Are you still not sure if you are pregnant?With these 13 body signals, you can start preparing for pregnancy

The sixth sense of a woman is really accurate. Generally, when the first month of pregnancy is around the first month of pregnancy, it is basically impossible to feel, but there are some symptoms. These symptoms vary from person to person.If you have these feelings, you can do some pregnancy test tests, and then go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

This is a relatively common symptom of early pregnancy. Women with normal fertility age usually have normal menstruation. At that time, the menstrual period exceeded the normal menstrual period after sexual behavior, and it may be pregnant.

However, there are still many reasons that affect menstruation. It cannot be said that menstruation does not come or pregnancy. For example, work pressure is too high, endocrine disorders, and tight tests are encountered, which will cause delay of menstruation.

There will also be a few people who have the phenomenon of "pregnancy menstruation". This situation is different from the previous menstruation. It is characterized by: small quantity, short days, and light color.

Specifically, you need to do some pregnancy test test.

Because some girls’ intuition is accurate, and their judgment is correct.

Because the abnormalities you feel: maybe you have been tired recently, it is caused by having a good stomach disease, there will be symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting. It may only increase the number of toilets in the recent period.Same.

Before three months of pregnancy, many women will feel very tired. They are weak and want to sleep. They can’t afford the spirit. This is the normal phenomenon of early pregnancy. During this period, it is necessary to ensure that sleep, rest, and not too tired.

In the early stages of pregnancy, from the time of the fertilized eggs, the hormones in our body will change, the breasts will become swollen, and the nipples will become sore and sensitive.It is normal physiological phenomenon.

After a few weeks of pregnancy, you will find that there will be a thick and yellow colostrum, which is the preparation of mothers to breastfeed in the future.

During this period, you can pass through: hot compresses or gently massage breasts with your hands to promote breast development and relieve discomfort.

When I was pregnant, there will be frequent urination. The uterus gradually becomes larger in the pelvic cavity, which is compressed to the bladder to produce urine. Generally, in the first three months, the uterus will go up to the abdominal position.Try not to urinate during this period, which will hurt the body.If you have pain or other abnormalities when you urinate, you should go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the vaginal discharge increase is normal because the hormone in the body will increase, but if the vulvar itching, the leucorrhea is yellow, there is a odor. At this timedevelopment.Therefore, you should change your underwear during pregnancy and pay attention to hygiene.

Many expectant mothers always feel hungry after pregnancy, and their appetite will change. Now those who love to eat now will become unwilling to eat. I have eaten food once, and I don’t want to eat it for the second time, and some people still loveEat sour.

The best thing during this period is to eat whatever you want, there is no need to control your own amount, and during this period, it is best to be light and easy to digest.Eat some.

During this period, sometimes I suddenly hungry. It is best to carry some food with you, and you should not eat more each time, you should eat less.

Dizziness can worry many people. On the one hand, it is caused by the uterine swelling meeting to compress the blood vessels in the legs, such as when you go up and down the stairs; after sitting for a long time, etc., these will dizzy, and it may be severely fainted.

On the other hand, the baby is mainly used to absorb nutrients with blood sugar in your body. When you are hungry, you will dizziness. At this time, you need to eat some healthier foods, such as: apples, bananas, yogurt, etc.Essence

There will be some pigmentation during pregnancy, and it will look more rosy and brighter than usual.

After pregnancy, the uterus will squeeze to the stomach and other organs when it is enlarged. This is the main cause of stomach pain and constipation. During this period, you can drink more warm water and eat more fruits and vegetables, which can be improved.

In the early pregnancy, most women will have the phenomenon of morning vomiting, and this is sudden. Sometimes this happens in public places, which will inevitably be embarrassing.What we need to pay attention to during this period is to maintain a good mood; ensure sufficient sleep; during this period, if you want to eat what you want, there is no need to restrain; you can eat some foodIt will be very helpful.

During this period, it is particularly sensitive to the smell. Even some perfume or scent of meals may cause vomiting. This is a normal phenomenon, which is caused by the increase in estrogen in the body.

After 3-6 days after fertilization, when the fertilized eggs began to bed, slight bleeding caused by "bleeding in bed", but this is not something everyone will appear, but some people will appear.

If you find that you are already pregnant, first of all, congratulations to the expectant mother, and usually pay attention to your body.

Question today: Is your sixth sense of accuracy when you are pregnant?Welcome to discuss.

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