After the newly married husband, the husband is far away from the country. The wife is pregnant at this time, and every night in the bathroom …

1. The sound of water in the zero bathroom

At this time, the sound of dripping water from the bathroom seemed to be extremely harsh when the night was quiet.Mo Mo’s spirit was nervous, tightly clenched the quilt in his hand.

The two deep dark circles on her pale face showed that she had a bad rest recently.Since she got married, she has lived in this house alone, and Mrs. Mi, who has a population of people.In a large number of leftover women, she can marry a man who is successful and is very attentive to her, making the sisters jealous and envy.

At zero, the bathroom sounded inexplicably, and the sound of her heart pulse beating is becoming more and more intricate.It sounds like the two hot and cold water faucets in the bathtub have not tightened. The water dripped in the bathtub where the half -pond water was stored. The interval was just right, two times, two times …

Mo Mo got out of bed without even clothes, and the two silver bells on his feet made a crisp sound.

From the open door of the bathroom, the two alloy water faucets dripped into the water droplets in the bathtub of ivory white.On the door, some angrily walked over and tightened the faucet, and then returned to the master bedroom and fell himself on the bed.

At the moment of lying down, she suddenly opened her eyes and sweated.The bathtub … the bathtub … There is no bathtub in my home … how did the four -legged ivory white bathtub out of thin air.And there is a semi -new and old Transformers and a Barbie doll in the water.

Mo Mo Mo grabbed the phone under the pillow and dial Michafan’s phone: "Kefan … Kefan … Fan, I’m afraid …" The phone just passed, and Mo Mo spit out a string of impatiently.Sentence of stutter.

As Mo Kefan turned back, he looked back: "What’s wrong? Do you have nightmares, last?"

Mo Mo grabbed his phone tightly with one hand, holding the quilt tightly: "But Fan, the bathroom has an inexplicable sound of dripping, and there is a large bathtub … what’s the matter … I … I …Fear……"

Mi Kefan was a little inexplicable by Mo Mo. He knew that Mo Mo was not a unreasonable girl, and he would not call him in the middle of the night casually.It seems that it is scared by nightmares.Think about that she had just married her for two months. She has been busy business abroad. I have not been able to spend much time with her. I have always been guilty.

Since marrying Mo Mo, the company’s affairs have been much better.Even his father said that Mo Mo really had Wangfu Yun.

Mi Kefan said to his mobile phone: "In the end, you have a nightmare, just wait for a while to fall asleep. If you don’t sing a song for you, okay?"

Mo Mo glanced at the room with five lamps with different sizes, and then stared at the door. He rushed to lock the door like electricity, and returned to the bed to cover the quilt: "Okay …"

Mi Kefan’s voice was a little low, and somewhat drowsy:

The person who can’t bear you is me

The person who can’t do without you is me

Those who are thinking of you are me

The person who cares you is me

The person who can’t forget you is me

If you can’t see enough you are me

People who consider you care about you

Is it me or me?



There is too much love that owed you in the previous life


Mo Mo has never heard this old song.Listening to feel calm.Holding the doll in his hand to close his eyes with the phone with one hand, Mi Kefan’s voice continued from the phone …

On the fifth day, the ticking sound from the bathroom listened to Mo Mo’s heart like facing Ling Chi.

It is a more independent girl in itself. I don’t want to call Mi Kefan because of this incident, because after repeatedly talking about the same thing, it will make Mi Kefan hate it.

He did not experience himself, so he would definitely not believe in such a absurdity.Because of the time difference between the two, she knew that Mi Kefan was very busy recently, and she didn’t want to disturb him.

She no longer cares about the dripping, and ignores it.Perhaps when the magnetic field is similar, the past scene reappears, but where does the sound come from?Sometimes she thought indifferently that life and death were fate. If there was something in dirty, she couldn’t escape.

