At this stage, the expectant mother is basically mature and can be assured of delivery.

Nowadays, the phenomenon of premature birth is becoming more and more common. Many pregnant mothers have not reached the due date when they are produced. There are also many pregnant mothers who are worried that the fetus will have premature birth and worry about whether the fetal development will be unhealthy?

Indeed, premature birth is not to be seen by pregnant mothers and fetuses, because the fetal development of the fetus will not be well adaptable to the fetus, and it will also be sent to the insulation box for observation. ThereforeGood prevention.

Then again, will the fetus be healthy only on the day of the due date or after the due date?In fact, after this stage, the fetus is basically mature, and pregnant mothers can give birth at ease.

The per month of popular science is 40 weeks, but the actual fetal injury has matured in about 37 weeks.We can rest assured to give birth.If 35 weeks ago, you need to beware of premature birth.

It is not very important for the due date. At the same time, it is not 100 % accurate. Although many pregnant mothers are born on the day of the due date, most pregnant mothers still postpone more.When the fetus enters the basin, it also implies that the pregnant mother will be produced in about two weeks. Next, the pregnant mothers will observe whether there is a signal of breaking amniotic fluid.The signal of the gap is still very important, don’t have to give birth to yourself, you don’t know

In the life of the third trimester, you must complete the birth check on time, because there are multiple factors that cause premature birth, including placenta functions, more amniotic fluid and less, and hypoxia environment in the fetal house.Therefore, the birth check in the third trimester is very important, and pregnant mothers should not neglect.

Every pregnant mother during pregnancy has no bottom. After thirty -six weeks, you can be assured of delivery, but you must not be roughly completed on time.

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