alert!These habits will hurt your lumbar spine …

Today is "World Spinal Health Day"

The spine is the "second lifeline" of the human body

If spinal injury or spinal nerve injury

It may affect the transmission and operation of the nerves

Causes the diseases of human -related tissue systems

So what symptoms appear in the body

Maybe the alarm signal issued by the lumbar spine?

How can we protect our lumbar spine?

Take you to find out!


These signals are the lumbar spine reporting the police

1. Lumbar back pain

Lumbar spondylons are the most common and most easily detected manifestations. Generally, the parts of the pain are deep, the aggravation of the activity, the decrease in bed after rest, young people are the most common.

If the lumbar muscles and the fascia of the back, the position is relatively shallow, and the back pain can be felt. You can touch it. There may be pain when pressing, which may often be lumbar muscle strain.

2. Waist is easy to sprain

Many elderly people are prone to sting to the waist, such as bending over to take things or wash their faces, and get back pain when they get up. They are generally treated as muscle strain. In fact, it is likely to be a signal issued by lumbar disc.

3. leg pain

Lumbar spondylosis is generally manifested in one leg pain, hemp, and cold. A few people have two leg pain. Most of the lumbar disc herniation occurs.It is mainly the pain caused by lumbar disc herniation to the nerve root.

4. Spinal bending

If the spine becomes distorted left and right, even if there is no low back pain, it may be the early symptoms of lumbar spondylosis. Most of them are lumbar disc herniation to compress the nerve roots and blood vessels on one side.The intervertebral gap becomes larger in the oppression of the side, forming a side curve.

5. Waist and lower limbs chill

The lumbar disc herniation compresses the nerves, making the blood circulation poorly, causing fear of cold.


Seemingly comfortable posture

Actually destroying your waist

If the lumbar spine load is 100 when standing normally, the lumbar spine load is 100:

1. When sitting posture: the upright lumbar spine has the largest load, about 140%;

2. When lying on the side: the load of the lumbar spine is about 75%;

3. When lying flat: the lumbar spine has the smallest load, about 25%.

However, no matter whether to stand or sit, the pillar of the front leaning will greatly increase the load of the lumbar spine.When standing, the body is leaning forward, and the lumbar spine load increases to 150%; the body is leaning forward when sitting, and the lumbar spine load is close to 185%.

When the upper body is leaning, the weight of the head, torso and the upper limbs will be concentrated on the support point of the lumbar spine, and the pressure on the lumbar disc is the most.


If you want to protect the lumbar spine, these habits need to be changed

1. Siter -Don’t lie in a chair halfway

Keep the hip and knee joint 90 degrees, and the back is vertical. You can add a small cushion to the waist to keep the spine maintain a normal physiological curvature.Sit down for 1 hour to 2 hours to change the posture.If you want to sit not so tired, your waist is not so painful, the best way is to sit in the short time, and to exercise your back muscles.

2. Pick up things and move heavy objects -Don’t bend down

Don’t bend down, you should bend your knees and squat down to pick up things or move things.

3. Take a car and drive a long train -don’t take too long

It is not recommended to take a car and drive for a long time. It is best not to drive for more than 2 hours.

4. Mattress -Don’t be too soft and don’t be strong

Bed with medium sleep.If you lie down, the mattress will not have obvious depression, indicating that this mattress is more suitable for you.Don’t be too high when you sleep, and sometimes you can put a cushion below the knee to flex your legs to relax the back muscles.

5. Shoes -Don’t be too high or too flat

When walking in fine heels, your body will lean forward. Because there is no shock -absorbing buffer effect on wearing no heels and flat shoes, the weight cannot be evenly distributed on the spine, which will cause disc herniation to be damaged.Therefore, it is best to put a bow pad when wearing flat shoes; if you need to walk or stand for a long time, it is best to wear shoes with a height of 2 cm to 3 cm.


Frequent low back pain may not be caused by exhaustion

Lumbar pain refers to the pain and discomfort in the area under the rib, above the horizontal lines of the hip, and the region between the axillary lines on both sides. It can be manifested as pain on one or both sides, and sometimes pain can be radiated to the legs.

According to different time, low back pain is divided into:

1. Acute low back pain (less than 6 weeks);

2. sub -acute low back pain (6 weeks to 12 weeks);

3. Chronic low low back pain (time lasts more than 12 weeks).

There are many causes of back pain. In most cases, it belongs to non -specific low back pain, that is, low back pain caused by clear diseases.Among them, muscle skeletal pain is the main, and this kind of low back pain can be relieved within a few weeks.

What diseases may be caused by low back pain?

1. Local problems: lumbar disc herniation, lumbar degenerative diseases, lumbar spondylosis, vertebral fractures, spinal stenosis, and ponytail syndrome.

2. Systemic diseases: spinal infection, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoporosis compressed fracture, abdominal aortithic tumors, kidney/gastrointestinal/urogenital diseases and tumors.


You can do this in daily maintenance

1. Xiaoyanfei

Lie on the hard board bed or yoga pad, the face position faces down, the hands are crossed on the hips, the head and feet are lifted up at the same time, the waist is stuck to the bed, making the body reverse bow -shaped, and holds it for 5 seconds to 10 seconds.Essence

The head, hands, and legs are slowly lowered and carried out in turn. Once in the morning and evening, each group of 3 groups, 10 times each.

2.5 point support exercise method

Two feet, two elbow joints, and 5 points of the back of the head.Lie on the bed, bend your legs with your legs, hold the bed with your elbows on the back, and lift your abdomen and hips upwards.Do it in turn, once in the morning and evening, 3 groups each time, 10 times in each group.

For the elderly, it is difficult to start doing it. It can be simplified into 3 points. When practicing, 5 points are gradually formed. At 5 points, the others are hanging.

3. vertical push -up

The back is straight, the entire waist and hips are on the straight line. Do not have the movement of hips and hips.

4. Hold your knees

Lie flat on the cushion or bed to do the movement of flexion and knees. Pay attention to make your knees as close to the chest and abdomen as much as possible.Hold your knees with both hands, and then shake your hips and waist like a rocking chair. While exercising the waist strength, it can also relieve waist and back pain.

5. Stockstroke

These signals are the lumbar spine reporting the police

1. Back pain;

2. Successful waist sprains;

3. leg pain;

4. Spinal bending;

5. The waist and lower limbs are chilling.

If you want to protect the habits of the lumbar spine, you need to change it

1. Sitting -don’t lie on the chair half;

2. Pick up things and move heavy objects -Don’t bend down;

3. Take a car and drive a long train -don’t take too long;

4. Mattress -Don’t be too soft and don’t be strong;

5. Shoes -don’t be too high or too peaceful.

You can do this in daily maintenance

1. Xiaoyanfei;

2.5 point support exercise method;

3. vertical push -ups;

4. Hold your knees and roll your back;

5. Stockstroke.

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Source: Hainan Daily

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