After the pregnant woman is injected with a fetal needle, the abdominal pain is difficult to bear the blood flow. How can the fetal needle become an abortion needle?

For patients, doctors do not trust, who else can I trust?Doctors must not only heal the patient’s illness, but also the hearts of patients. After all, this is their responsibility and obligation.However, a lady had a miscarriage due to the hospital’s wrong medicine, but the fetal needle became an abortion needle. What was going on?

The parties Wang Hailan introduced: "Due to poor health and bumps, the doctor asked the doctor to protect the fetal needle." At that time, Wang Hailan’s father bought three luteumone to protect the fetus needle at the city of Xicheng, Shandong.In the room, the doctor gave Wang Hailan a needle, but an hour later Wang Hailan began to have abdominal pain.

Wang Hailan: "I feel wrong. I said what’s going on. At first glance, the bottle of the tire -keeping needle was bought. I bought one of three branches, and there were two branches.The validity period has passed one month earlier. "

The validity period has passed. On the day of Wang Hailan said, the bottle of medicine had expired for one month. "By 11 am the next day, it hurts terrible and blood flow." So Wang Hailan was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.Wang Hailan was suspected to have a precursively abortion.

In response to the situation of Wang Hailan, the local Health and Foue Comprehensive Supervision Bureau immediately launched an investigation and found that the hospital’s product entry is valid and the product labeling validity period is involved, resulting in the accident.Law enforcement officers: "The staff was negligent, and the expired products flowed into the patient." Law enforcement officers said that the hospital’s fine of 50,000 yuan has been suspended for 6 months.

After the incident, some netizens discussed. Some netizens said that the hospital should be the most careful place that does not allow the mistakes. Every doctor’s hands are in the hands of the patient.Can you afford it?Some netizens said: The fine of 50,000 is too light. Because of a negligence, it can lose the patient and bring the pain to the mother, and no one can make up for it.

The fetal needles have become an abortion needle, which is unbearable by any expectant mother, and the hospital only says that one is his own negligence, which is really unacceptable.As a medical personnel, you must always be vigilant, and you must not play with the safety of others.

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