Are you still waiting for the two red bars of the pregnancy test stick?Maybe these feels earlier, try not to ignore it

For women, almost everything is used to detect whether they are pregnant by using the pregnancy test stick, but the method of detecting this method can be detected until about 15 days of menstruation. The time is relatively long. ForThose couples who are in pregnancy are more anxious, especially those who have not succeeded in pregnancy for a long time are very eager. When women are pregnant, some hormone changes may also occur.No matter how stupid, wait for the two red bars on the pregnancy test stick, maybe these feels earlier,

Are you still waiting for the two red bars of the pregnancy test stick?Perhaps these feelings are earlier, try not to ignore it!

Is menstruation the first signal of pregnancy?

Many female friends believe that menopause also indicates that they are pregnant, but they may be wrong. It was not the first signal of pregnancy. It was a relatively obvious signal., But take 14 days in the next time in the next menstruation, then for a period of time in the middle, women’s bodies may change, and the signals of these pregnancy are earlier than the pregnancy test stick.Intersection

Basic body temperature is in a high state

Women with menstruation may be easy to calculate during ovulation during ovulation, but for those irregular menstruation, they may measure the daily basal body temperature to find the ovulation period and ovulation day. If women enter the ovulation period, the base temperature willRising, about 0.5 degrees Celsius, and the body temperature will slowly return to the normal level until the next menstruation. If the body temperature does not decrease when the menstruation is about to come, it may be the manifestation of pregnancy.

Chest pain, soft

It takes about a week when the fertilized eggs succeed in bed, the hormone in this process will also change, which may stimulate the chest, causing the chest pain and softness. In order to ensure that the fertilized eggs can continue to develop, the body will also secrete the body will also be secreted out.Hormone, this situation in the chest is also preparing for the baby’s breast milk in the future.


For most female friends, if you are pregnant, you may have a more obvious reaction of pregnancy, and many female friends know that they are pregnant in this way, so for most women, if you are pregnant, if you are pregnantPregnancy will occur, especially in the morning, which is more obvious in the morning, which means that it is a manifestation of pregnancy.

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