After reading this article, it can definitely eliminate the confusion of most fast men

Ding Ding just looked up for 2 minutes, why did he quickly surrender?

In the face of this situation, there will be countless question marks in many people’s minds, such as:

Is this premature ejaculation?

How to deal with it correctly?

Will you not be slow from then?


This is because "too fast" has really become the biggest pain in many male compatriots!

Because after becoming a "fast man", it may become afraid of the life of husband and wife.

Next, I am afraid that I can no longer face the hot eyes of the partner.

Because after becoming a "fast man", most people are always hiding, and it is always difficult to open up even if they have the intention of asking for help.

As a result, it is easy to fall into the more anxious cycle.

But don’t worry, your anxiety may be a problem that everyone is anxious.

Therefore, Uncle Xi will simply science the relevant knowledge and how to extend the time of "too short time" today. I hope these content can help you.

1.1 Features of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common male sexual dysfunction.


1. Short time, both sides are not satisfied:

Always or almost before entering the opponent’s body or 1 minute after insertion.

2. Can’t control:

Complete or almost lacks the ability to control the body.

3. Causes trouble to both parties:

Causes negative consequences, such as distress, anxiety, setbacks, and (or) to avoid the same house.

To satisfy the above points, we consider premature ejaculation.

Therefore, although the outpatient clinic often complains that the shooting is faster than expected, it is not enough to diagnose premature ejaculation.

1.2 Diagnosis of premature ejaculation, what to do for diagnosis?

Premature ejaculation is related to endocrine abnormalities and sensitivity.

Diagnosis of premature ejaculation requires some examinations, including bleeding tests, thyroid hormone tests, etc. (people with thyroid excitement are prone to premature ejaculation), sex hormones, inflammation (prostatitis, urethritis).

In addition, doctors may have to comprehensively judge in combination with sensitivity.

First of all, don’t choose the surgery blindly.

Regardless of the backing of neuronicia, replenishment surgery, buried surgery, etc., from the current data and clinical observation, the effect is not sure, and it may cause other risks.

However, we can take the following methods for intervention.

2.1 Ease removal:

Some inflammation, abnormal armor, and poor physical condition will lead to decline in control of ejaculation and cause premature ejaculation.

There are also some patients with hidden causes, but anyway, as long as the cause can be found, targeted treatment will be more effective.

2.2 Oral drug treatment:

It is the most effective in selective intake inhibitors, such as Dharinetine, Fluosetine, Parostein, Xilin Pulan, Squlin, etc., of which Dharinetin is recommended.

For patients accompanied by erectile dysfunction, they can assist in type 5 phosphate inhibitors (such as Westland and Africa).

However, no matter what kind of drugs, we do not recommend abuse without permission, we must use it under the guidance of a doctor.

2.3 Safety auxiliary delay method:

There are many male compatriots who do n’t go to the hospital in order to slow down and slower, and they will buy various delayed products to help improve.

Such as spray, cream, wet towel, chemical delay condom, etc.

However, these products often contain local anesthesia. Although it is convenient to use, it will affect the pleasure due to side effects such as numbness. At the same time, some of them also contain alcohol, which may cause allergies to some people.

Considering the dependence of safety and subsequent use, the use of these anesthesia delay products is not as good as using physical delay products, such as ultra -thick contraceptives -and with some sexual lifestyle skills, you can scientifically and safely help everyone to play well"Overtime".

Therefore, if some people do not want to see a doctor, they can give priority to physical measures to intervene.

Through the simplest psychological adjustment and cooperate with some sexual life skills, use ultra -thick condoms to make preliminary attempts with partners, starting from the simplest and most safe way.

After all, eliminating anxiety is the best way to "decelerate".

3.1 Delay is actually a common demand:

In the real "battlefield", in addition to the delayed demand for patients, even normal people want to control time.

After all, the sexual reaction model of men and women is different.

Even ordinary men who pass the time that they can be more durable and reach the peak of pleasure with their partners.

Not to mention that some male compatriots occasionally shot too fast due to changes in the outside world and psychological factors.

So slower, it can be said to be the general wish of couples.

For those who have delayed demands, they can consider choosing ultra -thick condoms, because it is not just an exclusive to "really fast male".

3.2 Farewell to the hidden of ‘men’, pay attention to ‘sex’ blessing life!

While extending a long time, everyone should be discre and strengthen the communication between the two people in sexual relations.

The ancients, "food and color also", meaning that appetite and sexual desire are human nature.

Like eating, sleeping, and exercise, it is an indispensable thing for normal people and the most basic physiological needs.

Therefore, everyone should not take the intercourse life as a difficult thing, but should pay attention to:

Not only do you need to pay attention to whether the two sides exist or gynecological diseases, but also need to communicate more physical feelings.

In addition, contraceptives can be made through regular and reliable condoms and other methods when there are no fertility plans, which can prevent gender diseases and avoid accidental pregnancy, but also help us get more long -lasting and ideal intercourse experience.

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