Ann Dad tells you what to do if the dog is anorexia

Dogs picky, anorexia, and even refusing to eat. There are many reasons, and they need to attract enough attention from the owner.Improving the diet of dogs and developing a healthy diet will make dogs healthier and happy.

Under what circumstances, dogs are anorexia?

1. Responsibility

The estrus will make the dog anxious, and it will be more absent -minded when eating.If it is a mother, the loss of appetite may be due to pregnancy.

2. Teeth, oral lesions or damage

Due to the discomfort in the mouth, the dogs are more laborious when swallowing food, so they don’t want to eat.

3. get sick

Disability caused by trauma, illness, and connection surgery will cause dogs to lose appetite.If you are accompanied by a cold, fever, continuous vomiting, and weakness of your mind, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Vulnerable stomach

Gastitis or indigestion will significantly reduce appetite, while causing symptoms such as bloating, soft stools, and dilutes of dogs.

5. Change teeth

Dogs have entered the teeth change period since the age of March, and the gums are painful and itchy, causing not to eat.

6. Monurable food

Dogs have a poor appetite because of long -term consumption of taste and single dry food.

7. Drug effect

After the dog injection vaccine or taking other drugs, the dog will have a drug reaction to become unwilling to eat.

8. Seasonal anorexia

Especially in summer, in the environmental and humid environment, dogs may not be interested in foods that they usually like.

9. Depressed

Dogs also have rich emotions and personality.Sometimes because there is no one in the middle and long -term home, the lack of outdoor exercise is low, and the appetite is reduced.

10. A anorexia, picky eaters, and refusal due to the owner’s wrong behavior.

① Feed too much for dogs.

② The dogs are free to eat, and the rice bowl is too close.Eating is easy to lose interest.

③ When the dog does not eat, repeatedly use action, sound, advice, and intimidation to seduce the dog to eat.

④ When the dog’s appetite is not good, seduce with cans and snacks.

⑤ Frequent human food.

How to improve the dog’s picky food, anorexia, and refusal?

1. Hunger treatment

Stopping for a while, let the dog feel hungry, increase expectations for dog food, and increase appetite.

2. Reduce the attraction of snacks

Reduce snack feeding and let the dogs concentrate on eating, and the dog bite the glue and replace it with unsatisfactory.

3. Develop good and regular eating habits

Timing, quantitative feeding, fixed dining plate location.The dog immediately withdrew immediately without eating one minute and trained patiently.

4. Appropriately increase the amount of exercise

After the amount of exercise is increased, the dog’s appetite will become strong.

5. Feeding more and more attractive dog food

For dogs, bright and fresh ingredients and rich tastes can enhance the dog’s appetite.

6. Don’t chase your dog feeding

Eliminate the palms of the palms, chasing feeding does not solve the problem.

7. Cooperate with probiotics and yogurt feeding

When the dog’s stomach is fragile, the edible probiotics are added to food or water.Or with feeding a small amount of yogurt to help digestion, but it requires room temperature without sugar -free.

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