Thinking about it in such a righteousness, I really don’t have any fear.It seemed to be asleep. In the dream, the two children pulled their hands and called their mother. The boy looked like herself, and the girl was carved out of a mold with herself.The little boy said, "Mommy, don’t you say that you love us, why don’t you want us?" Mo Mo wanted to say something, but couldn’t feel it.

2. Mo Mo is pregnant

Mo Mo only walked in his own house in only underwear, and did not rush to eat after lunch for himself.Instead, sitting at the dining table thinking about the dream.The fork in his hand rolled the noodles in the plate.Nearly two hundred square meters of duplex residences, the only one is empty, from the enthusiasm of the beginning to a bit resentment.

The sound of two small silver bells shaking under the left foot shaking under the chair.The noodles are just right, with refreshing broccoli and a fried steak.Somehow, smelling the smell of steak, a sour water in the stomach poured up, and returned to the throat. Repeated several times, the fork that was thrown away from Mo Mo rushed to the bathroom and picked the toilet for a long time.I spit a sip, and poured the pasta into the tray tube at the table.

The stomach was uncomfortable, so I took the chicken soup that was cooked the night before and turned it in the microwave oven. I don’t know how the taste of the taste became strange recently, salty, and slightly sour.As long as it was light before, it couldn’t swallow it lightly now.Moreover, it is uncomfortable to eat, and it ’s uncomfortable to eat. From the tongue, the entire pipeline of the stomach is abnormal. I decided to go to the doctor first. Either the door of the hospital was also good. This situation is very similar to Zhongxie.

The front desk nurse only asked three sentences: "What are the problem?"

Mo Mo: "No appetite, you want to vomit everything, you vomit your stomach empty, maybe the stomach is not good!"

The front desk nurses looked at her face and asked, "When is the last menstruation?"

Mo Mo thought about it: "Last month X Heaven … it should be about the few days."

The front desk nurse pointed at the elevator and said that the third floor of the gynecological department turned left.

The old doctor in the gynecological room asked: "What needs help?"

Mo Mo described the question of the front desk comprehensively.The doctor wrote some ghost paintings on the medical records. Except for the name and gender, the other words did not know the last one.

The old doctor pointed at the door and said with a smile: "Go downstairs and go upstairs to check the color Doppler ultrasound. Check the urine on the first floor of the laboratory, go!" After that, he lowered his head.Mo Mo is a little merit, she generally does not come to the hospital.Looking at the instructions for a few times, I went to the color Doppler room. The doctor in the color Doppler room asked if there was a very urgent urine.Drink water and drink until urgent.

Mo Mo found the direction of her fingers, found a water dispenser and asked the nurse next to the nurse to ask for a water cup, and drank three cups of warm water.The things in the stomach began to surge again. She searched for instructions to run all the way to the bathroom. She vomited in the toilet, her face flushed, and her tears flowed out.

With the cup in his hand, he picked up the mouth of cold water and rinsing his mouth, returned to the beside the drinking machine, picked up a glass of water, and then drank it with your eyes closed. I don’t know what I thought about it at this time.

There was a aunt sitting on the sofa next to the sofa. She looked at Mo Mo and asked: "Girl, what’s wrong, isn’t it a gynecological disease? Don’t think of it, just treat it."

Mo Mo looked at the aunt, nodded, and picked up another glass of water.Then put the cup into the trash.He paced back and forth in the aisle.The stomach rushed up, and could not spit out the drinking water.I had to walk back and forth back and forth, and one and a half later, Mo Mo returned to the color Doppler room.

The nurse in the color ultrasound pointed at the high couch of the machine and said, "Lie up, fade down the pants down … um … a little fading … Okay."

Immediately after the nurse took the ultrasonic coupling agent on the color Doppler ultrasound probe, rolled back and forth at the lower abdomen at the end of Mo.The nurse looked at the display and said, "Don’t inhale your belly, right."

Two minutes later, the nurse handed her a tissue paper. After Mo Mo finished wipe the stomach and sorted out the clothes, the nurse handed her a report to her: "Okay, you take this to the doctor."

