alert!At 35 weeks of pregnancy, the child did not keep it, but because it was ignored …

Ms. Xia (pseudonym) is 35 weeks pregnant, and the whole family is looking forward to the arrival of new life.A month ago, she found that she had symptoms of hypertension, because she was worried that the epidemic had not been checked until the hospital, and eventually caused a big disaster and almost her life was not guaranteed.Fortunately, after the active treatment of the Xue Xiuzhen team of Xue Xiuzhen, the first auxiliary hospital of Henan University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University), Ms. Xia has now recovered.

Recently, Ms. Xia suddenly felt unbearable abdominal pain and was accompanied by bleeding symptoms.Three hours later, when she was sent to a local hospital by her family, she had no fetal heart, and patients with severe anemia shock and blurred consciousness.The local hospital was diagnosed with a heavy placenta early peeling and quickly performed surgery. It was found that the placenta was basically completely peeled. However, the patient had abnormal coagulation function and acute renal failure without urine.After examination, patients were found to be hyperkalemia, urine -free, and no bleeding. After correction of coagulation function, dialysis center blood filtration, etc., the patient finally turned to safety.

After questioning the medical history, the patient was in the early stage of severe eclampies when he described the first child. The pregnancy was not checked as required.He found high blood pressure 1 month ago, because he was worried that when he had risks to go out during the epidemic, he did not go to the hospital for examination.Early in the morning on the day of admission, the patient had symptoms of lower abdomen discomfort and continued to cause pain, but did not care. It was not until 3 hours later that the lower abdomen pain increased, and the bleeding was more.

"The first child was the first child was hypertension. This pregnancy should have been checked early to prevent preliminary eclampsia. However, the patient did not check in time.Abdominal pain did not go to the hospital until a lot of bleeding. "Xue Xiuzhen said that fortunately the local hospital was operated in time, but due to the long delay of the patient, the placenta was excessive and excessive bleeding, which caused the fetus to die.(DIC) serious complications such as renal failure.

Eciaration during pregnancy is severe complication during pregnancy, and it is an important cause of premature placenta peeling.Early placental peeling means that after 20 weeks of pregnancy or childbirth, the placenta in the normal position before the fetus is delivered, and some or all from the uterine wall is a common cause of bleeding in the third trimester.Once the placenta is peeled early, if it fails to find it early, most of the fetus will die in the palace, and pregnant women will also have severe complications such as postpartum bleeding, concrete dysfunction, acute renal failure, etc., and even life -threatening.

Xue Xiuzhen reminded that it is necessary to pay attention to examination during pregnancy. Those with pre -eclampsia history should prevent early prevention and detect hypertension and proteinuria early; abdominal pain and bleeding during pregnancy must not be considered.

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