Awkward!A friend always asked me if I was pregnant?Actually I am just …

Recently, my friends asked me if I was pregnant?Actually I am just … so embarrassing!

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My surname is Xiao. I have encountered something particularly annoying recently. My friends asked me if I was pregnant?Some even asked for a few months?I am 40 years old and I have no plan to have a second child. How can I get pregnant, but I always have friends asking me about this question, which is really embarrassing.

In fact, my belly looks like pregnancy because I have uterine fibroids.I found that the uterine fibroids have been 5 years. When I first found it, the fibroids were already 3 cm larger, but the local doctor said that my fibroids have not reached surgical standards, and it is enough to continue observation.When I heard that the doctor said that I could observe, I thought that the doctor said that it should be nothing, so I didn’t care about it. In addition, I was busy doing my own business. I didn’t pay much attention to it.once.

But after two years, the fibroids have grown to 5 cm.At this time, the fibroids have reached surgical indications, and the doctor suggested that I have surgery. When I mentioned the surgery, I remembered a surgery experience a few years ago. It was too thrilling, so I rejected the doctor’s proposal.After that, I went to another hospital, but the results were still similar. The doctor still suggested that I have surgery.I think of the information I saw on the Internet before. The uterine fibroids are benign diseases. The chance of changing evils is very small, and I have no discomfort. I have not undergone surgery, but I just pay more attention to diet and exercise.

By this year, the fibroids have grown to 8 cm. In addition, I am a little fat, with a round belly, and it looks like 5 months pregnant.Every time I meet with my friends, someone will ask me if I am pregnant?I don’t want to tell them that I have uterine fibroids, I can only say that I have gained weight recently, especially my favorite clothes can not be worn. I can only wear loose clothes to cover my "pregnant belly".It’s bad.If you think about it, even if you are surgery, you have to "give birth" for the fibroids, and you have already experienced lower abdominal distension and a large amount of menstrual flow. If you do not deal with it, it will affect my life.

When looking for uterine fibroid surgery, I saw a special treatment on the Internet -"Hai Fu" that can be discharged from the hospital the next day after no sword, no blood, no anesthesia, no need to anesthes anesthesia, and many patients can feedbackThe treatment effect is very good, and many large hospitals have Haifu treatment. I decided to see it, hoping that Haifu can solve my trouble.

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Popular science: What are the clinical symptoms of uterine fibroids?

1. vaginal bleeding

The main symptoms of uterine fibroids appear in more than half of patients.It is manifested as increased menstrual flow, extension of menstrual periods or shortening cycles.It can also be manifested as irregular vaginal bleeding without menstrual cycle.Uterine bleeding is more common in subtidum fibroids, while subcarcated fibroids rarely cause uterine bleeding.

2. Abdominal mass and compression symptoms

The uterine fibroids will gradually grow. When the uterine increases for more than 3 months, the size of the uterus or a large submucosal fibroids located at the bottom of the uterine can often touch the block in the abdomen. When the bladder is fullobvious.The block is realistic, active, no tenderness.Fibroids grow to a certain size can cause symptoms of compression of surrounding organs. Those with anterior uterine fibroids can produce frequent urination and urgency; huge cervical fibroids compress the bladder can cause poor urination or even urinary retention;It is a gorge or cervical posterior lip fibroids that can compress the rectum, causing poor stools and discomfort after defecation; huge wide ligament fibroids can compress the ureter and even cause pelvic water.

3. Pain

Under normal circumstances, uterine fibroids do not cause pain, but many patients may have a sense of swelling and back pain in the lower abdomen.The submucosal fibroids can have acute abdominal pain. When the fibroids are red degeneration, there is acute lower abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and local tenderness of the tumor.

4. Increase leucorrhea

Increased uterine cavity, increased endometrium gland, and pelvic congestion can increase leucorrhea.In the uterine or cervical mucosal fibroids, ulcers, infections, or necrosis occur, a bloody or purulent leucorrhea is produced.

5. Infertility and abortion

The effect on the ending of conception and pregnancy may be related to the growth site, size and number of fibroids.Giant uterine fibroids can cause deformation of the uterine cavity, hindering the fetal sac, bed and embryonic growth and development; fibroids compressive fallopian tubes can cause unstoppable lumen cavity; submucosal fibroids can hinder the bed in bed or affect sperm into the uterine cavity.The natural abortion rate of patients with fibroids is higher than that of normal people.

6. anemia

Because long -term or irregular vaginal bleeding can cause blood loss, more severe anemia is more common in patients with mucosal fibroids.

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