alert!Women’s long -term perfume can lead to infertility

A woman is a beautiful animal. Many female friends want themselves, beautiful and cute, especially some female friends. In order to cover up some of the odors, they will use perfumes, but if female friends use perfume for a long time, they will cause infertility. Why is itCan the use of perfumes cause infertility?What are the causes of women infertility?Maybe look at the following introduction.

Causes of infertility using perfumes:

Perfume contains musk ingredients. Long -term contact with musk can affect pregnancy. Musk has a closed pregnancy effect and contacts with musk after pregnancy and even cause miscarriage.If a woman uses a large amount of perfume for a long time, it may be exposed to a large number of musk, which will affect future pregnancy.For women who are already pregnant, contacting musk may affect fetal development and cause miscarriage.

In addition, some women are too clean, often using famous perfumes to clean the vagina, resulting in weakening the protection function of the vagina itself, decreased resistance, causing gynecological inflammation, and also leading to infertility to a certain extent.In fact, the vagina itself has a cleaning function, and often washed with perfume, which has destroyed the balance of the vagina itself, leading to some diseases.

The reason why the five major gynecological diseases induces women infertility:

1. Causes of cervical diseases caused by female infertility: Cervix is the first pass through sperm passed. Any physiological changes can affect the passage of sperm and cause infertility.

2. The cause of vulva and vagina caused by female infertility: The vulva, vaginal quality or functional diseases affect semen or sperm.The clinical manifestations are bisexual malformations, hymen atresia, vaginal cross -section, congenital vagina without vagina, vaginal stenosis and adhesion.

3. The cause of uterine factors causes female infertility: uterine malformation, dysplasia, endometritis, uterine fibroids, uterine cavity adhesion, abnormal uterine position and endometrial dysfunction can affect the operation of the sperm and cause infertilityOr abortion.

4. The cause of endometriosis causes infertility: The cause is more complicated. The adhesion caused by the abdominal rotation endometrium causes the tubal dysfunction and the lumen is blocked; the ovarian lesions affect the normal ovulation.

5. The cause of the endometrium polyps causes female infertility: The endometrium polyps are charged with the uterine cavity, which hinders sperm and pregnant eggs and bed.The endometrium polyps are infected, changing the internal environment of the uterine cavity, which is not conducive to the survival of sperm and eggs.Combined tubal or ovarian inflammation can cause obstruction or ovulation -free infertility.

Through the introduction of the above article, we have learned that if female friends use perfumes in life for a long time, it will lead to infertility, so female friends must be vigilant, use perfume as little as possible in life, and must be during pregnancy. During pregnancy, we mustPay attention to your own life details, and female friends have to check regularly, so that preparations for prevention are made early.

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