After pregnancy, these parts become bigger to make the pregnant mother dare not believe it. Have you changed such a change?

Before Yuanyuan was pregnant, he was tall, with a height of 1.65 meters, and his girlfriend did not have a round height. He was envious of Yuanyuan all day.Since I am pregnant, I have often stayed at home and do n’t go out. I have never seen my girlfriends. The girlfriend was idle for the past two days.Does it grow taller again? It feels that you are even taller than before, and you smile and say how possible.Who knows that as soon as I measured, the height has reached 1.67 meters, but I did not expect that I could grow tall twice in pregnancy.

The changes brought to women in pregnancy are huge, not only the obvious belly becomes larger. These parts are gradually becoming bigger. Many pregnant mothers see some changes in them and sometimes they can’t believe it.Have you changed such a change?

one.Big hip becomes larger

Before pregnancy, many women’s figures were particularly good, slender waist, and the lines of the hips were beautiful, but after pregnancy, they changed.It was obviously large, and the hips became wider.The reason for this phenomenon is that Tian’er grew up day by day, occupying the position of the pregnant mother’s body more, and the width of the cheekbone, resulting in a larger hip.In addition, the nutrition during pregnancy is relatively sufficient, fat is easy to accumulate, and the hip becomes larger.

two.Big breasts

In the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother will obviously feel that her breasts have become larger, sometimes they are harder, and the color of the nipples and areolas will become significantly heavier. This is the body of the pregnant mother for her fetal treasureBorn to make a series of preparations for your baby to drink breast milk after birth.The phenomenon of pregnant mothers is normal. Do not worry too much about the pregnant mother. After childbirth, the color of the nipple will gradually become lighter.

three.Getting longer

Because the hormone secretion in the body after pregnancy has undergone a series of changes, or because of edema during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s feet may become longer. Some pregnant mothers will findIt is very small to wear, and it may not return to the previous state after giving birth. At this time, the pregnant mother is often helpless to buy some new shoes.

Four.Height growth

Some pregnant mothers will be surprised to find that they grow taller after pregnancy. This phenomenon is not uncommon.During pregnancy, it may be that because of sufficient nutrition, it has promoted the bone development of pregnant mothers, or because of her stomach in the later stages of pregnancy, the back of the pregnant mother becomes more straight, so the height naturally increases.

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