Asba sweet in the carcinogenic vortex: When the price is as low as a few cents per gram, the merchant owner plays a health card

After half a month of news, Asba’s "may cause cancer" boots landed.

On July 14, the World Health Organization published an article saying that the International Cancer Research Agency attributed Asba to the list of human cancer. The joint expert committee reiterated that the daily intake was 40 mg per kilogram of weight.

Member of the Chinese Society of Nutrition, Chinese Experts, Food Safety Popularization Experts, and National Senior Food Inspector Wang Silu told the Beijing Newspaper Shell Finance reporter that this conclusion will undoubtedly affect the industry.For those who often drink a lot of sugar drinks, they will increase their panic.

On the same day, a reporter from the Beijing Newspaper Search for "Asba Sweet" on Taobao showed that there were about 300 related results.Many merchants promote "food -grade sweeteners, 200 times sweetness" and "0 card sweetener". Products include pastry, wine, ice cream, and candy and drinks.As for the price, some merchants are marked with ultra -low prices, and the price of 1,000 grams is 55 yuan, which is equivalent to less than one dollar per gram.

Recently, the Asba sweet incident has heated up, and it has already stirred the sweetness market.As of July 14, there were 14 A -share sugar replacement concept stocks.Data show that from June 30th to July 14th, the total market value of 13 listed companies rose, only one decline, and the total market value of 14 A -share listed companies increased by about 8.8 billion yuan.Among them, the total market value of Rhein Biology, Boatling, and Sanyuan creatures rose 430 million yuan, 200 million yuan, and 117 million yuan, respectively.

Sweetness is equal to 200 times sugar, and merchants advertise for health low cards

On July 14, the World Health Organization published an article entitled "Asba Sweet Harm and Risk Evaluation Report: Daily Limited Eat with Eat" states that the international cancer research institution quoted "limited evidence" for human carcinogenicity,The sweetness of Asba is a list of carcinogenic cancer, and the joint expert committee reiterates that its daily allowable intake is 40 mg per kilogram of weight.

The joint expert committee concluded that the assessment data shows that there is no enough reason to change the daily permitted intake of Asba Tiantian’s weight 0-40 mg per kilogram of weight 0-40 mg.Therefore, the committee reiterates that people can rest assured to eat within a daily limit.For example, a jar of dietary drinks contain 200 or 300 mg of Asba.Then, without ingesting other sources of food, a 70 kg of adults drink at least 9-14 cans of drinks per day to exceed daily intake.

Asba is a kind of artificial (chemical) sweetener. Since the 1980s, it has been widely used in various foods and beverage products, including dairy products such as weight loss beverages, gum, brilliant, ice cream, yogurt, breakfast oatmeal, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpaste, toothpasteAnd cough potion and vitamin chew tablets and other drugs.

Shell Finance reporters noticed that many merchants on the e -commerce platform sold Asba sweets and played health cards- "low calories", "wide use", "safe and healthy", "hot taste".The Taobao shop sold 100+ in January shows that the price of "food -grade Asba sweet and sweet agent 200 times high sweetness" is 10 grams of 5.94 yuan, the amount is large, the 1,000 grams is 124 yuan, and the price of 20 kg is 2430 yuan.Essence

In the introduction of the merchant, Asbas has many advantages.This includes safe and reliable. "Asba sweet can be decomposed by the human body into three substances: Tianmenhide, phenylalanine and methanol. These three substances can be in our daily foods (such as meat, vegetables, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milkFind in category food). "

In addition, merchants publicize that Asba’s sweetness has low cost and health advantages. Because the sweetness of Asba is 200 times that of sugar, if food and beverage manufacture are replaced by sugar or some sugar, production costs can be reduced.At the same time, it is saved in the cost of raw materials and packaging, providing convenience for production operations.As a low -calorie sweetener, the calories are only 4 kcal/gm.

Zhu Danpeng, an analyst at Chinese food industry, believes: "Aside from intake and talk about carcinogenesis, there is no scientific basis. JECFA (the joint expert committee of food additives under the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization)In change, the public does not have to panic, not to mention the classification of beef and pork than Asba in the classification of carcinogens of international cancer research institutions. This announcement should be the final conclusion of the sweetness of Asba, the industryThe concerns of the end and consumer side are further eliminated, which will not have any impact on the development of the industry. "

However, Wang Silu believes that international cancer research institutions have attributed Asba to the list that may cause cancer and affect the industry.Sugar is a large category of food additives. Sweetness is similar to sucrose, but it produces less energy, or it can almost be absorbed by the human body.Asba sweet, trichlorite, and moss glycol are currently common sugar."If it is not recommended to take more, in fact, for these sweeteners, it is not recommended that everyone eat it frequently, and fresh food is safer and healthier."

