As a result of 1 person, 3 people developed!There are toxic, don’t eat

According to the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health Commission, in February 2023 (0:00 on February 1st to 24:00 on February 28), Guangdong Province reported a larger level of public health incidents from a larger level of public health.Together with the food -based diseases caused by a mixed -hook -kiss tree, 3 cases of disease occurred, and 1 case of death.

On March 16, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued food safety consumption reminders: Wet rice noodles such as river powder, intestinal powder, niches, rice noodles, as well as soaked white fungus, fungus and other foods.Toxins, the risk of poisoning increases.

Important reminder:

On the occasion of spring and summer,

Don’t pick such things, don’t buy, let alone eat!

The Meizhou Wuhua Report was a poisoning incident together, and the mixed -haired kiss tree roots were died.What is the hook kiss that causes 1 death and 3?

Hook kisses, known as "broken intestines", also known as large tea medicine. The whole plant has toxic. The main toxic substance is that the hook kiss biological alkaloids mistakenly breathe can breathe lightly, and it is fatal.5-8 leaves can put an adult, and the toxicity cannot be underestimated.

Hook kiss is common in villages, roadside, hillside grass, or shrubs. The root system of vine -shaped crawling is developed, and the root system buried in the soil is developed. It is often entangled with other surrounding plants.Such as "five -finger Maotao", "gold and silver flower" and "golden kernels" are very similar.

The clinical manifestations of hook -kiss poisoning are mainly neurological symptoms, mainly including respiratory palsy, dizziness, vague speech, muscle relaxation, resulted, visual loss, throat burning pain, difficulty in swallowingEssence

Recently hot weather

Rice yeast acid toxin such as rice noodles

Risk risk of poisoning

Recently, the temperature has changed, and the weather has gradually recovered.Wet rice noodles such as river powder, intestinal powder, noodles, rice noodles, and soaked white fungus, fungus and other foods are prone to production of rice yeast toxins in high temperature and humid weather.The risk of poisoning of rice yek -toxin toxin will increase.

Before consumption, the shelf life of wet rice noodles should be checked.Because the production process of wet rice noodles has changed, the sensory characteristics of the wet rice noodles that exceed the shelf life are still normal, and there will be no allergies such as sourness and odor, which will cause people to continue to sell or eat.Plug -in by coconut poisoning and fake monolithic bacteria and then produce rice yeast acid toxin, and the risk of poisoning after consumption will greatly increase.

At the same time, coconut poisoning fake monolm may also breed on ingredients such as hair fungus and white fungus, which will generate rice yeast acid toxin.Therefore, it should be checked before consumption of fungus and Tremella, and should not be eaten if it is found that the moisture and deterioration should be found; they should be processed in time after soaking;fungus.

Poisonous disease caused by rice yeast toxin is urgent. The incubation period is generally 30 minutes to 12 hours, and a few are 1 to 2 days.

The main manifestations are upper abdomen discomfort, nausea, vomiting, mild diarrhea, dizziness, and general weakness.In severe cases, jaundice, hepatochroma, subcutaneous hemorrhage, vomiting, hematuria, low urine, unclear consciousness, irritability, convulsions, convulsions, shock and even death, generally no fever.

Comprehensive: Guangzhou Daily, Guangdong Health Online

Source: Hangzhou Daily

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