After receiving 3 emergency clinics a day, it was luteal rupture. What is the luteal?Women should understand

"Doctor, when my wife jumped at home, her stomach suddenly hurt, and she wanted to vomit! You can help her see, what’s going on?" Mr. Zhang said while helping his wife.The wife around him covered his belly painfully, his face pale, and the sweat on his forehead and hair was very obvious.

As soon as I saw her, I immediately conducted a physical examination and found that the lower body was accompanied by bleeding symptoms.After diagnosis, the patient had luteal rupture and needed emergency surgery for treatment.During the operation, it was found that the patient’s blood accumulation had reached 800ml. Thanks to her husband to send the hospital in time, it was necessary to avoid further worsening the condition.

So far, Mr. Zhang’s wife has been the third luteum rupture patient.The first of them was the first emergency patient in the morning. Her situation was relatively critical and she was already in a shock state.I heard that it was a small couple for a long time. In the process of sexual life, the woman had abdominal pain.Because the two felt embarrassed because of this, they had always endured not to seek medical treatment.

Unexpectedly, the next day, the symptoms of pain not only did not reduce it, but also caused the patient to shock.Seeing this, the man hurriedly called the hospital for help, which made the patient save his life.The second patient was also accidentally hit by the child who was accidentally running when he was running outdoors. Because the abdomen was severely impacted, it caused severe pain after the luteal rupture.

A day received 3 emergency doses related to luteum rupture. Before most women happened, they did not know about progesterone.It is precisely because of the lack of understanding of the luteum that I do not know how to deal with it correctly when the onset causes the body to be more harmful.In order to make women better prevent and cope with luteal rupture, I will introduce to you in detail.

Under normal circumstances, the follicles are mature, and after the eggs are discharged, it will gradually collapse.The granular cells and follicular membrane cells in the follicles will absorb blood, gradually hyperplasia, and then become hypertrophy, forming a glands -like structure rich in capillary.This structure has endocrine function, which is yellow in freshness when it is fresh, so it is called luteal.

The luteal is formed in the ovarian tissue. Its position is very hidden and mainly grows in the wound space generated after the follicular rupture.One week after the ovaries discharge the eggs, the luteal development will reach the highest peak, and its diameter will reach 1-3cm. If the eggs are not combined with sperm, it will gradually decline after 2 weeks.

Because luteal can release estrogen and progesterone, the endometrium is thickened and shed under the action of estrogen, making people menstruation.However, after the combination of eggs and fertilized eggs, menstruation will not come again.As a result, the luteal will transform into pregnancy luteal.

The so -called pregnancy luteum is the largest substance among various luteum.Pregnancy luteum also secrete progestable and estrogen in the human body, which is conducive to maintaining the continuation of pregnancy.Because progesterone can be combined with the receptor of endometrial progesterone, the endometrium is converted from the hyperplasia to the secretion period, so the endometrium becomes soft, preparing for the bed and development of the fertilized eggs in advance.

Moreover, during pregnancy, the progesterone secreted by the luteal can also increase the excitement threshold of the uterine smooth muscle, avoid excessive shrinkage of the uterus, and reduce the risk of miscarriage.The progesterone used by we usually use fetal protection, that is, progesterone.

However, luteum does not exist permanently.With the development of the embryo, the function of the luteal will gradually be replaced by the placenta. Therefore, the luteal will gradually shrink in about 3 months.

The inner layer of the luteal has a richer capillaries. In the peak of development, it will become extremely fragile. If it encounters vigorous stimulation or excessive compression, the possibility of rupture and bleeding will be more likely.

Not only that, it is possible to break through the entire stage of luteum.Because shortly after ovulation, the rupture will be blocked by blood condensation blocks. When the luteal formation is formed, the blood clotter will cause internal bleeding. We call this situation as a luteal rupture and bleeding.

The luteal rupture bleeding is one of the acute abdomen of the gynecological department. Its most obvious symptom is abdominal pain.When the luteal has not broken, the patient may feel the pain of the lower abdomen. Once the luteal rupture and bleeding occurs, the blood flows into the abdominal cavity, which causes different degrees of pain symptoms to varying degrees after the peritoneum is stimulated, and it will also be accompanied by other manifestations.

For example, the degree of destruction of blood vessels is relatively mild. After the luteal rupture, the amount of bleeding is relatively small. Generally, it will not cause severe symptoms of pain, and this situation is likely to heal itself.If you find luteum mild bleeding, you can strengthen your body’s treatment, reduce the amount of activity, and a light diet, and it can improve after a period of time.

