An annoying person, acne during pregnancy, is male treasure weird?

Acne, commonly known as acne, acne, acne, is a rare dermatology.According to scholar statistics, 95%of men in adolescence, 85%of women suffer from acne at different levels, so everyone calls it "acne" very appropriate.However, some pregnant women have grown acne during pregnancy, which makes them very worried.

As long as all pregnant women are abnormal in their bodies, they are worried about whether they have something to do with pregnancy, whether the body has shortcomings, or whether the fetus in the belly has a problem.So is there something wrong with acne during pregnancy?

In fact, acne is a skin disease that some pregnant women will suffer.Its seizures can be related to the increased hormone level in the body after pregnancy.Coupled with boring climate now, it is easy to cause skin boring.The skin is boring and the stratum corneum is uneven, which will cause old waste horn residues, horny block pores, and then breed bacteria and grow acne.

In addition, pregnant women will have a certain level of endocrine disorders, disorders of secretion, causing lutein to increase, and increase sebum secretion.The skin is in a state of restlessness, the resistance of the keratin becomes weakened, and acne broke out.Many pregnant women’s acne not only grow on the face, but also can spread on the back and chest.As for the fetus in the stomach, there is no problem.

Some pregnant mothers did not dare to go out because they had acne on their faces. They felt unable to see people and wanted to treat.But the older generation did not allow treatment, because they thought that there was acne on the face of pregnant women, indicating that the fetus was a male treasure.

In fact, long acne during pregnancy may not necessarily have a boy. Any problems with skin attacks have nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.There are many pregnant women with acne during pregnancy, and the babies and girls who are finally born.And if you want to treat, do not use medicines that treat acne at will. Some drugs contain hormones. This hormone can cause congenital defects in the fetus in the stomach."How can pregnant women change correctly?

Pregnant mothers can use some antibiotic treatment to relieve the symptoms of acne.In addition, pay more attention to diet and life.For example, eating more zinc -containing foods, because zinc can increase resistance, decelerate protein decomposition and cell regeneration, many foods containing generous zinc, such as corn, lentils, soybeans, radish, mushrooms, nuts, liver, scallops, etc.

Milk is the first choice for calcium supplement, and eat more foods with more vitamin content.Pay special attention to supplement vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E.Because vitamin A has a regeneration effect on the skin.In collaboration with zinc, it can not only inhibit the hyperplasia of epithelial cells and excessive keratinization of hair follicles, but also regulate the secretion of sweat glands, and increase the corrosion of the skin to the skin."

Pregnant mothers should try not to touch the acne on the face with their hands, and their diet is as greasy as possible. Do not eat spicy foods, ensure the regular schedule, drink more water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.The acne on the top will deteriorate.

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