Application was asked to resign for pregnancy, but it was too difficult to mother in the workplace

In 2020, my country’s total fertility rate fell below the alarm line. This year, representatives of all parties were trying to improve women’s willingness to fertility.

However, these two days of the news that "applying for the active resignation of pregnancy", like a scoop -like cold water, once again wiped out the fertility willingness of women to have a high fertility.

The living environment of contemporary mothers in the workplace is really difficult.

Application is required to resign from pregnancy to take the initiative to resign

Recently, some netizens left a message on the local leader of the People’s Daily Online that they went to a hotel to apply for themselves because they were married and were not nurtured.

After the incident was exposed, the relevant departments quickly shot. Mommy can only say that it is beautiful!

In fact, this kind of thing is not an example. Many units are not friendly to women of childbearing age.

Not long ago, a woman in Zhengzhou was 7 months pregnant for leave, but was fired.Ms. Li, who worked in a company in Zhengzhou, found that there were ovarian cysts in the body during pregnancy and needed surgery.

During her hospitalization, she repeatedly asked the company to ask for leave, but the company’s personnel asked her to stop her salary. After Ms. Li refused, she received the company’s dismissal notice.

Pregnancy means unemployment. Which woman dares to get pregnant?

The survival dilemma of the workplace mother

The unmarried unprofitable is highly discriminated. In fact, even the mother who has already had a survival environment in the workplace has not been good.

The Beijing Morning Post, a meaningful "Unforgettable Mother’s Day", completely reveals the hidden rules encountered in the workplace mother at one time:

"Unforgettable Mother’s Day" uses humorous techniques to expose the dilemma of mothers in the workplace in this society.

Many chicken soup told the mother -in -law that you can go to the workplace to achieve a perfect balance of work and family. In fact, the company feels that you are an incompetent employee, and your family feels that you are an unqualified mother.

After the woman is pregnant and has a child, the boss will post these tags on her: they will often take leave, work without energy, and low cost performance.

Therefore, it is better to drive away in disguise and recruit people. The data shows that 11.6%of the workplace mothers are transferred or reduced their salary during the wedding stage.

Once a woman is pregnant, she may be eliminated for the embarrassment of the workplace, and Yao Chen has experienced it.

She said in a Star Sky speech that after she gave birth to two children in 5 years, she found that she was eliminated by the market when she returned, and she could not take the script acting.

The title of "Mother of the workplace" sounds simple. In fact, their lives are full of hardships and challenges.

In this era of rapid development, it is really difficult for a woman to have children.The times will not stop because you are pregnant and have children, and the workplace will not be tolerant of you because you are a mother, and the family concept of family and family thinks that bringing children is the duty of women.

The mother of the workplace is in the gap between work and family, and she is struggling to survive.

It is not easy to be a mother, even more difficult to be a workplace mother.

Everyone is praising her mother’s love, but she cannot tolerate a mother who must take care of the family and work at the same time.Mom is not a superman. Without the ability of three heads and six arms, their dilemma needs to be seen.

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