow, and said to me.

I just saw Jiang Gai holding you all the time. I interrupted his voice calmly like dead water. Don’t think about it, he just comforted me.You also know what scum my husband is, and the son is sure to look at me explaining that I did not answer my eyes.I don’t know why he could be so comfortable, and he didn’t have any guilt to me.Seeing that I didn’t speak, the son of Qu naturally couldn’t find something to touch my nipples. After all, I have always been emotional between me and me, not a sisters with blood.

Soon Jiang Dai returned. How do you feel now?Is there any part of the stomach?Jiang Dai woke up and poured me a glass of hot water and gently supported my belly with my hands.Jiang Dai regarded me as a stand -in, but his feelings for his child were real.The son didn’t want to intervene in the matter between us, so he took the opportunity to propose something to go first.Jiang Dai immediately said that I sent you, no need, you just look good at the end of the month.

The son of Qu was born, and I stumbled at the scene that could not stop in my heart.Jiang Dai took the initiative to be so obvious. Why didn’t I find something wrong between them before?Jiang Dai hesitated for a while and nodded and sat on the edge of my bed.I abruptly asked me and the son of Qu, and I would flash a hint of vague emotions with a slight movement. He looked down at my eyes. Did you misunderstand what?There is nothing between him and I.The doctor said that you are depressed, and this time there will be symptoms that children ca n’t stay.

Originally, I still doubt, what can you do with your heart at home all day long?It seems that you have been doubting the relationship between me and your season. When did Yue Di become this look?Jiang Dai was not complaining.

do you know?If it weren’t for the timely children who came back this time, it would be impossible for me. It was the most important thing for you to raise your child to soften the tone of his pale face, Jiang Dai’s tone.Yeah, my child.I am looking forward to the children day and night. What if I and Jiang Dai separate the child?I was reluctant to induce him for 8 years, nor did I say that it can be put down immediately.I closed my eyes with a tears slipped from the corner of my eyes, and the last time I told myself to give Jiang Dai for the last chance.

During the hospitalization, Jiang Dai always took care of me for me, and the nephew had never revealed her face, and the days after discharge returned to the calmness of the past.However, due to the increase in the symptoms of pregnancy in my belly, the symptoms of pregnancy gradually became obvious.The whole person was embarrassed a lot. In order to coax me, I would bring back the cold before, and often leaned my head gently on my stomach.Listen to the fetal movement from the belly.When I was idle at home, I picked up the needle thread to knit a lot of treasures in the child.

Such a day after a full month, until one night, I was pregnant and couldn’t eat it all day.Genting a cup of milk for me. As soon as I saw the white liquid shaking in the cup, I felt a nausea in the stomach. The whole face was white, but I didn’t want to drink it.I looked at him with tears and eyes weakly, and tossed the implicit impatience on Jiang Dai’s face all night, and you wouldn’t even think for yourself.

How long can the children in your stomach stay with you?When I heard this, my hand was instinctively floated with a swollen belly, and I drank it obediently.Ginger belt handed the cup to my lips, but I just endured the symptoms of 3 digits and swallowed 3 digits immediately, and I couldn’t stop it.I pushed the ginger and rushed into the toilet. I kept relieved. The whole person was uncomfortable with red tears and tears dropped unconsciously. What made me even more frightened was that my belly fell downwards and began to pain.My breathing hurriedly fell, holding the door frame.

Jiang Dai was uncomfortable, but I heard the doorbell in the living room cover my voice before I finished speaking.Jiang Dai went to open the door against me.The unexpected thing was that there was Qu Xuanzi standing outside after the door opened. At this moment, he was covered with scratch on his wolf, and his eyes were red and fragile.The son seemed to be awake sharply, and the original cold expression was broken. He smiled frankly: I shouldn’t come, I don’t care, you don’t have to care about me.The son of Qu left a word and ran away.

When Jiang Dai saw that he was subconsciously chased him, Jiang Dai should not leave.Jiang Dai heard my voice, and he looked back at me with a complicated look, and suddenly a meager hopes appeared in my heart.Jiang Dai, don’t leave, I ask you not to leave.My stomach hurts, I endure the pain of my stomach, and said sharply, do you send me to the hospital?

Jiang Daiwen’s face was exhausted, and Yan Di was replaced by indifference. Don’t make trouble at the end of the month. You wait for me, I don’t worry about taking gardenia.I soon came back. My hand was shaking and cold, and I could only keep humblely begging him Jiang to show my stomach. I asked you.

Jiang Dai even turned his head without hearing this time without hesitation and rushing towards the direction of gardenia, leaving me alone standing alone.The witch falling in the ice cave’s belly is even more severe. It seems that there is a sticky boom winding down the legs. I saw that ginger outside the balcony came forward and grabbed the son of the son.Down.Immediately after Jiang Dai and the son of Qu, he hugged a group of unawareness as if he was fiercely open, and the pain of drilling was spreading throughout the bone marrow.

I laughed miserably, a face pale on the paper due to pain, and I dumped the ambulance on the ambulance in the blood pool. The painful pain came from my belly.The peeling is likely. I have a premonition that the child may not be able to keep it. I was born with a painfulness of the pain of the lower abdomen.

I sat in place for a long time until my legs were completely soaked by blood, and finally a ambulance personnel lifted me up the stretcher, and the dazzling white red light was on my face.I heard that the doctor told me that the child couldn’t hold it anymore. Someone gave me anesthetic, but I could still clearly feel that there was a cold device in my legs.Breathing is a girl.But soon I could only look at her at a loss. A small face became purple, her small body no longer undulating, and no movement.The doctor regretted saying that the child is still too small in the month, and the 6 -month fetus will have another two weeks, maybe it is another ending.

I want to take it away.When I said this, my expression was almost numb. I lived alone in the hospital for a week. In this week, I exhausted all the tears, crying until my tears dried up. The whole person collapsed like dead wood.Until a call calls my phone, you can be optimistic about your husband.

The son who came from the phone, and the current husband’s grievances were full of grievances, helping others’ wives to fight a divorce lawsuit, chasing me like a crazy dog, what benefits he can get.

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