Baby in 8 months, a sudden fever at 38 ° C at night, mother used these 3 methods for an hour normal

Case sharing: Ke Xin’s mother is a post -90s mother. She has not been at work since she is pregnant. When she is at home, she is at home.Xin has been 8 months old. Usually the little guy is well -behaved and cute. One night, the mother had unintentionally touched Xixin, and felt a little hot on her body, so she used the thermometer to test it.IntersectionHow to do how to do?My mother remembered the parenting knowledge I usually saw, and did these three things in a hurry. After more than an hour, Ke Xin’s question returned to normal. The mother’s approach was worthy of everyone to learn.

Let’s take a look at the fever. Under the adjustment of the temperature center of the cerebral cortex and the lower body temperature of the cerebral cortex, the normal person’s body temperature maintains dynamic balance and heat dissipation through the role of nerves and body fluids to achieve relative constant.If it is too much fever or too little heat dissipation due to diseases and other reasons, the body temperature can exceed the normal range and cause fever.Fever is not a disease, it is just a symptom.To some extent, fever is not all bad things. The fever is an immune protection response caused by the body’s immune system to resist infection.Generally speaking, the child’s body temperature is considered to have a fever after 37.4 ° C.37.5 ~ 38 ° C is low heat, 38 ~ 39 ° C is moderate heating, and high heat above 39 ° C.Parents need to pay attention to: a single level of fever cannot determine the severity of the disease.Even if the fever exceeds 39 degrees, the condition is not necessarily very serious, and other comprehensive factors such as spiritual spirit need to be considered.

But the first thing that Mother Xin did was to open the window of the living room to keep the room ventilated in the room (there is no DC style in the bedroom in the bedroom), and at the same time, replace the thick pajamas with a thick pajamas with a thin short pants, cover the quilt, and the quilt of the quilt.The hands, feet, arms and other parts are naked outside and turn on the air conditioner.Why do you do that?In fact, in the concept of many people, especially the elderly, always thinks that fever is just sweating, and some young parents also use this method to cover the fever children sweat. In fact, this method is likely to be.Good intentions but do bad things. In the pediatric clinic, children often see children, hugged them tightly, some have been burned to dehydrate, doctors will immediately take off one or two clothes to dissipate heat, and then cooperate with certain treatment with certain treatment., I will get back soon.Therefore, when fever, parents should keep the room ventilation and reduce one piece of clothes, which is conducive to children better heat dissipation and cooling.The use of air conditioners correctly, keeping the room cool and comfortable, will also make the baby more comfortable and help heat dissipation.

The second thing is to feed the children’s water intermittently in a moderate amount. The reason why the child drinks more amount of water when the child has a fever is mainly because of the fever children, the metabolism is faster than usual.More oxygen is needed, the frequency of breathing will also be accelerated. As the breath, it will emit some heat, which will cause some water to increase the water in the body. Drinking more water can also promote urination.Therefore, children with fever must drink plenty of water, and the water is directly supplemented in the blood, which will speed up the child’s antipyretic speed.However, parents should pay attention to drinking plenty of water to drink a lot of water at one time. They should be intermittent and moderate. Drink a amount of about 100 ml at a time. Drink it after a period of time.Body burden.

The third thing is to take a bath with warm water. Many parents are worried that taking a bath will have a cool fever again after a fever. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.Bathing with warm water can be distributed through water to reduce the temperature of the child’s body surface and increase its sense of comfort, which is beneficial to the loss of high fever.Parents should pay attention to not to be too high or too low in water temperature. Adults feel just right. If the water temperature is too high, it will cause vascular expansion and increase oxygen consumption, which will easily lead to ischemia and hypoxia and increase the condition.Worse.After taking a bath or wiping with warm water, quickly dry your whole body and put on dry clothes to avoid cold.In fact, no matter what you do, a process requires a process to make children comfortable and reduce complications, which is the most important thing.

Warm reminder: When the child has a fever, the fever should be properly reduced according to the child’s condition. After the proper physical cooling, if the child still does not cool down, take the child to the hospital to see the doctor in time to determine the cause of the baby.

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