As the saying goes: "Qingming’s daughter Mo went to the grave, and the grave was cut off the maiden door." Can the daughter of Qingming Festival go to the grave?

Ancient feudal customs restricted many aspects of women, such as women must "wrap their small feet", women can’t go to school, women can’t go to the grave, etc., so that "Qingming daughter Mo Mo on the grave, cut the grave to break the maid’s house", this is the door of the grave. "The literal understanding of the sentence is that the daughter in the family is not allowed to go to the grave for her ancestors in the Qingming Festival. If you go to the grave, it is equivalent to being unfavorable to the mother’s family.Possibilities.

So as a daughter, can you go to the grave in the Qingming Festival?Where does this saying come from?Is there any reason? Come and see with the deer!

In ancient times, the thoughts of men and women were very serious, so they poisoned a number of women.Because men, as the main labor output in the family, have obvious physiological advantages, and women are generally petite, weak, and can’t do any heavy work, so their status is also very humble, and they are not allowed to participate in some major sacrifices in the family.

For example, on the grave, the ancients believed that: women went to the grave, which means that there are no men in the family, no incense inheritance, that is, the family is about to go to decline.Especially when a woman is married, it is like "splashing water" and belongs to "foreign surnames". Of course, such women are not qualified to go to the grave for their ancestors.

In addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, men are "yang" and women are "yin". If women take women to the cemetery, it is equivalent to hitting their ancestors.The impact of badness is absolutely not allowed to go to the grave.

But with the progress of the times and the progress of our thoughts, we have long abandoned those feudal "old thoughts". As a daughter, of course, we can go to the grave for our ancestors, and this is also the meaning of the grave on the Qingming Festival:Inherit the filial piety.And now many families are only children. As the only daughter, it is also understandable to go to the grave to the ancestors. As ancestors, they are also glad to see their juniors to visit them, indicating that they have not forgotten their ancestors, and they will naturally bless their families.Essence

The prosperity of the family is closely related to how many descendants, so women’s pregnancy is also a big event in the family.Wet slippery and long distance. For pregnant women, it is a kind of physical burden. The pregnancy is heavy and very hard. If you walk a long way, the fall will cause premature birth, which will also have a great impact on the fetus.

In addition, the older generation often said that this kind of yin is in this kind of gas, which has long been under this kind of aura, which is also very unfavorable to the normal development of the fetus. In addition, there are more rain in the Qingming Festival, and the situation of "Chun Chun Cold" has occurred all over the country across the country.Once pregnant women suffer from a cold, they cannot easily take medicine for the development of the fetus, so in order to avoid this, pregnant women should not go to the grave.

When people eat grain grains, they will naturally be sick. If the daughter in the Qingming Festival just caught up with the illness this year, and the body is weak, do not go to the grave again.

Because of the weakness of the body, yang is insufficient. If you go to the graveyard with a heavy yin at this time, the condition may be aggravated, and the temperature difference between the morning and evening of the Qingming Festival is greater, which is not conducive to the health of the body.Will bring back some bad things, so that the recovery period will be extended a lot.And under the condition of illness, people are in a low mood. If you go to the grave, it will be easy to touch the scenery, aggravate the psychological burden, and it will not be conducive to the recovery of the disease.

When you visit the ancestors in the Qingming Festival, they value the physical condition of the juniors more. Suberings should reinstate their ancestors without dragging the disease and supporting them to the grave when they are guaranteed to ensure their health.Rest at home, don’t go to the grave.

The matter of going to the grave is very serious and solemn, so the color of the clothes on the grave is generally dominated by dark colors such as black or gray, which can also reflect the respect and memory of the ancestors.

Therefore, if the daughter in the family goes on the grave in the Qingming Festival, she cannot make the makeup and wears exaggerated jewelry, and wears colorful clothes, because when participating in some happy collective activities, she will use gorgeous clothes to set up the atmosphere.In this atmosphere, you should not be dressed up, so the daughter wearing bright clothes will also be paid attention to the rules by relatives and friends, and the ancestors will be unhappy, because this is a manifestation of disrespecting the ancestors.As a junior, we should pay the ancestors to the grave, and we should pay special attention to the details of this aspect.

With the development and progress of the times, the feudal thoughts of the ancient "male respect and women’s humbleness" have long been abandoned. The current female status can be "top half of the sky", so as a daughter, of course, you can go to the grave for his ancestors.However, the pregnant daughter, the daughter who is weak and sick, and the daughter who dresses the flowers and dresses, and the daughter of bright colors of clothes does not recommend to give the ancestor to the grave. For physical condition considerations and respect for the ancestors, they must be avoided.

Dear friends, do you think Xiaolu said rural saying: "Qingming’s daughter Mo went to the grave, and the grave broke the maiden door." What do you think of this saying?Your daughter, will you go to the grave this year?You can discuss with Xiaolu. Leave a message in the comment area. I also hope that everyone will pay attention to the Little Deer dialect. I will share with you the latest policies of agriculture, rural areas and rural areas every day. I will also talk to you about rural, agricultural, and folk customs.

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