As soon as I signed the job contract, I was pregnant and vacated.


Some time ago, I found a very interesting news.

It is said that in a place in Shandong, a woman and the company owner signed a three -year work contract.

During the work process, everyone knows that this contract is legal benefits. After signing the contract, the company’s boss must not expel employees for no reason.

So the female employee felt fearless, and after signing the contract, she became pregnant within a few days.

In fact, pregnancy is not a big deal. If you know that normal pregnancy, you work for 3 to 6 months, or 6 months to several months.

But did not expect that after the female employee was pregnant, she asked for a paid vacation.

In other words, I am pregnant now, and the company needs to raise my child out, otherwise what happens.

After listening to the company’s owner, one is not too big. You have Zhang Liangji. I have had a wall ladder. If the employees play, the flowers are not as good as the boss played. The boss directly canceled the company.

This incident was finally enthusiastic. It was just because of this. I suddenly remembered a similar thing that I experienced earlier. I don’t remember what I did, but I was also pregnant with female employees.related.

It should be when I was in college, and I first joined a company at that time.

The so -called employment company was also for the company’s internship certificate. After working hard in this company for a few months, the boss stuck me a chapter of an internship certificate.

At that time, when we went to the company, the boss was very happy, and his faces became red and red. The company owner obviously drank more wine at the time, pointing at us that our company took a new project.

If this project is done well, you can make a lot of money this year!Not much to say, each of you is at least 5 -digit income, but if we can’t do this project, the company will go bankrupt so far.

In fact, I realized that it was because the company’s owner received a large order from a Fortune 500 company under the operation of many parties.

Although this big order is the corner material in the eyes of Fortune 500 companies, for this company, it is like a huge pie. If this project is done, the company’s net profit can be more than 1 million a year.

But because there are new projects, new employees need to be recruited, only our interns do not work.

Our intern is nothing more than playing, making some information, sorting out some forms, and occasionally printing something and taking some courier, which is similar to the work of nanny.

So the company owner recruited three employees, and as soon as the three employees joined the job, they immediately signed an employment contract.

But I did not expect that something happened next made the company owner regret it.

One of the employees said that I just joined the contract and had signed a contract, but I was pregnant. I need to wait for a vacation. Do n’t do it for me in the next period, but you need to pay me a salary of the month and month.Essence

At the beginning, the boss thought he didn’t hear clearly. When he heard it, he wanted to regret it too late, and he gave the company boss with a lot of anger.

The boss pointed at the other’s nose and said: Didn’t he asked if he was pregnant before he joined the job?

You also told me that you are not pregnant. You asked yesterday that you are not pregnant. Today, you will be pregnant after signing the employment contract. Is this speed too fast?

Because the company owner said too direct, the female employee’s face became flushed, and she simply lay on the ground and splashed.

He said on the ground and said: What is it, do you have such a big company that does not respect labor?Do you respect our related labor results?I can tell you that you want to give this salary and give it, and you have to give it.

If she is not given, she will happen.

The company owner was even more uncomfortable after hearing it. He pointed at the employee and said: We also said before we joined the job, it is not that employees are not allowed to get pregnant, and employees are pregnant and have children. This is normal.

But you ca n’t get pregnant when you enter the job yesterday, you will get pregnant after you get up today.

This project is particularly urgent. The company needs to work overtime for 6 months. After completion, you can make a lot of money, but if you do this, you are not just me, or even destroy the entire company.Employees are not dependent.

What makes the company’s owner feel uncomfortable is that all our employees are watching the fun, and no one speaks for the company’s owner.

The company’s owner suddenly felt discouraged, and that the project was a bit frustrated at the time, and the project was not done.

The company’s bankruptcy directly closed down, and there were nearly 30 employees in the entire company, all of which were not working.

I do n’t know about it later, because the old employees at that time added my friends to me before the company closed down. The old employee told me that in fact, the company owner had not come over at that time.It’s right.

However, the female employee is really true, and it is not to say that we cannot take a paid vacation. There are as many female employees in our company who are pregnant, and the boss will not say anything.

But you are pregnant as soon as you enter the job, and you have to take a paid vacation as soon as you are pregnant. This really cannot be said.

But late, it was said that the boss opened a small company, but when the small company opened the small company, he no longer recruited female employees.

First of all, at the high point of morality, we accuse all companies, the boss should not have men and women discriminating or engaging in men and women. When recruiting employees, men and women should get the same salary or the same benefits.With colored glasses.

But at the same time, we should also understand the hard work and difficulties of some company owners.

Especially for some small and medium -sized enterprises, if female employees suddenly become pregnant, they will be pregnant, and then they will take the company’s owner to raise their own children under the pretext of paid vacation.

Let’s not say anything else, so that the female employee is successful. If she really succeeds in doing this, then do you know what will happen next?

Standing from the perspective of the company’s boss, in order to maximize the benefit, in order to avoid damage to himself, will the company owner also recruit women from 24 to 30 years old or women who are suitable for pregnancy?of course not.

This will squeeze women’s living space to a certain extent.

In other words, we always say that a mouse shit ruined a pot of soup. Now this mouse shit is actually placed in front of us. Some female employees are pregnant when they enter the job.A series of show operations.

For this part of small and medium -sized enterprises, this has made some small and medium -sized enterprises, especially private companies, can not be tossed. Instead of playing with you, it is better to play with everyone. Anyway, I don’t have this money.I also want to fight for this breath.

For another part, for the business owner who can carry it, for a period of time, it is difficult for them to recruit female employees who can recruit trial marriage and pregnancy.

So when we encounter this situation, we should not just blame the boss, but also blame female employees who do such things.

The hearts are long.

After working in a company for two or three years, if you have a child, the boss will not say anything. If you are pregnant for 3 months and 6 months, if you are pregnant and have children, if you are pregnant and have children, you can reduce it as much as possible to the company as much as possible to the companyThe losses brought, the boss opened one eye and closed one eye, and would not say anything.

What is terrible is that the company’s employees are married and have children immediately as soon as they enter the job. During the pregnancy, they had a paid vacation and a long standby.

The company’s boss also has to pay basic salary, which is equivalent to treating the company’s boss as a grievance, and the boss spends money to support it.

How do you look at this matter?

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