Any unmarried can be registered, what can be noisy?

On January 30, the Sichuan Health and Health Commission issued a policy interpretation of the "Administrative Measures for Sichuan Province’s Maternity Registration Service", of which "the restrictions on the cancellation of marriage registration" also appeared on Weibo hot search.

"Measures" triggers discussion for the whole people.

Earlier, obtaining fertility registration must hold a legitimate marriage certificate, and the new "Measures" in Sichuan Province not only canceled the restrictions of the remaining quantity and simplified the requirements for fertility registration, but also canceled the limitation of whether the registration object was married.The focus of fertility registration is transferred to fertility willingness and fertility results to return to population monitoring and fertility service. "

In other words, a single or unmarried child has been recognized by law, but many controversy began to appear: Why is this "method" released at this time?What impact will it bring?

Unmarried registered fertility

Protect single mother

As early as 2021, the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Guiding Opinions on Improving the Maternity Registration System", which proposed to streamline the matters of maternity registration and improve and strengthen related services.

It can be seen that the management measures issued by the Sichuan Health and Health Commission are follow -up of the "Guiding Opinions on Improvement of Maternity Registration System" by the National Health and Health Commission.In fact, Sichuan Province is not a precedent for cancellation of marriage restrictions on maternity registration. Earlier, Guangdong, Hunan, Anhui, Shanghai and other places have successively opened the mouth of unmarried fertility registration.

Unmarried fertility registration has a precedent in Guangdong, Hunan, Anhui, Shanghai and other places./Japanese drama "Mother"

For example, on December 25, 2020, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau announced that the "family planning review matters" withdrawn from the community affairs acceptance service center acceptance list to cancel the family planning review form, that is, the restrictions on maternity insurance for unmarried women have been opened.

In 2022, an interpretation of the "Administrative Measures for the Registration of Maternity Registration of the Guangdong Provincial Health and Health" published by the official website of the Guangdong Health and Health Commission wrote: "With the implementation of the" three -child fertility policy "Cancellation, citizens (including more than three children) can apply for maternity registration, and the connotation and requirements of the fertility registration system have changed greatly.And perfect. "

There is no doubt that unmarried fertility registration is one of the policies to promote fertility, but its significance is not only here.Gao Mengyang from Shanghai Nakajima Law Firm told the reporter of the New Weekly: "Even if there is no adjustment, non -marriage children’s hukou, rights protection, etc. are a problem that exists in reality and cannot be avoided.The process, allowing non -marriage children to register in time, make the welfare of women and children in the subsequent more convenient, and it is more convenient for the next child to go to the household registration. "

For a woman who is not married, the successful registration of fertility is also the only way to enjoy the legitimacy of fertility.The so -called maternity insurance is one of the "five insurances" in "five insurances and one gold", including maternity medical expenses (medical expenses in pregnancy, childbirth) and maternity allowances (maternity leave wages).Previously, no maternity registration means that maternity insurance cannot be used.

However, with the opening of maternity registration in many places, unmarried mothers want to use maternity insurance and only need to register.In Xiaohongshu, Shenzhen single mother Hu Mei shared her experience of doing maternity insurance and enjoying the medical insurance payment.

In March 2022, the single Hu Mei found that she was pregnant. In the process of communicating with Baoma, she found out that if the "maternity insurance registered registration" was processed, many costs could be reduced during the production inspection and maternity process.

After the maternity registration on the mobile phone applet, she got a registration certificate, which reads "Unmarried Registration". With this maternity registration, she can apply for "maternity insurance registration", and then conducts the hospital for inspection in the hospital for inspection and construction.After that, you can use maternity insurance.It can be said that with maternity registration, production examinations, maternity medical care, etc. can save a lot of money.

After canceling the marriage registration, a series of procedures for single mothers will give their children a household registration and school, which also provides a lot of convenience.

Maternity protection is related to the personal interests of single mothers./Movie "Spring Tide"

On January 30, the staff of the Red Star News connection Sichuan Provincial Health and Health Commission’s Popularity and Family Division, the response obtained by the response confirmed this statement:

The processing registration is to ensure the better development of maternal and child services and ensure the effective monitoring of the local population on the local population.The "Measures" is not encouraged to not get married and have children, but to ensure the rights and interests of the "unmarried first pregnancy", so that they can enjoy some maternal and children’s health care services after fertility registration.

In September 2022, Yang Fan, a researcher at the Population and Development Research Center of Renmin University of China and director of the Department of Population Science, wrote an comment article on the prerequisite for the localization of "whether marriage" as a prerequisite for maternity registration-Is the heart of the people ".

Yang Fan believes that as long as they are children, they should be processed and can apply for fertility registration, and they will enjoy equal fertility services.This fully reflects the tolerance of fertility policies, has an opportunity to be equal, benefits, and respects the diversity of the autonomy of fertility decisions and the diversity of fertility. It reflects the value orientation of fertility friendly with policy tolerance.

Worried about liberalizing unmarried fertility registration

The marriage anxiety of young people is refracted

In fact, in the face of changes in the management of maternity registration, there is a voice that cannot be ignored -Does this mean that "illegitimate children can divide the property in a murmur"?

In TV dramas and novels, illegitimate children often appear in the plot of the illegitimate son. For example, Zhang Ailing’s novel "Love in the City", the actor Fan Liuyuan, as a wealthy illegitimate child, became a heritage contender after his biological father’s death.

The inheritance of illegitimate children and property is a classic plot of TV series and novels./TV series "Love in the City"

The so -called division of property is about the issue of inheritance.

But in fact, regarding the inheritance right of non -marriage children, Gao Mengyang of Shanghai Nakajima Law Firm told the reporter of New Weekly that whether it was the previous "Marriage Law" or the current "Civil Code", it stipulated that non -marriage children and marriageBorn children enjoy the same inheritance right.

In other words, the restrictions on the removal of childbirth registration in Sichuan this time are not directly related to the property of the illegitimate child.

But why are people so anxious?Fundamentally, the strong response to Sichuan fertility registration management measures reflect the uncertainty and insecurity of the new generation of young people on marriage and fertility.The influence of individualism and the hidden economic problems behind marriage are the reasons why young people have anxiety about marriage and childbirth.

The new generation has different thinking about fertility and marriage./Movie "Broken Woman"

With the diversification of social value orientation, people have the right to choose to get married and not marry. Of course, there is also the right to choose unmarried fertility. The amendment to the management of maternity registration has played a role in protecting the rights and interests of unmarried pregnant women and respecting individual fertility choices.It should be regarded as a kind of social progress.

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