After pregnancy, the prospective dad is at least qualified. Are your husband qualified?

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The hard work of the birth of October and production. Women are real experienceists and sufferingists, and the child is the crystallization of the love of the the prospective father could not bear the pain of production for his wife, he had a responsibility to make the pregnant mother’s comfortable during pregnancy and spent this difficult and special period with the pregnant mother, and greet the birth of love crystals together.After pregnancy, the prospective dad is at least qualified. Are your husband qualified?

Let pregnant mothers have a good mood

Regardless of whether it is due to the sudden transformation of the identity or the impact of progesterone, the temperament of the pregnant mother will become undulating, it is easy to lose my temper, and the anxiety will become low.At this time, the prospective dad could not complain about the pregnant mother, and to be angry with the pregnant mother, but to understand their inexplicable emotions.

First of all, pay more attention to the body and mood of pregnant mothers, understand her emotions in time, enlighten the pregnant mother, and help her to solve bad emotions.Furthermore, the prospective dad must hurry up and learn some pregnancy knowledge. Not only can it respond to the emergencies that will be in time during pregnancy, reduce the anxiety of pregnant mothers, but also better understand the hardships and difficulties of pregnant mothers to pregnancy.Essence

Let the pregnant mother have a good appetite

After pregnancy, a problem that pregnant mothers must face first are pregnancy vomiting. Some pregnant mothers with severe pregnancy can not eat anything.There are also many changes in the taste of pregnant mothers, only like a certain type of food.Both of these situations affect nutritional intake. For a long time, it is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

At this time, the prospective dad must not blame the pregnant mother, or forced the pregnant mother to eat for the fetus.You should take care of the mood and taste of the pregnant mother, go to the kitchen, improve the craftsmanship, make some appetizing meals for pregnant mothers, learn more nutritional recipes, make it for pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers are in a good mood, and naturally you can eat more.It’s right.

Make pregnant mothers rest well

With the increase of the pregnancy week, pregnant mothers will usher in more and more discomfort, and it is difficult to sleep well.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, when I go to bed at night, not only has calf cramps, frequent urination discomfort. The key is that the stomach is large, and it is not convenient to turn over. When I go to bed at night, it is too torment.When the pregnant mother encounters this kind of problem, the prospective father must understand the hard work of the pregnant mother. Before going to bed every night, give the pregnant mother with water, let the pregnant mother bubb the feet, and then help the pregnant mother massage, so that the pregnant mother can be able toSleep comfortably.

At the same time, the prospective father must also take on housework, so that the pregnant mother should not be too tired, and has more time to rest.

Has your husband did it?


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