After the expectant mother "breaks the water", should I take a bath and go to the hospital?Speaking of hygiene also needs to be divided

October will always wait until the day of childbirth, but the way the little life arrives is different, or the time is advanced, postponed, or a different signal -expectant mothers break the water and see red.

These two methods are also normal signals before giving birth. The difference is that there are more things to pay attention to when breaking water, and the situation is more urgent.Many expectant mothers do not have the correct understanding of this and the correct response.

Xiao Meng is usually a person who loves cleanliness. Whether it is before or after pregnancy, he cleaned himself up very refreshing, and his family was cleaned.

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy is becoming inconvenient, she still insists on taking a bath the next day. Such a habit has been maintained until about one week before the due date.After dinner that day, Xiao Meng sat on the sofa and chased the drama with her husband. When he found that he had broken the water, he asked his husband to clean up his luggage quickly, and he rushed into the bathroom to take a bath.

The husband did not understand the danger of it, but he was worried that the baby was about to be born.

Sure enough, the couple were criticized by the doctor after arriving at the hospital, because Xiao Meng took some time to take a bath and delay on the road.of.

Fortunately, Xiao Meng did not have a infection, and finally gave birth to male treasure. After that, Xiao Meng was still worried about his bathing.

Most expectant mothers chose to take a bath after launching because they knew that they would sweat when they were producing, and once confinement, they might not have to take a bath for a month, so they wanted to take a bath quickly.

The habit of talking about hygiene is very good, but to distinguish the timing, especially in special circumstances such as water breaking, expectant mothers and family must know the danger.

Although there are no problems with women around the water, they are still safe to give birth to their babies, but do not wash the advice to expecting mothers.

Near the due date, the total amount of amniotic fluid of expectant mothers will reach about 500 ~ 1000ml.Although the amniotic fluid will not be completely dried in the short time after the water is broken, as the amount of amniotic fluid decreases, the fetus will also be dangerous.

★ There is no correct response after breaking the water, and infection is easy to occur

Under normal circumstances, it should only appear after the first childbirth contraction, otherwise it is more dangerous for the premature breakthrough of the fetal membrane.Because the amniotic membrane has been ruptured, bacteria are more likely to invade, and it is easy to cause adults and babies to infection. Newborn inhale amnitary water, or poor breathing.

If the expectant mother goes to take a bath, then it is equivalent to giving the bacteria in the water to take advantage of the opportunity to endanger their children.

★ After the water is broken, the female’s physical posture is not right, the baby should be born at home or on the road

Normally after breaking the water, the expectant mothers have about a few hours before the formal delivery, but during the bathing process of bathing, it will accelerate the flow of amniotic fluid, stimulate the uterus to shrink stronger.Essence

After the birth of the newborn, a doctor needs to suck excess amniotic fluid immediately for him and deal with the umbilical cord in time. Otherwise, even if the baby is born smoothly, it will face danger, and the maternal may have bleeding.

The expectant mothers must be prepared during pregnancy. They may be popular, or they may break the water first, so don’t panic no matter what the situation is encountered.In addition to not having to take a bath, pay attention to the following things when you break the water.

First of all, let yourself lie down immediately and clean up the items used to go to the hospital. Do not move frequently, force, or emotional excitement.

Secondly, if the amniotic fluid is not fast or not, you can take a taxi with your family to the hospital, and try to keep lying on the car.If the amniotic fluid is very urgent, it can be called an ambulance at all times, and explain its own situation, so that it is safer on the road.

In the end, do n’t rectify the production method at the hospital. The amniotic fluid is broken first and there is a chance of delivery, but the rest of the amniotic fluid is less or delayed to open the mouth of the palace, and it may also face dissection.Don’t tangle at this time, focus on the final security.

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