After pregnancy, these foods cannot be eaten.

After pregnancy, the appetite will be bad in the early stage and nausea and vomiting, but later, one person has to eat the amount of two people or even three people. Many pregnant mothers have a big appetite. Today, I want to eat this and want to eat that tomorrow.It was no longer that little fairy that year.

The appetite is good.But pregnant mothers should pay attention to that there are some foods that can be eaten more:

1. Crab

Pregnant mothers living in coastal cities can be said to be very fond of crabs.But crabs are extremely cold foods, and ordinary people are more harmful, let alone pregnant women.Pregnant women eat too much cold foods, which can easily cause diarrhea, and even cause miscarriage in severe cases.Many ancient medicine books in my country have also recorded that crabs "claws can break blood abortion" and "oxyticism"; crabs are also foods with high protein and high cholesterol. Pregnant mothers with diseases such as pregnancy and hypertension must not be eaten.

2. Hawthorn

Hawthorn taste is sweet and sour, and many women who are pregnant like to relieve hawthorn.However, hawthorn is actually a very unfriendly fruit for pregnant women.Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stasis, which can promote the shrinkage of uterus of pregnant women. Eating more hawthorn for pregnant women can easily cause miscarriage.So pregnant mothers who have had a history of abortion and are susceptible to abortion do not eat hawthorn.

3. Instant noodles, canned food and other convenient foods

Although instant noodles are not nutritious junk foods, many people are good at this, or when they do n’t have time, when they do n’t have time, they eat instant noodles to fill their hunger.However, pregnant mothers need a large amount of protein, vitamins, and trace elements with their body pregnancy. There are fewer nutrients in instant noodles, and they are also fried high -calorie and high -salt foods. There are a large number of preservatives and pigments, which are extremely unfavorable to the body.

4, barley

Barley dehumidification, spleen and stomach, can also whiten skin, is the love of many women, but you can’t eat more when you are pregnant.Symons are considered by Chinese medicine to be a food for pregnant women and can easily lead to abortion. Because barley can excite the uterus and promote uterine contraction, if you want to eat barley, or need barley dampness and urination, please go to a professional doctor to seek opinions and help.edible.

5. Coffee

Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, promoting nerve excitement, new and new, which will make pregnant mothers accelerate, dizziness and nausea.And ingestion of caffeine is also affecting the development of the fetal brain, or leading to abortion and premature birth.So if the pregnant mother feels tired, don’t drink coffee to refresh it.

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