After two years of break -up, the ex -girlfriend was in trouble engaging scene claiming to be pregnant, and the man scolded


My name is Yang Yue, an ordinary office worker, my father is a taxi driver, and my mother is an ordinary housewife.I do sales in a foreign company, and I am busy working every day. I often go home late.

I have a girlfriend named Su Mei, a classmate of my high school, and now receives the front desk of a five -star hotel.We have been in love for almost two years, and the relationship is stable.

Two years ago, my ex -girlfriend Zhao Siyan broke up.Before breaking up, Zhao Siyan once actively encouraged me to give up work to start a business. I did not listen to her suggestion. This is one of the reasons why we break up. Of course, there are some other reasons, such as her desire to control.

A few days ago, I accidentally chatted with Zhao Siyan on WeChat, chatted very speculative, and forgot time.When it comes to the past bites, I feel a little exciting, which makes me feel guilty.I know that this is unfair to Su Mei, but I can’t control the impulse.

On this day, Su Mei said that he was going to check the email and borrowed my phone.She accidentally saw my chat history with Zhao Siyan, and immediately misunderstood that I had a problem and broke out on the spot.

I panicked, and I compiled a reason to get past, saying that Zhao Siyan was just my brother’s ex -girlfriend.Su Mei immediately recognized my lies and was deeply hurt by my behavior.

After my sincere explanation and apology, Su Mei forgive my fault.I am determined to treat her honestly in the future and no longer let anyone hurt her heart.


Some time ago, I encountered Zhao Siyan in public.We grew a few words, Zhao Siyan mentioned the past of our breakup, and was disappointed and unwilling in his tone.

I told her politely that we have broken up for two years, and now we have a new life. I hope we can forget to start a new chapter in the past.

Zhao Siyan heard me say so, her face changed slightly.Then she showed an injured expression, saying that she couldn’t forget our original feelings.I once again expressed that I now have a new girlfriend’s position. Our feelings have become the past, and I hope she can also start her own new life.

Zhao Siyan’s look made me can’t understand her mind.At this moment, my mobile phone rang, and it was Su Mei’s phone call.I said goodbye to Zhao Siyan and turned to pick up the phone to chat with Su Mei.

Zhao Siyan’s expression seemed more gloomy, which made me a little disturbing.We hurriedly separated and ran out.

This encounter made me realize that Zhao Siyan has not completely let go of our past.

Soon after, Su Mei agreed to my proposal and was ready to hold an engagement ceremony.On this day, Zhao Siyan suddenly appeared at the engagement party with me and Su Mei, and declared that he was pregnant with my child in front of all guests.

When Su Mei saw this scene, her face became pale immediately. She trembled and asked me: "What else do you still don’t know? How many women do you have?"

I was also frightened by Zhao Siyan’s words, and said for a while.Everyone present took a breath for this big show, waiting for my explanation.My brain was running quickly, and I soon saw Zhao Siyan’s attempt -she wanted to destroy my wedding with Su Mei.

I calmed down, straight on the board, and slowly spoke: "Zhao Siyan, everything between us has ended. I don’t know why you come to do this drama today, but I want to tell you that these dramas and threats have no to us.Any role. "


Zhao Siyan heard her words, her face became flushed. She said, "Yang Yue, do you think I’m joking? I really really conceive your child!" Then, she lifted a skirt and revealed the abdomen that had not yet appeared.

I coldly refuted her: "I know that the child’s father must not be me. Zhao Siyan, we broke up for two years. For such a long time, I do n’t even know who the child is, right?"

Zhao Siyan was fiercely revealed by me, and her face collapsed.She shouted hysterically: "Yang Yue! You have to pay for it for this!" Then he grew away and disappeared into the sight of everyone.

The party was silent at the scene, and everyone was staring at me and Su Mei, waiting for our next response.I walked to Su Mei and held her tightly, and said softly in her ear: "I’m sorry, let you be wronged. I swear that from now on, I will never let anyone hurt you again."

Su Mei cried in my arms into tears.I knew at this moment, Zhao Siyan’s conspiracy caused her heart to be greatly hurt.

After that, I learned that Zhao Siyan had severe delusional symptoms. On the scene that day, the scene was just onset, and the pregnancy was even more virtuous.Knowing that her family had sent her to treatment, my heart was mixed.

This farce finally made me understand that the past has become the past.I will cherish the person in front of me now, and it hurts her with sincerity and meticulousness.

The end

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