Angelababy is going to be born, and I still have a big stomach in the early morning to see the Ferryman

Angelababy has never stopped after pregnancy. Huang Xiaoming is where Angelababy goes, and there are her, but the two are indeed loving, dog food pipes are full!

On Christmas Eve yesterday, Huang Xiaoming also took Baby to watch midnight movies. After the movie was leaving, Huang Xiaoming and Baby’s ten fingers stepped out of the mall slowly, and they combined in a low -key manner to show the daily life of a model couple.

Baby, who is pregnant for 8 months, has staggered a little, and it is careful to go up and down the stairs.

However, for the baby to be facing, watching the early morning movie in the evening, and it is a bit too hard to sit for 2 hours.

Many netizens with pregnancy experience say that Angelababy is not good for the fetus. Not only is it sleeping late, but the sound of the movie theater is too noisy to hear the fetus.

Some netizens speculated that baby must be watching "Ferryman" he played

No matter what Baby looks at, I feel that BABY’s taboos since pregnancy have nothing to do with the taboos.

For example, if you are pregnant, you ca n’t wear high heels or makeup. BABY is exquisite makeup and wearing a ten -centimeter hate heaven to go to a press conference.

Then it was said that pregnant women could not watch movies. Baby went to watch the movie in the early morning.

But having said that, the young actress in the circle seemed to be pregnant.

Uranus Kun Ling is also young. In 1993, female models, for several months, she still took a selfie on Weibo on Weibo, and she was holding a small pet dog in her arms. Not only that, with ZhouDong runs together!Sure enough, young is good!

Zhang Zilin is also pregnant. Before the makeup participating in each press conference, she was her daily activities. Except for a bigger belly, there was no pregnancy. No wonder some people said that she didn’t need a belly!

Tong Liya is pregnant at a little pregnancy. Not only is she participating in the activity, she often has a big belly and bending over her body, but she also recover her good figure quickly after giving birth!

For young Pu Liya, she can easily bend her back, but it is not necessarily the same for the older actress.

Take a look at Xu Ruoyu, because he is too old, the elderly mother, when the stomach is big, I have been lying on the bed. It is several months for a while, and the photos I posted every day are like this.

It’s all the shots

The same is true for Big S. It is exaggerated to deformation. It is said that it is said that it has been temporarily amnesia for a period of time after giving birth to baby. I do n’t know anything.

And the previous two days, the big S had cut myself as a treasure and no one could touch the hair, which was incredible!

Netizens speculate that it is estimated that there is a child with a child’s hair loss. No wonder it is so strange to watch the hairline of the big S hair.

The elderly maternal Yi Nengjing is no exception, because she is too old and always wants to have children. How difficult she is going all the way is that only she knows it, and she was taken by many paparazzi because of her pregnancy.The actress of idol baggage is also a kind of pressure. Later, she still shared the bitter journey of her pregnancy on the Internet, which made people very worried.

So, to say so much, let’s say a truth, that is, pregnancy should be early!

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