As long as a thermometer, let the rabbit less sick, produce more, earn 20,000 more each year, buy a car in 5 years

Many netizens said that rabbits are not easy to raise, either sick, less production, low benefits, and no profit.

Yesterday, a netizen said that mastering the temperature in the house is the key to making money and the trick of making money.

1. The impact of high temperature on rabbits:

1. The impact of high temperature on reproduction, rabbits are most sensitive to the testicular of public rabbits in high temperature.Loss of spermatogenesis above 30 degrees.

The female rabbit encounters high temperature to metabolize pregnancy, and it produces large calories, which is easy to heat stroke or death.High temperature affects both feeding and normal delivery.

Such a high temperature is not good for::

Increase the cost of feeding and reducing economic benefits.

2. The effect of high temperature on growth.The most suitable temperature for rabbit is 16 degrees to 24 degrees.

Maintain the benefits of this temperature: fast waist, fast weight gain, and large profits.

Instead, the fruit is higher than 32 degrees, which not only affects the temperature regulation of the rabbit’s body temperature, but also affects the growth and longness of rabbits, but also affects the weight gain of the rabbit, reduces economic benefits, and increases the cost of breeding.

3. High temperature to female rabbits and bunny rabbits.Reduce survival and reduce breeding benefits.

4. The temperature is higher than 30 degrees, and the rabbit is easy to get sick and mold.

2. The impact of low temperature on rabbits:

1. Increase the amount of feeding, grow slowly, and reduce reproduction ability.

2. Affects the estrus of the female rabbit, the male rabbit breeds.

3, easy to obtain bacterial diseases, such as: cough, dysentery, dilute, bronchitis, etc.

Third, the rabbit’s requirements for temperature are:

1. The most suitable temperature for adult rabbits is 16 degrees to 24 degrees.

The advantage of maintaining such a temperature is:

Long -term fast, fast -growing babies, high benefits, high profits.I can earn 20,000 yuan a year, and I do n’t worry about buying a car for 5 years.

2. The best temperature for fattening rabbits is 15 degrees to 23 degrees.

The advantage of maintaining such a temperature is:

Growing strong, long and fast, large profits.Instead, it is lower than 14 degrees and higher than 24 degrees. It is not good for rabbit growth, development, and reproduction.

3. The best temperature of 1st day is 30 degrees.

The advantage of maintaining such a temperature is:

It is good for health, growth, increasing economic benefits, and earning a lot of money.Raise 40 female rabbits, scientifically raised rabbits, earn 20,000 yuan a year.Don’t worry about buying a car in 5 years.

4. The most suitable temperature on the 9th to 12th is 25 degrees to 28 degrees.

The advantage of maintaining such a temperature is:

It is good for growth, development, good economic benefits, large profits, and easy to earn thousands of yuan.

Rabbit rabbits have peers, and there is no reason for the same profit.Several measurement temperature, carefully record the temperature, pay attention to observing the changes in rabbit groups, and take timely response measures, which is one of the standardization of rabbit environmental environment.

It should be reminded that everyone must raise rabbits scientifically according to the actual situation, the actual situation of the market, my technical reality, and the actual situation of financial resources.

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