Mo Mo recalled what the doctor said, and came to the first floor of the laboratory to get a small urine cup from the laboratory to the bathroom.Along the way, she always felt particularly wronged in her heart. In the bathroom, she couldn’t control her tears.Usually I am not a crying person, I don’t know what happened recently.

I took a report sheet from the laboratory and returned to the gynecological room.

The doctor said, "Are you pregnant, do you want it?" Looking up at her, like a woman who was not checked.There are some contempt hidden in the smile.The things in her eyes made Mo Mo cool in her heart.

Mo Mo said, "Of course."

The doctor said, "Pay attention, you can’t do heavy physical work, it is best not to do the same room within one month. And it is to add folic acid …"

After a series of inspections of the hospital’s promotion teacher, I did n’t have any illness. After a month of pregnancy, I was married to Mi Kefan for less than two months. I just got married for a few days, and the winning rate was too high.In this way, how many days they get married, how many days the children have.When the doctor asked for examination, he thought it was a gynecological disease. He didn’t think about it at all, and felt impossible.

I can’t say whether I am happy or unhappy, and I know the news.Lead the hospital’s various fetal medicines to return to a person’s home.

Holding the phone and looking at the number of numbers, I don’t know if I should press the green dial -up button.I don’t know if I should call Mi Kefan to say this.I took a mobile phone and pressed the dial -up button all afternoon.

3. Quarrel

Mi Kefan: "Hi, at the end, how about the state in the past two days?" There was a rollover sound in the words.

Mo Mo pulled his mouth: "Fortunately, I have a bad appetite recently. I went to the hospital this afternoon …"

Mi Kefan paused when he heard the signature of the two words in the hospital: "What’s wrong, the body is not good? Am I not telling you, so tired, don’t draw anymore, I can afford you."

Mo Mo heard this sentence. I don’t know if my heart is warm or grievances shed tears along the eyes: "It’s okay, it is a bad appetite. The doctor said that it would react after a month of pregnancy. Maybe I responded a lot."

Mi Kefan put down the file in his hand and handed his eyes to the secretary.He only said, "At the end, you are pregnant. For more than a month?" The surprise performance in the tone was unobstructed.

Mo Mo listened to the surprise in him: "Well. Counting it for more than a month, but the child is surrounded by this, the color Doppler ultrasound can’t be found, but it is determined to be early pregnancy."

Mi Kefan stood up from the seat. He took the phone call to the domestic parents and then said to the phone: "At the end, I told my parents that they must be particularly happy.Live there for convenience to take care of you. "

Mo Mo thought of his father -in -law and mother -in -law who always felt hidden when he looked at his eyes.Thinking of these gaps in my heart: "But Fan, I don’t want to go to my parents, I’m okay alone, let Mo Yi come to accompany me. He is close to me."

Mi Kefan was telling his parents about this. He hung up the phone over there and said, "Mom said, you don’t want to live there, she will let Li Yan take care of you in the past, so the head office."

Mo Mo watched the big wedding photo in the room: "But Fan, can’t you come back to accompany me, I’m too lonely alone."

Mi Kefan listened to Mo Mo’s voice and cried: "In the end, I have a lot of things recently. I will come back to accompany you after a while. Okay."

Mo Mo was a little disappointed, and said gently, "Okay, but Fan, why do you marry me? After I marry you, how do you feel that you are single.There are such large houses. It is like a dormitory, where is it like a home? "

Mi Kefan thought that she was so busy all day and she didn’t understand herself. She said that, and she didn’t hit one place: "I told you from the beginning, I have a career abroad, how can you make trouble now?Isn’t you the most unreasonable, isn’t I going to stay with you and do nothing. Are you happy to do that day? "

Mi Kefan was so rushing for the first time, and Mo Mo was at a loss, and then said, "Okay, I’m hung."

I didn’t eat much a day, and the sour water in the stomach turned upwards, so uncomfortable to die.I ran to the bathroom and picked the toilet, spit out all the water, and his face flushed.

