After the chest is so thorough, I find that I still want to be pregnant

In fact, many doctors do not even know that the effect of medication within 1 month of pregnancy has an effect on the fetus.In other words, if the baby is affected, then there will be abortion. If there is no signs of miscarriage, then the medication will have no effect on the fetus.The same is true of X -ray examination in early pregnancy.

1. After a month of chest through, I know that I am pregnant

For Xiao Xu, the biggest remorse in life is there.Xiao Xu has been preparing to get pregnant for more than half a year. She suddenly became a good appetite last month, and people became lazy.It happened that the unit organized a routine inspection. The day before the inspection, the person in charge of the unit also reminded that pregnant women were not allowed to perform chest diarrhea.At that time, Xiao Xu was not sure if she was pregnant, so I wanted to finish the inspection first.

However, doom originated from her carelessness.After less than a month of chest thoracic examination, Xiao Xu was diagnosed with pregnancy, and both of the young couples were happy with eyebrows.But the joy has not passed, Xiao Xu began to have vaginal bleeding. She hurried to check the hospital at the hospital. The fetus at 7 weeks of pregnancy was still abortion.Xiao Xu and her husband had a whole body inspection before pregnancy, and did not find any abnormalities. What was the reason?

After the doctor’s inquiry, Xiao Xu understood that it was the scourge caused by the thoracic examination.The chest threatening belongs to X -ray examination, and X -ray may cause damage to egg cells and distort it, which causes abortion, fetal death, and fetal malformations.There are many women in life who have been checked by X -ray before pregnancy, or they are still checked when they already know pregnancy. Therefore, fetal malformations, miscarriage, dead fetuses, etc., may even increase the occurrence of cancer after 10 years of children suffering from cancer.risk.

In this regard, experts have reminded the majority of pregnant women to check X -ray ray examinations such as chest thyroidism, CT, molybdenum target (one type of breast examination), and it is best to get pregnant after three months or half a year.

Second, the impact on the fetus "full" or "none"

So, for women such as Xiao Xu, there is no pregnancy before the chest transparent, or the situation of pregnancy has not yet been diagnosed. After finishing the chest, I learned that she was pregnant.Can’t you want it?

In this regard, doctors explained that the baby’s fertilized eggs have not been in bed and started to divide and develop. Therefore, the effect of medication during this period of time on the fetus belongs to the effect of completely or without effects.In other words, if the baby is affected, then there will be abortion. If there is no signs of miscarriage, then the medication will have no effect on the fetus.The same is true of X -ray examination before pregnancy.If the baby’s baby is affected by X -ray, the baby will inevitably occur; if Xiao Xu does not have a miscarriage in the early pregnancy, it means that the baby is not affected by the X -ray rays.Baby’s organ development and other issues.

3. It is best to get pregnant after three months after the chest

Of course, from the consideration of eugenics for babies, doctors suggest that if pregnant women have contact with X -ray such as chest transparency, it is best to get pregnant after 3 months to reduce the risk of fetal malformations.

For some special expectant mothers, such as long -term use of contraceptives, patients with a birthplace or tumor, etc., be fully prepared before pregnancy.This is because women with tumor diseases generally receive radiation therapy. Even if the condition allows children to be required, they cannot be immediately required. At least half a year will stop radiation treatment before they can get pregnant.Because after stopping treatment, women will also have various radiation lesions in their bodies, which can easily lead to fetal malformations or natural abortion, especially within three months after the end of radiation therapy, the highest chance of pregnancy is the highest.

It is worth the preparation of pregnant women that isotope examination is also a type of radioactive examination. In addition, the dose of radiation during each isotopes and the time of excretion of the human body is different.After radiation is excreted from the human body, you will be pregnant.

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