American men are naturally pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby boy!"He" is a male or female?

Men’s pregnancy, what happened only in the movie, actually happened in Los Angeles, USA in October 2020.A man named Bernet Casphams not only conceived the child, but also successfully gave birth to a baby boy.This unheard of male pregnant incident has caused a sensation in the United States and even the world.Is this a scientific breakthrough or a mutation of biology?How can men pregnant and have children?What happened to Bernett?

Bened’s growth process is very different from ordinary people. When he was adolescent, he realized that his physiological gender and his psychological gender did not conform to it.When he was childhood, he had been raised by his parents as a girl. He would sing and dance with the girls, and also practiced empty hands with the boy.Belnett has never set a psychological gender for himself. He lived happily and freely in childhood.

But when he grew up, his breasts began to develop, and he had to start wearing underwear.Deep in his heart, he rejected underwear, so when he came out, he always took off his mother with his mother, and put on the underwear before returning home.For him, underwear is not a shame of adolescence, but the restraint of a free soul.Hate underwear implies Belnett’s change in gender.

However, with the development of adolescence, his throat knot became more and more obvious, and his face even began to grow on his face.By the age of 18, his voice changing period also started, his voice became thicker, and his beard became more dense. His body began to present male characteristics at the same time.The changes in this series made Bernett’s controversy when he was in school, so his parents decided to take him to see a doctor. Passing a series of examinations, he was determined to be a bisexual person.

After being diagnosed, Bennett was very entangled. In the past ten years, he has been living as a girl, but his heart has always felt that he was a boy. After several struggles, he told his parents that he wanted to be a male man.child.Parents who learned the results were also shocked, but after consideration and discussion, they decided to respect their children.

After discussing the family, Bernett decided to transform his gender through hormone therapy in 2014, which is what we often say.He wants to be a man.

In 2015, Bened spent $ 5,000 to remove his breasts, which is a kind of liberation for him and what he must do.After removing the breast, Bente’s appearance is closer to men.In addition, he did not perform surgery about the lower half, but he had been treated with testosterone hormone.Until two years later, he met the person who changed his life.

In 2017, Bened met Malik in his life, and the two of his loved ones married in 2019.The happiness of marriage made these young couples have the idea of wanting their children.Because Bente did not perform the second half of the operation, he could be a mother as long as he stopped the treatment of testosterone hormones.

Bente and her husband began a person -making plan in March 2020.Fortunately, they tried it for a short time and gave birth to a baby through natural pregnancy.But when Bernett received medical care in the hospital, his gender was often recognized by the nurse. They smiled and called him mother or lady.Because he looked no different from men, thick beard, flat chest.But because his belly became big and round, he became his mother and lady.

The crystallization of the two came to this world in October 2020.This is a special gift from Heaven to Bened, and Bente and his husband Malik named their son Hudson.

Bened’s story once again aroused discussion of bisexuals. Was the bisexuals belong to men or women?

Bisexuals can be defined as men and women in biology. They have both ovaries and testicles. They can become fathers or mothers.They can be men and women in appearance, and their breasts will develop and have menstruation, but they also have male characteristics such as beards.

The origin of the bisexual people must start with the mother’s belly.When the mother is pregnant, people can know the gender of the child.The development of gender sex is as important as the other body development of the child.During the embryo period, children will be affected by hormones and divide them into men and women.About seven weeks of embryonic development, some will be affected by the determination gene of the male gender -SRY genes on the male gender on the Y chromosomes to differentiate the testicles.The testicles will secrete testosterone and bi -hydrogen testosterone to help form the formation of masculine organs and tissues in the embryo; and some embryos will not be affected by SRY genes because the chromosomes are XX, so they will develop into women.

There are also some people that the SRY genes on the Y chromosome have mutated or swapped in some special circumstances, and the sry gene has been transferred to the X chromosome.If the sperm’s Y chromosomes lack the sry gene, then the XY nuclear type but grow and develop into a descendant of women.If the pitch’s X chromosomes carry SRY genes, they will bred a child who manifested as a male but a nuclear type is XX.Some children will develop into boys or girls, while some are being cared for by God to develop into patients and women who are difficult to distinguish between men and women, which is what everyone calls bisexuals.

Due to the particularity of bisexuals, they have always been discriminated against in history.Since the period of ancient Greece and Rome, people’s views on bisexuals are mostly negative.The Greeks and the Romans regard bisery as a sign of disaster.

Western thought has been influenced by Christianity during the Middle Ages, and rejection culture is the mainstream thoughts in Christianity.The bisexual person is that special case for ordinary people.They are strange and their physiological structure is also strange.Therefore, Christian theologians believe that the product of bisexuals is non -natural behavior, which is a punishment for sensuality and sensuality.

Until the ancient Roman thinker Augustine began to speak for bisexuals.He believes that God’s creation of all things naturally has his arrangement.Humans cannot speculate on God’s ideas from their own point of view, and even think that God has made mistakes.God creates bisexuals, has his own reasons, and humans should respect the creation of God.


Although Volkswagen’s controversy in bisexuals has always existed, they cannot stop them from growing up very well.At the 2009 Berlin Track and Field World Championships, Semonia, who won the women’s 800 -meter championship, is a bisexual athlete from South Africa.The German bilateral personality Ronald won a tennis champion at the age of 22.Born in Poland, Varasevich won a 100 -meter gold medal in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932 and set more than 100 domestic and foreign records at home and abroad.

With excellent gender, the public should break the stereotypes of gender, treat everyone equally and respectfully.

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Author: Ivy School Manuscript Editor: Xiaowan

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