There was a soft child sound behind him: "Mommy."

Mo Mo turned back, nothing.

She wiped the corner of her mouth.Then go to the kitchen for dinner, so why do you have to eat for your children?The soup pot was just burned, and Mo Mo put the ingredients in.The outside doorbell rang.She ran over and opened the door, and the in -laws and Li Yan came.She called her parents.

Zhao Meijuan pulled her hands and walked into the house and said, "Daughter -in -law, you are really wronged at home alone. I will look at you with your dad." Li Yan came in and went to the kitchen.Holding the two big bags in your hand.

Mi Chi looked at Mo Mo and said, "Our family can have a child, long ago, thinking about hug grandsons. Mo Mo, you are the hero of our Mi family. You have to raise your fetus well.It’s delicious. Let her take care of you here, what I want to eat, and what to drink, just give her to do it. "

After gossip for a while, they went back.It is estimated that I also disdain to eat here.Mo Mo pulled Li Yan’s hand and said, "Li Yan, just live in the room, take here as your own home, don’t be polite, I don’t need to take care of it. You live here with peace of mind. I live in peace here. I live downstairs in the past two days downstairs.Depression, I moved the bedroom upstairs. "

Li Yan looked at the weak Mo Mo a little distressed: "Miss Mo should not be so polite. I come to take care of you. You can rest assured that I have done Yueyue before and take care of people. You can rest assured. Don’t be nervous.Good, look more beautiful things, beautiful people, listen to good songs, children will be particularly cute when they are born. "

Mo Mo watched Li Yan a lot calm in his heart.

Just talking to Li Yan about some things about the child, the police called and said that Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan had news about the hospital accident.

Mo Mo hurriedly took things out and went out.

A childish child said, "Damn."

The other said, "Brother, they won’t die so soon."

Male voice: "No, let them live for a few more days."

Mo Mo and Li Yan stood outside the intensive care unit, watching Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan wrapped a large bandage through glass through glass. Strangely, the driver was just scratching.Informing Michafan abroad, who knows who knows that Mo Kefan is busy with his work, saying that since he is not in danger of life, he will come back when he finish his hand in hand.

Let Mo Mo take care of it first, and then ask the housekeeping center to introduce a reliable nanny, and then hang up.

4. Children

In Mo Mo Mo Mongolian, the two children appeared beside her again, and the two small hands were placed in her palm.

The boy said, "Mommy, Mommy."

The girl said, "Mommy, I’m one by one."

The sound is so light and so light, and the vastness does not exist.

Mo Mo looked at them: "Are you my child?" Then he stretched out his other hand and touched the boy’s face, and touched the girl’s face.

The girl said, "Mommy, we used to be your child before. We have been there, for seven years, we have been waiting for you."

The boy said, "Yeah, we have been waiting for you. We are only willing to be your child."

Mo Mo asked: "You have been waiting for me for seven years, you used to be my child, how can I not understand?"

What the girl was about to say, was stopped by the boy.The boy said, "Mommy, my name is every day, my brother, she is called one, she is a sister."

Mo Mo heard the knock on the door, and the two children disappeared.She struggled to get up, Li Yan stood at the door with a bowl of soup, opened the door in Mo Mo, and put the soup in on the dressing table and said, "You eat less at night, drink some soup now, according to your taste, according to your taste.Put a little more salt, add some vinegar, and get angry easily. Don’t eat it. When I cook soup, put ginger when I cook. It is a bit spicy.

Mo Mo nodded at Li Yan.Li Yan is like his mother.So intimate.

5. I did nothing to be the most sad

On the past day, Mi Kefan didn’t even call a phone call, as if there was no wife in the world at all.Mi Kefan would not take the initiative to call Mo Mo.Mo Mo was used to a person’s day, like never a nominal husband.Li Yan went to the hospital to take care of Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan every day, and occasionally to visit.

