Are you pregnant during lactation?Don’t be afraid, you can breastfeed easily

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Can I breastfeed during pregnancy?Some people say yes, some say no.

Let’s talk about everyone’s concerns about breastfeeding during pregnancy!

1q: Will breastfeeding cause miscarriage or premature birth?

A: Breastfeeding during pregnancy does not increase the risk of abortion or premature birth.

Although breastfeeding can make the mother’s body release oxytocin, the amount of oxytocin is very small, which is not enough to induce regular contractions.Oxycin is also released during the orgasm during pregnancy, but sexual life during pregnancy is also safe.

In addition, before the birth of the pregnancy, the uterus has no oxytocin receptor, so even if there are large doses of oxytocin, the uterus will not receive an oxytocin signal to generate contractions because there is no receptor to accept signals.

Only the following situations will consider breastfeeding during pregnancy:

▲ Mom once had a history of abortion and premature birth

▲ There are high -risk factors in this pregnancy

▲ This pregnancy has symptoms of threatened abortion, such as vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain

▲ My mother has severely decreased due to breast milk feeding

2Q: Mom is pregnant, breastfeeding, is nutrition enough?

A: If the mother consumes a nutritional balance of food and a full rest, it can take care of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is recommended that Dabao adding supplementary foods if you have been adding supplementary food for more than 6 months, and the mother increases 500 calories per day on the basis of normal diet during pregnancy.If Dabao is a baby with pure breastfeeding within 6 months, you need to take an additional 650 calories every day based on normal diet during pregnancy.

In addition, even during early pregnancy, mothers can’t eat too much food or worry about the baby’s nutritional problems.Because the body will prioritize the growth and development needs of the baby in the uterus.

3Q: During pregnancy, the increase of hormones of mothers will cause premature premature sex?

A: During pregnancy, the estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and oxytocin in the mother will increase, hormones may enter breast milk, but the amount of milk entering the milk is very small, which will not affect the health of Dabao, and it will not lead to premature precocations of Dabao.

Although breastfeeding is safe for most mothers, the mother will still face more challenges.

Nipple pain

About 75%of mothers will have this problem during breastfeeding during pregnancy.Because pregnancy will make the nipple sensitive, when the baby eats milk, the mother may feel the nipple discomfort

Copy method: Adjust the milk posture and try to make the baby deep as much as possible.

Milk change

In the middle of pregnancy, the mother’s milk will turn colostrum, the amount of milk decreases, and the milk taste becomes salty.

Council: To meet his demand for milk according to the different ages of Dabao, especially less than six months, it is still a baby with pure breastfeeding.The weight growth.


Breastfeeding during pregnancy may increase early pregnancy reactions, especially when milk array occurs.

Council: Don’t let stomach space, often eat a snack.Do something else when breastfeeding, such as chasing the drama and distinguishing the attention may be helpful.


Breastfeeding may increase the fatigue of mother during pregnancy.

Council: You can try to lie down and breastfeed. If Dabao is already a learning step, discuss with him to reduce the number of breastfeeding times and shorten the lactation time.

Having said so much, it seems that breastfeeding is still very hard during pregnancy. In addition, is there any benefit?If you are pregnant during breastfeeding, do you want to persist?

Many mothers also want to insist on breastfeeding after pregnancy. The main reason is that the baby is deprived of the power of breastfeeding because of the arrival of his younger brother or sister. In addition, many babies are difficult to guide milk because they are young.

And breastfeeding during pregnancy will also bring additional benefits. For example, when the baby is born, the mother’s milk will be more sufficient. Baby Baby can also help the mother to alleviate the problems of physiological raising milk, blocking milk, etc.Both will be rewarded.

Well, I believe this article has answered your concerns about breastfeeding during pregnancy, and also tells you the challenges and response methods that you might encounter during pregnancy.

In the end, if you are pregnant during lactation, do you want to continue to breastfeed Dabao? You still have to be determined by you and Dabao.If you don’t want to continue breastfeeding and want to get milk, please do it gently and step by step.

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