Are those diet taboos really reliable during pregnancy?Real attention should be these 5 types of food

After pregnancy, I may have heard a lot of diet taboos during pregnancy. For example, you ca n’t eat crabs, otherwise you will have a miscarriage, you ca n’t eat longan and barley, otherwise you will bleed or have a miscarriage, you ca n’t eat rabbits, otherwise children will have rabbit lips, etc.There are no rumors.Is the diet during pregnancy, do you really have no taboos?In fact, it is not. The following five types of food still need to be vigilant and attention.

1. High risk

During pregnancy, infection can cause serious consequences such as miscarriage, death, and newborns infection. Therefore, all high -risk foods of Liszto should be avoided during pregnancy. These high -risk foods containing Lisne bacteria should not be eaten during pregnancy.Such as: cold cooked chicken, now eat salad, raw seafood, soft ice cream, etc.

2. High -risk food in Salmonella

Salmonella infection can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. Although the risk of infection will not increase the risk of infection during pregnancy, it may lead to abortion in rare cases.All kinds of bean sprouts, such as soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, Dutch bean sprouts, radish buds, purple flower buds, cauliflower buds, onion buds, buds, etc., can contain Salmonella and E. coli.These bacteria can exist in the seeds of germination of bean sprouts, so it is almost impossible to remove it by washing.

3. Food rich in animal -derived vitamin A

During pregnancy, animal -derived vitamin A may cause faults, animal liver, animal liver as raw materials, and cod liver oil to contain a large amount of vitamin A, so you need to pay attention to avoiding it during pregnancy.

4. Drinks containing caffeine

Caffeine is not clear about the health risk of the fetus, but it may increase abortion, low birth weight, and risk of dead tires.In addition to coffee and tea, caffeine also exists in cola, chocolate, and functional drinks.Caffeine can be passed to the fetus through the placenta. It has no uniform conclusion on the health risk of the fetus, but for safety reasons, the daily caffeine intake of pregnant mothers should be controlled within 200 mg.

5. Alcoholic drinks

Drinking during pregnancy may cause abortion, and fetal alcohol syndrome occurs after premature birth and fetal birth.

There are many different ways to spread the taboo mouth in the people:

First, it is said that donkey and rabbit meat cannot be eaten at all.Because eating these will cause children to crack or form a irritable temper.

Second, do not eat sweets, chocolate sugar, etc.Because the human body also needs a lot of calcium when absorbing sugar.So in fact, many mothers are caused by it during pregnancy.Similarly, if calcium deficiency, it will affect the development of fetal teeth and bones.

Third, longan cannot be eaten.Because Guiyuan can make pregnant women get angry, dry diseases are too good for pregnant women.

Fourth, eat as little black fungus as much as possible.Although black fungus is a good fungus food, it also has the effect of nourishing the stomach and protecting the stomach. At the same time, it also has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is still not conducive to the stable development of the baby in all aspects.

Fifth, barbecue cannot be eaten.It may cause carbon monoxide produced during the barbecue process of pregnant women and fetuses and poisoning.

Sixth, cold fruits cannot be eaten.If pregnant women eat too much cold food, after the fetus is born, there will be hidden dangers of varying degrees. If it is a baby baby, the baby’s kidney will not be very good.etc.

Are these claims really correct?

In fact, not all right.During pregnancy, many things can be eaten and can be done. For diet, there is no need to be taboo, and a small amount is okay. As long as you adhere to the basic principles of supplementing nutrition during pregnancy, you must comprehensively and balanced various nutritional nutritional nutrients.And based on the results of the nutritional examination during pregnancy, a targeted supplement.In the final analysis, no matter what you eat, you must match the balance and take the appropriate amount.

Similarly, in addition to avoiding mouth during pregnancy, there are many mother -in -law who will let pregnant women eat more. I always feel that eating too much baby will grow strong. If you eat vitamin, vitamin is indeed a good thing, but you can eat it, but you can eat it.More more is often counterproductive.Vitamin A hits the vitamin A, too much intake can lead to poor premature birth and fetal development.Can’t you draw this, isn’t it?

Others say that they cannot take pregnant photos during pregnancy, because the astigmatism lamp will damage the fetal eye development of the fetus, causing the fetus to form eye diseases such as amblyopia and pseudo -myopia after birth.This is all incorrect statements, and the impact of astigmatism on babies has little effect.Do you also heard that my mother can’t apply skin care or makeup during pregnancy?Do you have to be a yellow -faced wife when you are pregnant?The answer is definitely impossible, and pregnancy does not prevent you from becoming beautiful!Although some cosmetics contain chemicals that are not suitable for pregnant women, natural skin care products and some cosmetics can also be used normally!So when you are pregnant, you can also be beautiful!

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