Baby changes during pregnancy

4 weeks of pregnancy: fertilized eggs have developed into embryos, tissues and organs are about to form, and a series of changes are about to be staged.(Many people have not found themselves pregnant.)

5-6 weeks of pregnancy: The baby is as small as sand, and the naked eye cannot be seen. The mother has not changed obviously, but the baby’s heart has begun to be beating.Some mothers in the front of the uterus can hear the baby’s heartbeat through the instrument.

7 weeks of pregnancy: The baby is about 1 cm, and there is a small tail.Now it has obvious people’s appearance. His arms and legs have begun to grow buds, and your fingers are developing.

8 weeks of pregnancy: The baby enters the development stage, the tail slowly disappears, and the eyes are located on both sides of the head, not the front.The baby will exercise simply, kick and raise hands, but the mother can’t feel it.

Nine weeks of pregnancy: The baby is starting to be called a fetus, and it was still an embryo before.The baby is about 2.2-2.5 cm. The eyes are still closed and will not open. The tail has disappeared, and organ, muscles, and nerves have begun to work.

10 weeks of pregnancy: Babies can grow to 4 cm, kidney, lung, genitals and gastrointestinal systems have existed, but they have not yet matured.The brain starts to develop, and the proportion of the body will gradually become smaller.

11 weeks of pregnancy: This is a critical week of the baby’s early growth. The baby is basically formed. It is about the size of the flowers without flowers. The genitals start to grow. You can see the gender after a long time.

12 weeks of pregnancy: This week, the baby can grow to about 6 cm, some bones have begun to harden, and joint prototypes appear.The first birth check -in this week, healthy babies can build files.Pregnant mothers will slowly reduce their pregnancy.

13 weeks of pregnancy: The baby is already a formal villain, the face begins to become clear, the eyes are smaller, the lips can be opened, the roots of the teeth are formed, and the nails begin to grow.Mom slowly began to raise her belly, so pay attention to controlling weight.

14 weeks of pregnancy: The baby is about the size of the lemon, and the ears begin to move from the neck to the head.The vocal cords have been developed, and the digestive glands have begun to form.

15 weeks of pregnancy: The joint of the baby’s finger can be moved, the eyebrows start to grow, and the hair begins to sprout.The leg length began to exceed the arm.The genitals of men and women have obvious differences, and they can see gender through B -ultrasound.

16 weeks of pregnancy: The proportion of the baby’s limbs is becoming more and more coordinated, and the hearing is gradually improved. You can hear the sound of the outside world, the heartbeat, blood flow and the sound of intestinal sounds.The circulatory system and urethra enter the normal working state. He will play the umbilical cord, but will not hurt himself.

17 weeks of pregnancy: The baby’s head began to extend, and it can even stand upright in the uterus, but the baby’s bones are still cartilage, which is not enough to support the weight of the body.

18 weeks of pregnancy: The baby is about the size of the tomato.The baby’s neck contour is clear, and the fingertips and toe pointed meat pads have been formed.The baby’s heart activity is active, and the cells that make mucus appear in the stomach, and the intestines begin to move.

19 weeks of pregnancy: The baby enters the stable period, and the pregnant mother’s body is the most comfortable weeks from now on.A white oil -shaped substance began to be secreted by the baby’s glands. This is fetal fat.It can protect the baby’s skin for a long time soaked in amniotic fluid and will not be corroded, and can reduce resistance during childbirth.

Two weeks of pregnancy: The baby’s cerebral cortex is formed, the ditch is increasing, and the sensory has begun to develop. The taste, smell, hearing, vision, and touch enters a critical period.The retina gradually formed, and began to induced light.

21 weeks of pregnancy: The baby is about the size of the onion.The baby’s body began to become well -proportioned, and his fingernails and lips were basically better.The tire hair gradually covers the whole body.Pregnant mothers can interact more with the baby.

22 weeks of pregnancy: The baby’s eyes have been completely formed, the bones have become strong, and the joints begin to develop.

23 weeks of pregnancy: The five senses are basically in place, the tooth embryo has begun to develop, and the retina has been formed, which can have weak vision.

24 weeks of pregnancy: The baby’s inner ear is mature and the hearing has become sound.If the baby is stimulated by noise (electric diamond, vacuum cleaner), a signal will be sent to the mother.

25 weeks of pregnancy: The baby’s taste buds are forming, and the taste of food can be tasted by the mother.The baby likes to eat sweets. If the mother eats sweets, the baby will increase the fetal movement and express his joy.

26-28 weeks of pregnancy: The baby starts to accumulate fat, and the weight will grow rapidly.Visual nerve functions begin to play a role, and babies can feel day and night.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the adjustment of the biological clock.The baby’s hair began to grow, and the brain activity became active.

29-34 weeks of pregnancy: The baby has less exercise, and the activity space provided by him is getting smaller and smaller.Height growth slows down and the weight increases rapidly.Various organs are constantly improving.About 30 weeks will turn into head.

35-37 weeks of pregnancy: The baby’s development is basically completed, about 2.5 kg.Pregnant mothers can start preparing for production.After 37 weeks, pregnant mothers must move more to help production.But you also need to do your best to avoid premature birth.

38-weeks of pregnancy: The baby is full of monthly. At this stage, the function of the lungs is mainly performed in the mother’s belly.Pregnant mothers should not eat too much, pay attention to controlling weight.Do not leave people around the pregnant mother, be ready to produce at any time.At the same time, pregnant mothers should relax and don’t be too nervous.In the past year, I have come here, and I will immediately meet my new life.

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