Anhui Disease Control Release During the period of infection with the new crown virus, diet advice

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Market Star News, Anhui Finance Network ( News (Reporter Ma Binglu) Is it good for drinking honey water when fever? Do you need to avoid eating eggs and meat when you have a fever?On December 18th, the reporter learned that the Anhui Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggested that they must first ensure sufficient drinking water.Replenishing water in time can ensure the moistness of the oral and airway mucosa.When the phenomenon of fever, drinking plenty of water can also speed up metabolism, so that the human body can reduce body temperature and relieve the condition through sweating and urination.It should be noted that those infected with new crown virus do not recommend drinking. Drinking will not only cause the body’s immunity to decrease, but also cause liver function damage.

Those who are infected with new crown virus are not recommended to drink alcohol

The Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds that during the infection of the new crown virus, there are also some taboos in their diet: patients should avoid excessive consumption of cold foods.Such foods can easily reduce human resistance and stimulate the stomach and intestines, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition.Grunerous foods and spicy foods should be eaten less.This kind of food can not only replenish nutrition in time, but also increase the burden on the gastrointestinal and reduce disease resistance.Those who are infected with new crown virus do not recommend drinking. Drinking will not only cause the body’s immunity decrease, but also cause liver function damage.In addition, during the new crown, patients should try to ensure diversification of diet and balanced nutrition, and eat more fruits, vegetables, and high -quality proteins to maintain the stability of their own immune system.

I heard that drinking honey water during fever is good? Anhui Provincial Disease Control Center reminds that it is indeed a reasonable choice to drink honey water without effort.Honey water contains small molecules such as glucose and fructose, and the stomach can be absorbed and utilized quickly.Adding VC, fruit juice, vegetable juice, etc. to honey water can not only replenish calories, but also increase the supply of antioxidant substances, which is better than pure honey water.

As long as your appetite has not lost, you must try as much as possible

When fever, do you need to avoid eggs and meat? The Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that the physical resistance of the new crown virus infected during the onset is relatively weak. You should pay attention to eating more high -quality protein and food rich in nutrients.Enhance physical fitness.If the appetite is not bad, you can eat it, of course, you can eat protein food, but you must not only eat fish and eggs without eating foods containing carbohydrates.

Can people with diabetes also drink porridge? During the onset, patients may choose porridge as a staple food because they can’t eat solid food.People with diabetes can generally drink porridge, but you must not add sugar when drinking porridge. It is best to choose miscellaneous grain porridge, vegetable porridge or lean porridge.This can maintain physical energy without worrying about the blood glucose index.

Severe appetite is not affected during high fever. Is this normal? Good appetite is a good thing. It is very important to give enough energy when fighting with the virus.As long as the appetite is not lost, try to eat as much as possible.Don’t let the immune system fight hungry.The Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds that in addition to ensuring nutrition and energy, we must pay attention to rest and keep their mood comfortable.

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