Are you going to get married when you are pregnant?Girls I advise you to be a bit sober, pregnancy and marriage have no necessary relationship

Author | Orange Win

Couples are in love, especially those who do not take safety measures for living together. It is easy to accidentally get pregnant. Most people repeatedly tangled on the issue of two people on the marriage. Of course, most of these people are girls.Girls remember not to get pregnant first, and the relationship is unstable. Even if you talk about love for several years, you can sure that he will always be good to you and want to marry you?What if one day I encounter something, it suddenly changes?Once an accident occurs, you will become very passive. Do not get yourself into such a dilemma.So what should I do if I get pregnant?I think I should still look at the situation:

Some boys have not planned to marry you, and he has just graduated for a few years. He has a unstable work, has average economic strength, has not yet settled in house cars.There is no sense of responsibility to enter the marriage. In this case, you know that your first reaction is that you must break the child, because he knows that he has no economic ability to afford a family and has no sense of responsibility to the family.He always gives priority to himself. You do n’t have any benefit for him, so you will ask you to remove it. During this time, there are many mouthfuls to coax you, but he has been telling you that this child can’t want it. Such a man is even in the child.I marry you under pressure, and you are not happy, because the two are not based on love and longing for marriage life. If the two have a lot of uncertainty and confusion about their future, is it necessary to be pregnant?Be careful to get married.

But some boys feel that since they are pregnant, it is God’s care, and it is not good to get rid of your body. It is better to put the marriage on the agenda as soon as possible. Such a man has a plan for your future.He wants to marry you, but the child’s arrival has accelerated the process of marriage.The correct attitude should be to immediately plan the specific content of marriage and children, such as how to communicate with your parents, obtain understanding and agree to the marriage, when to get married, who takes care of you during pregnancy, where is the birth of a child, where the confinement is, where is the confinement, where the confinement is, where is the confinement, where the confinement is, where is the confinement, and where is the confinement.Who will bring your child a few years before your birth will affect your work. If you affect who is responsible for making money, who sacrifice his work to take care of the child, all of this costs, where do these costs come from?

Marriage not only depends on whether both of you are in love, but also depends on their own conditions and whether the other party is suitable for you. I think these will take time test.When you are pregnant, you may not be responsible for your own body, and to the baby in the stomach.If the two have talked for many years, they have reached the point of marriage and marriage, and getting married when they are pregnant is a cake.Therefore, there is no opposition to pre -marital sex, but girls must protect themselves, and boys must also protect their loved ones. Without a pregnancy plan, they must take correct contraceptive measures.

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