Mo Mo was so left with only one bone, what to eat and vomiting, it is okay to drink some soup.The child has been vomiting for three or four months.Li Yan looked at her situation and hid in the kitchen secretly.


Everyday said, "Sister, look at Mommy so much suffering."

One by one: "Brother, six reincarnations, there are causes, she has always been kind, so she has a good blessing, but this robbery can not be dodged, but she must suffer."

Everyday: "But she is our mum, she is unhappy. The retribution is him, it is him …"

One one: "Oh!"

A sigh, lingering in Mo’s ear.Seven years ago, what happened seven years ago, and what did you post?

Except that the vitamins that are deliberately guaranteed to eat will not spit out, most of the other things will spit out.Mi Kefan never returned.The money given her on the account is also becoming less.

Li Yan said that the business over there was unexpected and endangered.Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan’s bodies were almost died, and a new nanny was invited to take care of them.

These are just heard, because she has no energy to care about other things, others.

Once I went to the hospital to see Zhao Meijuan and Mi Chi. The two seemed to have a recovery and good spirit.Zhao Meijuan pulled her hand and said, "Daughter -in -law, our family can’t hold you. I just hope you give birth to the child. Raise it well."

The second old man seemed to be the last period of life.

Cause and effect, blessing, resentment.These strange words appeared in Mo Mo’s mind.

In this way, no one around him couldn’t do it. Mo Yi couldn’t stand it and moved over.Mo Yi is the twin brother of Mo Mo.Since childhood, she has loved her and couldn’t bear to hurt her a little.

He had to be by his side before going to bed until she was asleep.People who have no sense of security.Since seven years ago, it was even more insecure. Recently, I heard that it was not scared by the bathroom.

6. Master

When Mo Mo came to the ward again to visit Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan again, a stranger was also there, seeing a bone of bones, a little bit of fairy.

He looked at Mo Mo and said, "Good girl, suffer."

Mo Mo broke out in a lot of grievances, and tears burst into the sea.

The master said, "Are you all remembered?"

Mo Mo: "Yes, I don’t know much better than knowing."

Master: "Who said no? It’s hard for you to be so calm now."

7. Seven years ago

She hung two bells on two small bodies, and they curled up in the bottle like this, as if curled up in her belly … so quiet.Two bottles are equipped with two small bodies.

He dragged her in front of him fiercely and pushed her away fiercely: "What are you holding these two bottles … you either throw them away or find them a place.In front of me, look at the obscure. "He snatched the bottle and fell to the ground, the taste of Forma Lynch spread, and the two children of the two fists lying on the ground were still curled up.Two stuffy.Mo Mo grabbed the child on the ground and covered his arms, and then hit him and left his home.

When Mo Yi saw her, she squatted at the door of her hair, holding a fish tank in her hand and covered her in her arms. He tried to call, "Who are you …?"Looking at him: "Mo Yi, look at them …" Then he fainted, still holding the fish tank tightly.

Mo Yi looked at the two bottles in her arms, soaked with two children with two fists.

Gently saying: "In the end, we find a home for them. Let’s leave the bell as they have been. In the end you see, how bad they look like this, they will blame you." Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo.Looking up at Mo Yi and nodded.Tears slipped down from the two deep eyes …

Mo Yi clenched his fist: "Mi Kefan, why do you treat her like this, why, this is your child … because your family does not agree with you to marry her. So you can bear it to hurt her like this."

After sending children into the temple, Mo Mo’s daily copy of the scriptures every night, what "Tibetan Scriptures", "Heart Sutra", and "Fastened Mantra".Every night, I cried until dawn, and then didn’t cry every night to dawn.Mo Yi had no way to take her to see the psychologist, listening to the advice of the psychologist to hypnotize her, and let her forget the memory.

8. Why do you marry him

A few years ago, Mo Yi, Mo Mo, and Mi Kefan were still college students. How many boys’ dreams are beautiful in Mo Mo.Mi Kefan won the moon by Mo Yi’s buddy near the water tower.Of course, he became a male and female friend with Mo Mo.

