At 5 months of pregnancy, the doctor suggested that Baoma lose weight. Does Baomao stop drinking milk powder?Why?

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Guide: For pregnant mothers who are pregnant, one thing we often emphasizes is to do a good job of weight management during pregnancy. The increase in weight during pregnancy often does not mean that the fetus grows well, but the pregnant mother’s own fat is long.Fast.Obesity is a very unfavorable thing for pregnant women and fetuses. It is not a small number of pregnant mothers who gain weight during pregnancy.

Previously, a pregnant mother had encountered such problems. When she was 5 months pregnant, she went to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor said that the weight level was too high to let Baoma lose weight.And Bao Ma usually has the habit of drinking mother milk powder. In the face of the needs of weight loss, is it necessary for Bao Ma’s mother milk powder to stop?Why?

In this regard, Xiaobian believes that pregnant mothers who need to lose weight during pregnancy are actually not needed to drink mothers milk powder, because this is likely to be the reason for your gaining weight during pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers now pay special attention to their daily nutritional intake during pregnancy. In order to meet the mentality needs of pregnant mothers, various pregnant mothers milk powder came into being.

The so -called pregnant mothers’ milk powder is actually strengthened the proportion of some nutrients on the basis of milk powder, such as protein, vitamin, DHA, calcium high -demand or nutrients that are beneficial to fetal growth.When pregnant mothers drink a glass of milk, they can meet the body during pregnancy and the body for various nutrients. However, such products can be drunk, but it is not necessary.

Because drinking pregnant mothers milk powder can meet the nutritional needs of the body during pregnancy, we ignore the high calories and high sugar ratio of milk powder. These are the root causes of pregnant mothers to get fat.It’s right.Moreover, all kinds of nutrients in milk powder can basically meet the needs of the daily diet and fixing three meals as long as the daily diet of pregnant mothers can basically meet the needs of the intake.

For pregnant mothers with normal diet during pregnancy and malnutrition, there is really no need to drink pregnant mothers milk powder. After all, artificially added nutrients, it is better to eat a good food nutritional intake.Of course, if you are severe in early pregnancy, pregnant mothers who affect normal eating and insufficient body nutrition, properly drinking some pregnant mothers’ milk powder is also good for physical nutritional intake.

Therefore, if the doctor has clearly stated that the pregnant mother is going to lose weight, the pregnant mother’s milk powder must be stopped. During pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant mother is not suitable for the pregnant mother milk powder.For pregnant mothers with weight loss during pregnancy, what do we usually do to achieve the effect of weight control and weight loss?

1. Adjust the diet ratio

During pregnancy, weight loss is the most taboo way of diet. Even if there is a demand for weight loss, pregnant mothers need to maintain a normal diet, but more scientific and balanced adjustments should be made in the daily diet ratio.The main composition of three meals a day is carbohydrate, protein and vitamins. The proportion can be 1: 1: 2. At the same time, pay attention to ingesting high -quality fat.

2. Light diet, less oil, less sugar

At the same time, in daily diet arrangements, we must also pay attention to avoiding eating factors that are easy to gain weight, such as various high -calorie fried foods and desserts. These are the taboos of weight loss and increase the burden of weight loss.The usual diet should be light, choose high -protein and low -fat foods, increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, or use some miscellaneous grains instead of white rice.

3. Appropriate exercise exercise

In addition to resting during pregnancy, appropriate exercise can better help pregnant mothers reduce fat loss and lose weight. During the exercise process, fat burns can be increased and the body’s metabolism cycle can be accelerated.Therefore, pregnant mothers with a demand for weight loss are best to maintain the amount of exercise of about half an hour a day. Lightweight exercises such as walking and yoga exercises are more suitable for pregnant women, which will be thinner and more effective.

Important Tips: Pregnant women’s milk powder is just a milk powder added to strengthen nutritional composition to meet the nutritional needs during pregnancy and drink too much. Therefore, for pregnant mothers with weight loss, pregnant women’s milk powder needs to be suspended in time.To lose weight during pregnancy, it is necessary to adjust the proportion of diet, mainly a light diet. At the same time, it is used to cooperate with appropriate exercise exercises to increase fat burning.

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