After taking contraceptives, I got pregnant unexpectedly.

British women Christie Fletcher is the mother of four boys. When talking about her pregnancy experience, Christie himself feels incredible.

Christie’s first child was unexpectedly conceived.At that time, she had just married her husband because she didn’t want to have children so early. She took contraceptives every time. She did not take the medicine on time, and she was lucky enough to win.

After giving birth to the first son, Christie learned a lesson and took medicine in strict accordance with the instructions.Who knew that when his eldest son was two years old, God opened a joke with Christie again, and this joke made her surprise and happy.

Christie went to a bonfire party that day. After eating a burger, Christie suddenly felt nauseous and nauseous.Christie was panicked. This feeling was very familiar. This was the first time she was pregnant.

Christie told herself that she had been taking medicine on time, and she could not get pregnant.But when the results of the hospital’s examination were in front of them, Christie had to accept the facts.This is also amazing, Christie and husband were shocked.

However, the bigger surprise is still behind. After the hospital had a further inspection of Christie, the hospital told Christie that she was pregnant with heteroles.

Christie said incredible: "I can’t believe it, I think I am dreaming."

A few months later, Christie gave birth to three healthy little boys.Now she has to bring four boys at the same time, facing this difficult work, Christie said that she still needs some time to adapt and learn.

The doctor explained that in the case of natural conception, the probability of being pregnant with a triplet is 1/6000-1/8000, and the probability of being pregnant with a triplet is even smaller when taking contraceptives.

(Trillets look too similar to my mother!)

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