But Mi Chi found a girl who was a house for Mi Kefan.Graduated from college and get married.In the year of the university, the two of them were impulse to get a marriage certificate.

He hadn’t lived a poor life, and he was used to spending money.Mo Mo’s painting money is not enough for the lives of two people.Zhao Meijuan found him, forced him to divorce and kill the child, and then married the girl they were optimistic.

In the face of the economy, Mi Kefan finally bowed his head.He cheated Mo Mo to go to the hospital for examination, and Mo Mo, who didn’t understand anything, was abandoned after anesthesia.The heartache and despair of heartbroken lungs made her be on the verge of collapse.

After Mo Mo returned home, Mi Kefan went to Italy and quickly got married, but after marriage, his wife had been inferior to her fertility, and she suffered from uterine cancer and removed the uterus.

Mi Chi thought of the three generations of single biography at home, and interfered from the divorce before marrying.Unexpectedly, it was still impossible to have children after marriage.There was no problem with the two inspections.Moreover, Mi Chi’s company retracted step by step, and finally only kept the branch in Italy.The body of Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan also walked towards the landslide, and handed the company to Mi Kefan to take care of it.

The richer the more superstitious.They found a well -known master.

After listening to their complaints.The master said, "You owe yin debt must be repaid."

The master said: "Every child comes to the world for four things, reward grace, reward, revenge, repay debts. You let him leave before the world, hell, hell does not accept, heaven does not want.Actions. And all the grievances have become hatred. Do you say serious? "

After the master’s guidance, Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan left Mi Kefan back and married Mo Mo.

9. Family and five million

Mi Chi and Zhao Meijuan died. Early the next morning, Mo Mo received a notice to the hospital.Mikadan also got off the plane on its way.Mo Yi covered Mo Mo’s eyes.

Mo Yi took Mo Mo to the outside and said, "This kind of place can’t come, you stay outside."

As soon as Mi Kefan arrived at the hospital, he saw Mo Mo, who had only one bone left. He didn’t look at her, entered the ward in a traveled, and then contacted the funeral home.There seems to be no sad emotions in his expression.

After everything is over.Mi Kefan intends to return to Italy, he pulled Moyi to the room to close the door: "Mo Yi, I now need money in the company, you borrow me."

Mo Yi said, "I don’t have money, you also know that I am just an IT white -collar worker, and I have no money."

Mi Kefan said: "Seven years ago, you have to sue me, didn’t my dad give you five million, money?"

Mo Yi said: "Those money has long been with Mo Mo to see a doctor everywhere."

Mi Kefan said, "You are a liar, what kind of disease did Mo Mo spend this money …"

Mo Yi said, "You killed her to lose her twins, she was in a bad spirit, and I saw a lot of doctors."

The sound of fighting came.

Mo Mo listened to everything in the room and went upstairs.

Mi Kefan left, and said that he would take care of the company and pick her up.

Mo Mo just laughed, and the corner of his mouth did not raise.She said, "Go, take care. Take care of yourself."

Mo Mo asked Mo Yi to move back to his own residence and said he wanted to be clean and clean.

Then he sold the house with the previous plan and took Li Yan to leave the house and carry a box of luggage.

Mo Mo said: "Li Yan, before the child is born, take care of me."

Li Yan looked at her: "Good girl, these years, you have suffered."

Mo Mo touched his stomach: "Every day, one by one, you will come to this world safely. In the future, you will be dependent on your mother."

One day Li Yan said to Mo Mo: "Miss Mo, the young master has not divorced abroad, you have to think more about yourself."

She doesn’t want to fight for anything, and begging for anything.Some things, some affection, some words.For those who don’t care about us, it is superfluous to say too much.

Her restless emotions and those hates that were not in a hurry turned into two peaceful tears, lying on her face, and staying on those struggling day and night.

Happiness is as weak as Mo Mo.

Everyday said, "Sister, in the future, the three of us can be together forever."

One by one: "Well, yes."

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