Wang Silu told Shell Finance reporters that natural sweeteners and artificial synthetic sweeteners are food additives. If they are used in accordance with national standards for food additives, they can be considered that there is no safety problem.Of course, if long -term intake, it can be considered that natural sweeteners can be healthier, because natural sweeteners have long existed in nature, and their structure is more likely to be metabolized in various metabolic channels, and it will not accumulate in vivo.

Market structure changes: natural sweetener attack

As early as the end of June, Asba was listed as "a material that might cause cancer to humans", and it once ignited the "sugar concept stock".Choice Financial terminal data shows that on June 30, the stock price of 13 listed companies rose collectively. Among them, Rhein biology and bowling daily limit, and the increase of ternary creatures exceeded 9%.

In fact, the controversy of artificial synthetic sweeteners has already existed.

Chenguang Biological reported that the annual report of 2022 pointed out that due to the absence of sugar, sweetin, and Asba sweets in artificial synthetic sweeteners, the safety of human health has gradually been concerned. Its security has been concerned about the public.Add agent.With the enhancement of consumers’ health awareness, natural sweeteners and new sweeteners will gradually replace traditional sweeteners.

The Sanyuan Bio has also said in the prospectus that although there are a large number of studies that have proved their safety in Asparagus, Ansisi, and three sucrose, they have a large number of studies, but due to the inherent impression and misunderstanding of chemical products, some consumptionThose who still believe that natural sweeteners such as steglycelet glycoside, Luo Han Guotin, and mossyl alcohol are better. This is more obvious in overseas markets.

According to the ternary biological prospectus, China is the world’s largest producer of sweeteners.From 2015 to 2019, Asba’s sweet output fell year by year, with 33,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 27,000 tons, 23,000 tons, and 18,000 tons.

Chinese sweetener segment category is yield (2015 to 2019)

Asba’s sweet output has entered a downward channel, and behind it is the market structure of the sweetener.On June 30, Tianfeng Securities Research Report pointed out that as of 2022, the proportion of artificial synthetic sweeteners in the Chinese sweetener market accounted for 52%, and natural sweeteners accounted for 29%.The growth rate of natural sweeteners is faster. From 2010 to 2020, the application of global natural sweeteners in sugar products accounted for 8%to 29%.

The annual report of Sanyuan Bio also indicates the direction of the industry, saying that the proportion of artificial synthetic sweeteners has significantly reduced the trend year by year. In recent years, red moss glycols have begun to replace artificial artificially in the sugar -free beverage market.Sweetter.

At present, natural sweeteners use more sweet chrysantheonoside, and artificial synthetic sweeteners mainly include sugar, sweetin, Asba sweet, Ansai Mixi, trichloroose sucrose, and New Sweet.

In Asba’s sweet carcinogenic storm, natural sweetener companies have made public voice, saying that they have nothing to do with Asba sweet.Among them, Jiahe Food said that the company’s products did not use Asba sweet.The Rhein creature said: "The company’s core products natural sweetener is mainly extracted from sweet leaf chrysanthemum and Luo Han Guo. At present, it has established cooperative relationships with many mainstream food and drink brands at home and abroad."

The ternary creatures highly recommend their own products.The investor relationship activity records released by the ternary creature in early July stated that Asba sweet is a high -power sweetener, the price is cheap, the market size is relatively large, and it is an important member of the sweetener market.From the perspective of economy and security, downstream companies can choose trichlorite and high -quality steamed chrysanthemum (lattyididide m) to replace Asba sweet.Among them, trichlorite is still an artificial sweetener.

Today, there are not a few companies aiming at natural sweeteners.In mid-June, Rhein Biological and DSM-Firmenich signed a new agreement for cooperation in the next five years. The two parties expect that there will be continuous growth in markets such as natural sweeteners in the future.In early July, Rhein creatures said that there are two main sources of natural sweetener market growth."Sugar -free" new types of food and beverage brands The incremental market directly brought by the rapid development of natural sweeteners.Generally speaking, in recent years, the industry has basically maintained the level of double -digit growth.

However, natural sweeteners also have troubles.Among them, the price of the moss glycol industry has not ended.According to Sanyuan Bio, "The supply of red glycol in 2021, which caused more than 20 new manufacturers in 2022, and the market’s digestive capacity was about 200,000 tons. The new production capacity was about 5 times the actual demand. New manufacturers andSome old manufacturers are trying to rob the market through low -cost competition. "

In the ternary biological prediction, at least at least in the second half of next year, most new manufacturers transfer production and old manufacturers have compressed some production capacity. The supply and demand will gradually return to balance, and the price of red moss can return to a relatively reasonable level.

Beijing News Shell Financial Reporter Yan Xia

Editor Wang Jinyu Song Yuting

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