Age 40+ accidental pregnancy, do you want it or not?Depressed!Trouble!This is safe …

40+, accidental pregnancy, do you want?don’t want?

Age 40, accidental pregnancy.Since the fourth day of the first month of the New Year, I posted a video and I was hospitalized.After I was discharged from the hospital, I rarely updated the videos.What happened?Lying in the hospital in the New Year, it was five days and four nights when I lay down.The reason should be reported from a HCG inspection report on January 18 that there has always been the habit of recording the date of the aunt.A star number is marked on the Taiwan calendar every month.My last menstrual period is mid -November, and I have been in mid -December for 3 days. The small amount is basically cope with the pads. There is no discomfort in the body and no special symptoms.It’s time for another month to eat, drink, drink, drink.It’s bad, January 18th, why don’t the aunt come?Otherwise, will my menopause arrive so soon?The more you think about it, the more wrong you are.Hurry up and call my mother.Hey mother, do you remember when you were menopause?My mother said it was about 55 years old, it was a normal age.You are still so young and not so fast. When you hear this, the stones in my heart finally let go, but the next second is not right.If I am not menopause, would n’t I get a recruitment?Impossible.Qiqi is 5 years old this year. Didn’t our contraceptive measures in the past do well?The fish that missed the net can also be done.So I went to the hospital with an uneasy mood and took a vein blood. As a result, the numerical value soared to more than 34,000.The doctor’s report said that you have been pregnant for more than a month. Based on your time, you will give you an order for you one month before pregnancy.Then I said that you waited for a doctor first. I can’t accept the fact that I am pregnant in this second.

My husband is 48 this year, and I am also 40.I am 40+, the boss is the middle school, the second child is in the middle of the University, the second child is 5 years old, and the second child is just 5 years old.Seeing that one year later, my second child went to elementary school, and I could live a chic and relaxed life.etc.On November, I also took the third needle of the new crown vaccine.I just dyed a hair two days ago, ready to welcome the New Year.I caught a cold in mid -December, sprayed my throat for 3 days, and I went out for dinner and drink without knowing it at all.Can I still want this child?In summary of so many sisters, do I still do n’t you want this child?

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