Back pain in pregnant women is very common, what are the symptoms of discomfort in the middle of pregnancy?

Farewell to the early pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, probably a lot of pregnant mothers were secretly ecstatic and finally did not need to be tortured, but I did not expect that the discomfort during pregnancy was really one after another.Each stage of pregnancy has the discomfort of each stage, which is normal, otherwise how can I conceive in October is very difficult?

As a pregnant woman, you should understand what discomfort will usually appear at each stage of pregnancy and how to relieve it. Only when the pregnant mother understands enough symptoms during pregnancy, can they not panic when they have discomfort in their bodies.Today, I want to introduce to you what are the symptoms of discomfort in the middle of pregnancy, how to relieve it, and precautions in the middle of pregnancy.

Symptoms of discomfort in the middle of pregnancy

1. Under pregnancy and back pain

If your low back pain is mild, you can do home massage exercises at home.At this time, the prospective father presented a great time, and quickly learned a few professional and authentic massage techniques to make a sweet massage every day for his beloved wife.In addition, you can also make local hot compresses. It can be used with hot towels, gauze and hot water bottle. For half an hour a day, it can also reduce the pain.

2. Abdominal pain during pregnancy

Pregnant women often complain about abdominal pain during pregnancy, or occasionally feel uncomfortable abdomen.Although abdominal pain may have nothing to do with abdominal pain during pregnancy, it may also indicate that there are serious problems.For severe or persistent abdominal pain during pregnancy, don’t take it lightly!

3. Headache pregnancy

Once a headache starts, it is often difficult to find the cause at once. Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers must collect the medical history in detail before diagnosis, perform a comprehensive physical examination and targeted auxiliary examination in order to cooperate with the doctor to make the correct diagnosis and treatment.

4. Hypertension during pregnancy

During pregnancy, most pregnant mothers have a decrease in blood pressure to varying degrees, especially in the second trimester, and the blood pressure will minimize.As the baby is to provide sufficient blood for the baby, the blood circulation system of the pregnant mother has changed, and the heart rate has begun to accelerate.Therefore, when the posture of pregnant mothers suddenly changes, if they stand up suddenly, they will feel dizzy.

If this happens, you must inform your doctor during the checkup.There are also some pregnant mothers who have been checked in blood pressure during the birth check. This may be the symptoms of pregnancy and hypertension. At this time, doctors will be particularly cautious to prevent pregnant mothers from dangerous before childbirth.

5. Pain pain

Rib pain during pregnancy is caused by the growth of the uterus to push the ribs.In fact, you only need to stretch your arms towards your head to relieve rib pain.

At different stages of pregnancy, the physical discomfort we face and the adjustment of diet and life and life will inevitably be different. As long as everyone can master the principles of different people to do health care, I believe that every expectant mother can spend peacefully safely.pregnancy.

Precautions in the middle of pregnancy

1. Living habits

In exercise, mild exercises can be appropriately done in the morning and evening, such as walking, gymnastics, etc., but you should avoid strenuous exercise and hard work, and avoid adverse effects on the fetus.It should be regular, sufficient sleep, and maintaining full spirit. Not only is the fetal development, but it can also help pregnant women have sufficient energy to cope with some possible conditions during pregnancy.

2. Stay away from pets

In the middle of pregnancy, expectant mothers should also stay away from pets to avoid bow -shaped infections. Otherwise, they can infect the fetus and bring dangers such as abortion, dead tires, delayed development of the fetus, and fetal malformations.

3. Inspection on time

In the second trimester, the birth checkup should also be performed on time to understand the development of the fetus and the physical condition of the pregnant woman. Some accidents that may occur in time, such as abnormal fetal position, pregnancy complications, etc., timely treatment to avoid some dangers.

4. Use suitable, comfortable bra

After 14 weeks of pregnancy, the chest will swell sharply. In order to easily spend the middle of the pregnancy, the proper bra in the middle of pregnancy is particularly important.From the fourth month of the future, we will start to change the bras above the two cups. You can also use a bra made of steel rings to correspond.Sometimes expectant mothers also consider inner beauty, so when choosing, you should also seize the chance of trying penetration, so as to avoid discomfort when buying back.

The second trimester should be the most comfortable stage during pregnancy. The pregnant mother’s belly is not very large and will not be tortured by early pregnancy reactions.Both pregnant moms will have symptoms. There is no need to be a fuss. Pay attention to avoid sitting for a long time and massage.

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