Although vomiting during pregnancy is common, you must go to the hospital in severe cases

Early pregnancy reactions, which are mainly nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal reactions, almost every pregnant woman will appear.Generally, it starts for more than 40 days, and automatically disappears after 1-2 months.There are also a few pregnant women who will continue until late. Most of them only need to adjust their diet and schedule to spend safely.

In the third trimester, the uterus gradually grew up and squeezed the gastrointestinal tract.Under the action of a large amount of hormones, gastrointestinal peristalsis becomes slower, and gastric emptying delays, especially if you eat too fast, slightly more or a little cold, it is easy to vomit, and most of them are also excessive.

Vomiting during pregnancy is too common. Generally, ordinary people do not take it seriously, thinking that it will pass.However, if the above symptoms are too serious, especially when it occurs in the third trimester, or with symptoms such as insomnia, severe fatigue, less urine, or jaundice, you must never wait for it.These so -called "gastrointestinal symptoms" are likely to be an early manifestation of certain serious diseases. Once they are delayed, they may lead to extremely serious consequences and even threaten their mother’s life.

So what are the severe diseases that are mainly manifested in pregnancy during pregnancy?

Patients with vomiting in pregnancy, nausea and vomiting symptoms are particularly serious. They often eat and vomit, spitting, and even vomiting without eating water. There are bile or coffee -like substances in their vomit.Severe vomiting can cause water loss and electrolyte disorders, and use fat in the body to accumulate acetone in the middle, causing metabolic acid poisoning, hypokalemia, not timely treatment, and even life -threatening.

Patients with significant weight loss, pale complexion, dry skin, weak pulse, decreased urine volume, and blood pressure decreased in severe cases, causing anterior acute renal failure of the kidney.

Pregnancy drama often involves the liver, and even causes severe liver damage. It is terrible that pregnancy drama vomiting may also lead to vitamin B1 deficiency, causing Wernicke’s encephalopathy (Wernicke).The increasing disorders and acute periods increased, and then gradually became dull and lethargic. Individual stiffness or coma occurred. If it was not treated in time, the mortality rate could reach 50%.Even if the rescue is successful, most of the sequelae of brain damage will be left, and the quality of life will be affected.

Most pregnant women who are vomiting in pregnancy can improve their condition after treatment and can continue their pregnancy.However, if the following situations occur, you need to consider termination of pregnancy: persistent jaundice, persistent proteinuria, increased body temperature and continuity above 38 ° C, tachycardia (≥120 times/min), accompanied by Wenik’s encephalopathy, etc.

The gynecological department of Hengshui City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital uses traditional Chinese medicine with acupoint injection and acupoint application methods to have a good effect on pregnancy drama vomiting, and escort patients during pregnancy.

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