If the situation of luteal bleeding is serious, the damage to the blood vessels is difficult to heal, which will not only cause severe pain, but also cause patients with dizziness, palpitations, general weakness, and frequent urination.Further aggravation of the condition will cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anal swelling, and shock, and even endanger life and safety.Therefore, once the above situation occurs, you must go to the hospital in time.

For the treatment of luteal rupture, there are mainly conservative and surgery.For example, people who have a small amount of bleeding and the pain are not serious can be treated with hemostatic drugs according to the doctor’s order. As long as the bleeding stops, the condition can be improved.If the amount of bleeding is large and the pain is severe, it is necessary to find out the luteal cysts of bleeding through surgery, and timely replenishment and blood transfusion treatment can be improved to improve the condition.

The luteal cyst that removes bleeding does not have much impact on other tissues of the ovaries, and usually does not affect ovulation and fertility.Although this is the case, women must better understand the symptoms and harms of luteum and luteum rupture, and take preventive measures for luteal rupture.

1. Avoid strenuous exercise in the luteal stage

As long as it is a non -pregnancy state, women will experience the luteal stage.Women should avoid strenuous exercise during the luteal stage, which can greatly reduce the incidence of luteal rupture.

The so -called luteal period refers to the day before ovulation to menstrual tide.The normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, and the luteal period is usually on the 15th-28 days of the menstrual cycle. These 14 days are called the luteal period.

During this period, if women often participate in strenuous exercise and work hard, they may cause the small blood vessels around the luteal to break and cause mature luteum to break.Therefore, it is recommended to avoid strenuous jumping, running and other actions in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

2. Avoid frequent husband and wife life

It is understood that most of the high incidence of luteal rupture is 20-40 years old.Women of this age are in the childbearing age, most of which are married.When the husband and wife live, due to the expansion and congestion of women’s reproductive organs, the pressure on the luteal will increase.If the movement of men is too rude, the female body is over -impacted, which will cause luteal rupture.

Therefore, it is best to avoid excessive "intense" when living in life, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the body.Especially for sexual life in the luteal stage, it is necessary to "gentle" to treat women.In addition, it is necessary to avoid excessive frequent life of husband and wife, so as to avoid repeated congestion of organs, and the pressure of the luteal rises repeatedly, increasing the risk of rupture.

3. Keep the stool unobstructed

The occurrence of luteal rupture has a certain relationship with excessive abdominal pressure.For example, if you do n’t pay attention to your health, you often eat too spicy and irritating foods. In addition, you can easily cause constipation.In the process of stool, abdominal pressure will increase varying degrees.Under the stress of the luteum in the ovary, the risk of rupture and bleeding will increase.

Therefore, if you want to avoid luteal rupture, you must develop good habits in normal times.For example, eating foods with light taste, easy to digest, and dietary fiber can enhance the intestinal peristalsis.At the same time, it is necessary to properly replenish water so that the stool can be softened.During bowel movements, there is no need to increase abdominal pressure, and luteal is naturally not easy to rupture.

4. Avoid external stimulation of the abdomen

Some patients have a luteal rupture and have a lot to do with trauma.For example, car accidents, high -altitude falls, heavy objects, etc. can all cause excessive stimulation and compression of the abdomen, causing the luteum to break and bleed abnormally.

To avoid this situation, physical protection measures need to be taken.So as not to cause excessive damage to the ovaries, causing luteal to be affected and ruptured.Especially in the luteal stage, we must be more vigilant.

5. Check the luteal function

If a woman suddenly occurs in the symptoms of lower abdomen in the middle of the menstrual period, the luteal rupture must be considered.You can go to the hospital first, and you can understand the function of the luteal through ultrasonic ovulation or progesterone testing.If the luteal function is found to be lower than the normal level, it can be diagnosed with luteal function incomplete.

The risk of luteal rupture increases the risk of luteal function. Therefore, it is necessary to apply progesterone drugs for treatment in time, which can inhibit ovulation in a short time and prevent luteal rupture again.

Women will experience the luteal period every month, so during this period, any woman should be vigilant, try to avoid strenuous exercise, do not frequently perform "rude" sexual life, to maintain smooth stools and avoid external stimulation of external force. If necessary, if necessary, if necessary, if necessary, if necessary, if necessary, if necessary, if necessaryIt is also necessary to check the luteal function to prevent the occurrence of luteal rupture.

Female friends, at this moment, do you know something about luteum?If you still have something unclear, you are welcome to leave a message below, and I will do my best to provide you with more professional answers.



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